June 11, 2014

Coastal Scents Clear Lid Custom Palette Review & Swatches

This was provided to me by a brand for review but all opinions expressed are my own

Coastal Scents Clear Lid Custom Palette

If you’re a fond fan of Coastal Scents Custom Palettes that can be used in conjunction with the Coastal Scents Hot Pots Eyeshadows you’ll be happy to hear about the new Clear Lid Custom Palettes that are available in 12 and 28 eyeshadow well designs!

The new Coastal Scents Clear Lid Custom Palette have a new, clear lid for easy viewing of your eyeshadow collection. The custom design allows you to pop shades in and out of the palettes with eyeshadows as little as $2 each you can fill a palette on the cheap with an array of carefully selected eyeshadow shades you love!

Take a peek!

The Coastal Scents Clear Lid Custom Palette features a new clear lid where as before the palettes were simply black in design! This new clear design makes it easier to see the shades inside. It’s a slim line palette that has room for 12 to 28 shadows depending on the design you choose. The palettes store fairly easily since they aren’t bulky and have a slimmer design.

Coastal Scents Clear Lid Custom Palette1

Coastal Scents Clear Lid Custom Palette2

Coastal Scents Clear Lid Custom Palette3

Coastal Scents Custom Palette Clear Lid

Coastal Scents Clear Lid Custom Palette6

Coastal Scents Hot Pots Eyeshadow Swatches

Coastal Scents Hot Pots Eyeshadow and Blush Swatches (left to right: Paris Green (eyeshadow), Steel Blue (eyeshadow), Venetian Red (blush), Vibrant Pink (eyeshadow)

Coastal Scents Hot Pots Swatches

Coastal Scents Hot Pots Eyeshadow Swatches (left to begin: St Topaz, Burnished Wine, Fleshtone)

The 12 well Clear Lid Custom Palette is $5.95 with the 28 well Clear Lid Custom Palette costing $9.95. I’m unsure if these fit MAC Eyeshadows (see reader comments about this) but I believe they might as the well looks like the universal size for MAC Eyeshadows. But if you want to go cheap Coastal Scents has a range of ready made Hot Pot Eyeshadows or Blushes which feature a magnetic backing for $1.95 to fit the palettes with. I tried a few and they are pigmented with a very smooth texture! I’d like the texture to the Coastal Scents Revealed Palette but a step above in terms of quality as the shadows feel more creamy and velvet to me! So if you loved Revealed you’ll likely adore the Hot Pot Eyeshadow formula. They are also isn’t a shortage of shades as there are well over 90 shades of eyeshadow to choose from on Coastal Scents website as well as Hot Pot Blushes too!  I find the blush wells a little small but the formula is silky and blends easily with a great wear of 7 hours.

If you like to customize palettes and are looking for a cheap, budget friendly way to do so I’d recommend checking out the new Coastal Scents Clear Lid Custom Palette.

They launch today at coastalscents.com.

This was provided to me by a brand for review but all opinions expressed are my own

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  • Denise

    I found the following information on the Coastal Scents product page for the palette:

    NOTE: MAC pans are the same size as ours, however they will not magnetize to our Custom Palettes or Go Pods due to the magnet’s polarity.

    • Mia

      Denise you are correct. I own the one that has a black top & mirror inside.

      What I do is depot my MAC shadows, cut out a magnet to fit (that has an adhesive side), and then put the MAC sticker over it so I know which eyeshadow it is.

  • Andi

    MAC pans fit but they do not stick to the magnet, I believe. 26mm pans are pretty standard, so a lot of brands will fit. I’ve bought Urban Decay singles, NYX (the old trios, but the new Hot Singles would fit too), Prestige Total Intensity singles, Makeup Geek pans, Pacifica palettes I’ve depotted, Red Apple Lipstick pans, Stars Makeup Haven pans, and I think the only ones I had to attach a metal sticker to so it would adhere to the magnet were the NYX trios. I love these palettes!

    (FYI, I think you’ve mislabeled Burnished Wine and Flesh Tone.)

  • Amy Amethyst

    They have a bunch of pretty colors! I could fill up a palette with all the purple and aqua shades.

  • Lisa

    These seem like a good option if you want to save space, although they do remind me of the old repurpose-a-cd-case-to-store-shadow-singles trick. I wonder how durable that plastic lid is.
    I use my old CS empty palette for my Makeup Geek Eyeshadows, and it works well.

  • fancie

    Coastal Scents is on a roll! This is an excellent idea! I think I’ll order one soon and start collecting some hot pots. I’ve read some pretty good reviews about them. Plus, I just love the colors you picked out! The swatches are really pretty

  • Christina D.

    I think the only way for me to go on a much needed NO BUY is to go on a no read! I tried the Revealed palette on your recommendation (and swatches) and liked them well enough (given the price point) but now you tell me that the hot pots are even better?! Damn…I’ve just placed and order (again).

    • Isabella Muse

      LOL! 😀 sorry! I think the hot pots for 2 bucks def have a great formula. very soft, creamy, quite a beautiful texture a bit more pigmented than revealed too! I hope you like them! I agreed at the price point=pretty good makeup 😀

  • Andrea

    Hey Muse, this is a little off topic, but have you ever tried the Makeup Geek shadows? I used to be into MUG before they had their own cosmetic line, but now I pretty much exclusively read your blog for reviews, since it feels like MUG only promotes their own product. :/

    But I’ve heard tons of people rave about the pigment and formula of MUG shadows, comparing them to MAC and all, and I was wondering if you’d tried them? I haven’t yet because I don’t trust their reviews of their own product, but your recommendations always seem to be a hit for me, so I wonder what you’d think?

    PS: Thanks for getting me into Coastal Scents!! My wallet doesn’t thank you, though, aha XD

    • Isabella Muse

      hi andrea I haven’t! i had a few in my cart on the site but I never pressed go on them! I dunno if they are like mac, I mean maybe they are, I haven’t tried them, but I kinda doubt it. I’ll try and hit go on that cart so I can review them especially since they just launched blush right? Curious about those! haha glad to hear it…did you get the revealed palette?

      • Andrea

        Ah same here, then! Yeah the reviews seem to rave just a liiittle too much, but maybe I’m just too much a skeptic. And I didn’t go for the revealed palette yet actually… some reason I can justify buying four brushes plus like $20 worth of shadow singles from elsewhere, but not one palette XD The more I hear of it the more I think I need to leap for Revealed though!

      • Andrea

        By the way, just checked in and noticed that ALL their mineral makeup is on super cheap! Thanks for reminding me to look at their site, if you hear wings beating overhead that’s all my money flying out the window!

        • Isabella Muse

          LOL Andrea hope you didn’t get into TOO much trouble naughty girl!

  • Darkeyedfran

    Love your review Muse!!! I get my clear palettes in tomorrow!!! You have officially made me even more excited! I’m excited to use these for my Morphe Brushes individual shadows and my Coastal Scents Hot Pots! I always have loved Coastal Scents, i’m happy to see that they are stepping up their game in many ways. One thing..I think Venetian Red is an eyeshadow, it’s sold as a single shadow and is in my 252 ultimate palette as an eyeshadow.

    • Isabella Muse

      aw thanks darkeyedfran! :_D yay! hm they list it on site as a blush!? I could be wrong though don’t quote me 😀 Let me know what you think of the clear palette!

  • Stephanie

    I just received 4 mug eyeshadows and all of the rave reviews are warranted! I honestly think I may prefer these shadows to my Mac shadow. I just ordered 3 more shadows and a blush. Definitely give them a try, I am very impressed.