June 9, 2014

Avon Lip Lacquer Stain Review & Swatches

Avon Lip Lacquer Stain

Avon Lip Lacquer Stain is a bit of an over marketed product as it promises a lacquer shine with the staying power of a lip stain…hmmmmm….

Not so much!

I purchased and tested out two of the six shades and I actually liked the formula but found it disappointingly over marketed.

Let’s get it out of the way and say that Avon Lip Lacquer Stain does not have the staying power of the stain nor the lacquer shine of a gloss. If anything at all they are a tinted liquid lip balm of sorts that remind me in some ways of a lightweight version of Almay Liquid Lip Balm.

Avon Rosy Lip Lacquer Stain

Avon Rosy Lip Lacquer Stain

Avon Fig Lip Lacquer Stain

Avon Fig Lip Lacquer Stain

Avon Lip Lacquer Stain swatches

Avon Lip Lacquer Stain Swatches (Fig and Rosy)

If you melted down your favorite lighter lip balm I’d suspect it would look, perform, and feel like Avon Lip Lacquer Stain. They are very moisturizing on my drier lips with a subtle minty flavor and fragrance. I felt the texture reminds me of a thinner consistency lip balm with a balm-y consistency that hugs lips in a comfortable veil of moisture. The two shades I try had a very subtle hint of tint that looks very natural and pretty on lips with a hint of a high sheen finish. The formula wears for about two hours before it fades on my lips.

I actually like this formula a lot. It feels like a liquid tinted lip balm! However, they are pretty disappointing because they advertised as a formula that’s incredibly long wearing with a high shine. Unfortunately the formula provides neither long wear or a high shine!

If you go into a purchase keep in mind they are subtly tinted with a very moisturizing feel and a hint of a sheen! If you like a more natural lip look and desire more moisture on your lips you might just like Avon Lip Lacquer Stains!

Avon Lip Lacquer Stain fotd

Wearing Avon Lip Lacquer Stain in Fig

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