July 9, 2014

Sephora Marc Jacobs Beauty 1,000 Point Reward Swatches

Sephora Marc Jacobs Beauty 1000 Point Reward

Got 1,000 points in your Sephora beauty bank? Spend it on the Sephora Marc Jacobs Beauty 1,000 Point Reward! It’s gorgeous! And one of the best Sephora Beauty Rewards I’ve had the pleasure of seeing to date!

Sephora Marc Jacobs Beauty Reward

Remember when beauty rewards included a Philosophy Birthday Cake Shower Gel? Ugh! Things are looking up though because Sephora Marc Jacobs Beauty 1,000 Point Reward launched two or so weeks ago for Rouge Members and yeah, I was sure to snap it up as soon as it became available because that “limited quantity” thing scared me! This set includes two full size Marc Jacobs Beauty products. Granted, you spent a thousand bucks to get it but still it’s a freaking nice set!

Marc Jacobs Beauty Sephora Reward

It comes housed in a beautiful box that includes:

  • Marc Jacobs Beauty Lust for Lacquer Lip Vinyl in Shooting Stars (0.16 oz)
  • Marc Jacobs Lovemarc Lip Gel in Cabaret (0.12 oz)

Marc Jacobs Beauty Lust for Lacquer Lip Vinyl Shooting Stars

Marc Jacobs Beauty Shooting Stars Lust for Lacquer Lip Vinyl

Marc Jacobs Beauty Shooting Stars Lust for Lacquer Lip Vinyl

Marc Jacobs Beauty Shooting Stars Lust for Lacquer Lip Vinyl Swatches

Marc Jacobs Beauty Shooting Stars Lust for Lacquer Lip Vinyl Swatches

Marc Jacobs Lovemarc Lip Gel Cabaret

Marc Jacobs Cabaret Lovemarc Lip Gel

Marc Jacobs Cabaret Lovemarc Lip Gel

Marc Jacobs Cabaret Lovemarc Lip Gel swatches

Marc Jacobs Cabaret Lovemarc Lip Gel Swatches

Both, as you can see, are full size products. From my understanding it was early access for VIB Rouge members but now it is offered for Beauty Insiders (BI) as well (don’t quote me but I logged into my sister’s account as she’s only a BI and the reward was there for her too!).

The 1,000 point reward Marc Jacobs Beauty set will be available in stores, online at Sephora.com and in select Sephora inside JCPenney stores to all Beauty Insiders.

I HIGHLY recommend getting it.

Review and more details upcoming shortly.

Did you get it?

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  • Cindy

    I got it when it was first posted because of the “ltd edition” scam. Disappointed with it. In the picture on Sephora.com at the time, both shades looked like they had a red tone. The gloss is completely unwearable for me, it hits BROWN. The lipstick I can wear, but it’s not a color that would be my first choice. It was good to see that they finally gave FULL SIZED items in a gift though. I gave the gloss to my mom so at least it’s not a waste.

  • Sienna

    I didn’t pick this up because I figured they would be too dark for me. Looks like I was right! I actually like the color of the lipstick even though it’s dark, but that lip gloss is way too brown. I look terrible in brown lip colors (like all those rosy-browns that look natural on seemingly everyone else).

  • Libby

    I saw this set at a few Sephoras in the city and was so tempted to get it! They had a tester set out and I tried the colors on but I opted not to get them since I’m honestly not a lip gloss girl and while I love the color of the lipstick, I wouldn’t wear it often enough :\ (Instead, I got like 3 of the Givenchy 100pt ones, oops hahaha xD)

    But you’re right, this is one of the better point rewards I’ve seen, especially since Sephora decided to up their perfume samples to 250pts as opposed to 100pts :\

    • Isabella Muse

      hey libby, which givenchy one? missed that might have to go check it out 😀

      • Libby

        Sorry, super late reply but the Sephoras had a 100pt sample/mini lipstick of the Givenchy Le Rouge in 202 Rose Dressing! I got one to try it out first and then fell in love, so I hunted down another two! I got mine at the Herald Sq location. Afaik, they haven’t made it to the Union Square or Times Sq locations yet so 😉

        (I ended up buying the full size since I love the formula…T__T)

        • Isabella Muse

          oh thanks libby! i’ll have to head over and grab one 😀 I need some stuff anyway might as well score a good 100pt perk!

  • Jordan

    I picked this up yesterday in Vegas while on vacation. After my purchase I had 941 points to use and the lady at the counter mentioned how you can go into negative reward points to get something. Did you know this? I immediately did this upon seeing they were still offering the Marc Jacobs for 1000. I was surprised they still had them, assuming people would grab them up, but maybe not because it’s so much. I am shyer when it comes to dark Berry colors like this, but I figured it was a good way to break out of my comfort zone and introduce myself to the Marc Jacobs beauty line.

    • Isabella Muse

      mmm negative points? do explain Jordan curious minds! Keep me posted love to hear if you like the set or not 🙂

  • Shirley

    I’m still a bit hesitant on forking over 1000 points in my account for this mainly because I have a lot of lipsticks and glosses I haven’t finished using yet but this set looks so darn good. I have this sitting in my cart for a few weeks now. I agree that this is the best that Sephora has offered to date. Ahh… I still need some convincing! 😛

  • Sara

    Oh how I wish I had 1000 points instead of 500! I’ve been waiting for months to spend the 500 but nothing is striking my fancy. I was tempted by the recent Tarte or Bare Minerals sets, but not enough to pull the trigger on them. There’s a decent Make Up Forever one now I think, but I don’t really like the smoky look and that’s what it’s focused on. Hopefully something good pops up soon, I check the website almost every day to see when they get new stuff!

    • Isabella Muse

      keep checking as we near the Holidays I bet a great 500pt reward will come out!

  • Ruth

    I picked this up & it is sooo good! these are the first make up items that i’ve tried from the MJ line and they won’t be the last. the polish is excellent!

  • Eli Caroline

    I love this point perk. I grabbed it as soon as it was available. I didn’t even realize both products were full size until I got them home. I think the Marc Jacobs formula for the lipsticks are awesome. I had never tried the glosses before bc I’m not really a gloss person, but this won me over. I am going to save these for fall – these are gorgeous fall colors

  • fancie

    I love Marc Jacobs glosses so I kinda want this set for the gloss alone lol. The lipstick is actually really pretty too. It’s a nice set for fall

  • Mandy Hatman

    These colors are now available individually! Just in case the gloss OR lipstick struck your fancy, but not the other 🙂 I have the 1000 point reward, but I’ve already ordered backups individually, because I love his lip products. Silky, and love the pigmentation. Win for MJ!!!

  • Miss_Silk

    TT I was soo disappointed in myself that I didn’t pick this up. I had a bit over 1000 points, but I ended up using the 500 points for the summer bronzing kit for my mom. waaahh I wish I got this! It looks beautiful

  • Majick

    I’m not sure how many points I have saved up at this time. I’ve been saving them because there hasn’t really been anything worth spending them on.
    I also have not been shopping at sephora in a long time. Ulta is more convenient and has most of what I need anyway. I used to love perusing over Sephora’s offerings (especially sale stuff) and either I’m getting really jaded or… maybe just tired of overpriced hype.
    This really looks like a nice choice for a change.

  • Sarai

    Wow, this looks absolutely amazing! Too bad I had 700-something points saved up recently and used 500 of them on a very nice but not equal to this Marc Jacobs, Tocca Cleopatra gift set of 2oz. candle and 0.17oz rollerball perfume. I’ll never get back up to near 1000 for this lig gloss/stick duo set…..Unless this is available for all Rouge 1000-pointers for the next year?!