April 28, 2014

A Look at Sephora’s Summer 2010 Catalog

Sephora Summer 2010

I’ve been doing Spring cleaning all month and I came across my stash of Sephora catalogs! I have a tendency to keep old beauty magazines and such. Does this make me a hoarder? Yeah, probably.

But I thought you’d like to take a trip down memory lane with me and take a look at the Sephora Summer 2010 Catalog!

Sephora Summer 2010 2

Remember that Edun for Sephora Palette?  I recall purchasing it at the sale price!  I think there were two variations of it but don’t quote me I could be wrong….!  Anyone still have it laying around by chance?  I’m sure I still have mine somewhere.

Sephora Summer 2010 125

Sephora Summer 2010 Catalog 3

Gawd remember the Tarina Tarantino Fashion Collection?  I had a few of the eyeshadows and lipglosses!  I loved this collection when it launched!  But it actually feels longer than 4 years since it’s launch….!

Sephora Summer 2010 Catalog 1

Sephora Summer 2010 Catalog Look

Sephora Summer 2010 Catalogs

And of course, Tokidoki Makeup at Sephora!  Now this seems more recent to me….!  It seems like just yesterday the collection was available and I’m kinda shocked it launched in 2010!  I thought it was like 2012 or so!   Remember those Fantastico Lip Inks?

Can you remember what your makeup cravings were like in Summer 2010?

I have to admit so much beauty runs in and out of my life I can’t recall products in terms of years and launch dates. I do think Summer 2010 was a year of bright shades but I think this year you’ll see more nude looks. Or at least that’s the look I’m embracing this year. I guess I’ve grown out aqua shadow dare I say it!

What’s the look you’re going for this Summer?

Do share!

Here’s a list of other great Sephora Catalog’s that you can take a peek out from the past: