August 29, 2014

Use It, Stash It, or Trash It Blush Edition

use it

I’m positive at some point in your life you’ve played Sex, Marry, or Kill right? Someone gives you a list of three people in your life or perhaps some celebrities and you decide who you’ll have sex with, who you’ll marry, and who you’d kill!

My rendition is called Use It, Stash It, Or Trash it and in this version it’s all about makeup!


So this is the blush edition of Use It, Stash It, or Trash It and it includes two out of three relatively new blushes that just recently launched. You might not already own ’em but you can still play the game based on your experience with the brands featured or perhaps by what you’ve heard about these products before.

So let’s image you have in your hot hands right now the brand new Benefit Majorette Booster Blush, as well as the very hot MAC Sideshow You Blush from the Simpsons Collection, and ye old favorite blush from Chanel (your choice of shades).

As for me I’d use Majorette! Totally loving the peach orangey glow it gives my cheeks! This is a hard one but I’d stash MAC Sideshow You Blush in my beauty vault! Totally love the color but with the limited edition packaging and the cute Marge imprint, well, it’s hard to dip a brush in it (even though I already have) isn’t it?

Don’t hurt me Chanel fans but I’d trash their blush….! I own plenty of Chanel blushes but it’s probably the blush I’m least likely to reach for daily….I don’t feel like any of my shades of Chanel blush get a work out so I’d toss it IF I HAD TO!

What about you?

Which would you use?

Stash away?


Do share!

About the Muse

Isabella MuseIsabella is just an average everyday geeky girl who doesn’t blend her eyeshadow correctly, wears too much blush, and hopes she never finds her holy grail products because she likes the thrill of the chase so much. Her mission is to bring you super honest reviews on makeup, skincare, fragrance and all things beauty. She’s in no way an expert on the topic and she sure as hell isn’t a super model. But she’s passionate about makeup and is seeking like-minded individuals that like pina coladas, getting caught in the rain, and ones that enjoy spending hundreds of dollars at Sephora without feeling buyer’s remorse. If you’re that person feel free to reach out and leave a comment or follow me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Bloglovin‘.

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  • Dusty

    FUN! Okay…

    USE IT: The Simpsons blush. That’s why I ordered two of them 😉 LOL! The coral one to keep unused and the pink one because of my tender and youthful, cool-toned complexion xo

    STASH IT: Benefit. I’ve just never gotten into the brand. I’d stash it but because I love the packaging or anything… I’d keep it to give to someone else later LOL

    TRASH IT: Chanel. ALL of it! I’m SO OVER this brand. Their blushes are pretty but they last about as long as a MAC Mineralize blush IMO. People love them because “their Chanel.” It’s like Edina with her Lacroix: “People will look at it and think ‘Wow! It’s a Lacroix!'” Well let me tell you: it takes more than an overly copied, boomerang logo and a wrinkled old, white-haired, dinosaur scrotum who looks like he’s in the Matrix to impress me darling!

    Not that I have an opinion or am filled with any kind of rage at all…

    • Isabella Muse

      LOL I love you. Go on and rant away about Chanel. I honestly love chanel makeup but the last several collections have been a bit on the blah side and yeah, def trash it 😀 I got a backup of Sideshow You too *shifty eyes* needed one for my beauty vault!

    • Quincey

      dusty omg I feel the same wayyyy, over chanel everything… not to mention, his politics about women, fat people, and people of color leave a lot to be desired tbh.

    • yelitza

      Dusty! you nailed it hahahaha “it takes more than an overly copied, boomerang logo and a wrinkled old, white-haired, dinosaur scrotum” luv ya.

  • Renu

    I love this series of yours and was wondering why you hadn’t done one in a while. Please do more of these posts, at least 3-4 a month!

    • Isabella Muse

      haha I think 3-4 a month would be overkill but def will do some more 😀

  • Christina D.

    This is a great idea! Just another reason I luv this blog and my sista from another mista!

    USE IT: Right now I am stuck on Milani’s Lady Rouge and Love Potion blushes.

    STASH IT: I’m not obsessed with blushes like I am with eye shadow palettes, do I don’t hoard any.

    TRASH IT: Milani’s Dolce Pink. Did nothing for me, kind of like the blush itself had an overspray I couldn’t break through. Tossed yesterday.

    MORE IMPORTANTLY I had to share with Sista Muse that today I reached Sephora’s VIB Rouge status. I’m kinda scared…no sane person (unless maybe your a blogger) should reach that status! Did I mention my favorite four letter word is S-A-L-E?

    • Isabella Muse

      hehe thanks Christina 😀

      LOL CONGRATS ;-D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope I helped you achieve your new status in your makeup life haha 😀

  • Ruth

    USE- benefit majorette. that color is perfect all year
    STASH- simpson’s blush. Marge giving the sexy side eye is to die for!I’d pull this out, wink back at her and put it away.
    trash-chanel blush. because that’s the only option left! =D

  • Phyrra

    Use it – Simpsons
    Stash it – Chanel
    Trash it – Benefit
    (playing along even though none of the brands are CF)

  • Deb

    USE: Chanel. I have several and they work well for me. I am very fair skinned and don’t like clown cheeks. The Chanel provides me with a nice, subtle blush; never overdone. And on me they last all day.

    STASH: Benefit. Looks cute and might be fun to play with sometime.

    TRASH: MAC. Few things I dislike more than MAC. Talk about being so over something? I’ve been so over this brand for years. The quality is really iffy and I just don’t get the hype. Too many releases a year to keep track of? MAC. Too many underperforming products to keep track of? MAC. Too many bizarre colors that look good on no one? MAC. And so on.

  • Dee

    What a fun post!

    USE: Benefit Majorette.Can’t wait to get this!
    STASH: Chanel blush..only because the simpson blush is too pink for me.
    TRASH: Simpson blush

  • Meg

    Use: Benefit Majorette – I would want to use this the most since it is a cream and could dry out. Plus it looks like a great shade, and the packaging is so cute and retro!

    Stash: Chanel – never actually tried any Chanel products, but they’re expensive, so I’d want to keep it around and use it for special occasions.

    Trash: MAC Simpsons blush – love me some MAC; not at all a fan of the Simpsons. Looks like a pretty color, but still:(

  • Susan K

    Use- Chanel. I have one Chanel blush only and that blush just happens to be my favorite, perfect for me HG, go to pink blush. Go figure.

    Trash- Simpsons. Now I’m no snob, the majority of my stash is drugstore and mid end, and I don’t really care about packaging, but I think it looks sort of cheap, and you’re *making* me choose!

    Stash- Benefit. Even though their products have been hit or miss for me over the years, I have a soft spot for the line. I just can’t throw away any Benefit. And I don’t mind their cheesy packaging/ story lines. In fact, I kinda like it.

  • Danadoo

    What a fun game for makeup lovers! Id use the majorette blush..ive been scoping it out on benefits site. Id stash the chanel, because believe it or not, ive never owned any chanel makeup and have always kinda coveted it. Sadly, and only because its my last option, I’d trash the marge blush..ONLY because en it’s not a good color for me. The packaging it to die for as I am a huge fan of the simpsons.m wheee, that was FUN!

  • Jay

    btw i think that’s a picture of mac’s pink sprinkles 😡 i know it doesn’t matter, just throwing that out there

  • yelitza

    Use: majorette, that beautiful bronzy peach is stunning.
    stash: Simpson marge blush, it will make my magnetic makeup board look dandy.
    Trash: you name it: Chanel, mostly because Mr. wrinkly Diva talked no so long ago about “fat mummies” and I’m a mummy and fat, so I’m too good for anything Chanel 🙂 LOL!

    PS: Miss Muse, bring more of use, stash, and trash I looove it!

  • Ashley

    I’ll take your Chanel blush!! I have so many blushes, and they take me forever to use up. No joke have an ELauder blush from 4 yrs ago, and smashed the compact and created a loose powder and put it in a Ziploc bag, in my opinion its too expensive to waste and I love this shade and its been discontinued, its impossible to put too much on. Wish I knew the name of the shade.
    I tired the Chanel blush called Les Beiges healthy glow multi color broad spectrum SPF 15, in shade 1 and absolutely loved it and think it would be perfect for everyday.
    I would toss my NARS orgasm blush and happily trade it for NARS’s MADLY shade, which is my all time favorite blush I’ve ever tried, tied with my 2nd fav which is ELauder blush in Lover’s blush:)

  • Astrild

    USE: MAC blush. It’s the kind of color I use all year round when I’m wearing warm chothes and makeup.
    TRASH: Benefit majorette. Love the color but although I love cream blushes, I never use them.
    STASH- Chanel blush. The only one left.

  • Carrie


    USE IT: defffffff use majorette! that color is just a gorgeous transition shade from summer to fall and to be honest, all year round.

    STASH IT: probably MAC only because I feel like I would use it? but only on certain occasions (if i was feeling fancy)

    TRASH IT: i’m right up there with Dusty, i’m so over Chanel and half the time when i see it the people reblogging it are literally just reblogging for Chanel! their products don’t wow me and at their price point, their products need to wow me, woo me, and take me to a fancy restaurant.

  • Tanya

    I’d use Benefit (now that I’ve read your review and found out what it is, lol). I’d stash MAC since I like The Simpsons and it just looks like a fun thing to have. And I’d trash Chanel since it’s out of my price range anyway, but more than that the packaging is just so boring to me. I’ll take cute makeup packaging any day over sleek or simple.

  • Vail Valley Girl

    USE IT:
    * Benefit Erase Paste. My staple. My life. Live and die by it.
    * Bobbi Brown Shimmer Bricks. Another staple.
    * Buxom lip glosses…need I say more?!

    * Stila palettes that are so cheap that I just want to use them…eventually when I am done using everything else.
    * Estee Lauder palette from Nordstrom last year that I still have yet to use.

    * BareMinerals/BarEscentuals blushes that I never use. They were parts of kits. I just never get them to work.
    * Laura Geller baked body bronzer that is big enough to last into the next millenium that I still can figure out to use.
    * Nars Danimarie palette that has three blushes left. Only Sin looks good, so I am having a tough time trashing it.

  • Maritza

    USE IT
    *The balm stain blushes LOVE THEM ALL

    *None I am doing my project pan/use it up and I am using all my makeup so I can only keep the ones I love and stop hoarding lol

    *Gosh cream blush in peach (have large pores and looks awful, plush it 1 hour is gone)
    *My QUO (Canadian brand) light pink blush doesn’t show in my skin sad

  • cat

    Oh, this was not the post I was expecting. Muse, could you please do a post going through your collection and talking about the things you plan to give away, sell, keep, or toss because they’re old/expired?

    • Isabella Muse

      hi cat…I don’t really do entire posts of what I plan on giving away. I don’t sell anything so can’t really do a post on that and not sure anyone is interested in what I am planning on throwing away!?

      • cat

        I would enjoy it. But then I enjoy everything you write. 😉

        Amarixe and hollyanneree have done similar blog posts and videos recently.