September 16, 2014

Milani Bedazzled Collection Available Now

Milani Bedazzled Collection

The new Milani Bedazzled Collection looks like an early Holiday 2014 Collection but the colors speak vampy Fall to me! Plenty of sparkle here courtesy a brand new Constellation Gel Eye Liner that creates adds delightful sparkle and gorgeous smokiness to eyes!

Take a look!

The Milani Bedazzled Collection is a showcase for the new Milani Constellation Gel Eye Liner which is a new long wearing, smudge proof eyeliner that’s available in three shade selections!


  • Enchanted Black Opal
  • Enchanted Emerald
  • Enchanted

This formula sure looks interesting and reminds me of some of the Mineralize Eyeshadows that launched with the MAC Disney Villains Collection a few years ago.

Milani Bedazzled Collection Available Now7

Milani Bedazzled Collection Fall 2014

Milani Bedazzled

You can either liner with them or create a smoky look by blending the shades onto your lid. I’m quite eager to try them out!

Also in this collection are three Milani Matte Color Statement Lipsticks in Enchanted Topaz, Enchanted Amethyst, and Enchanted Ruby as well as Milani Statement Nail Colors in Enchanted Emerald, Enchanted Topaz, in Enchanted Garnet!

The collection is exclusively available at Walgreens/CVS locations for a limited time.

I’ll be reviewing the products from this collection shortly so stay tuned!

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  • JenJ

    I have Enchanted Lapis. I need to get my hands on the other 2. I have 2 of the polishes and Enchanted Ruby lipstick. I want the other items I don’t have. There’s only one Walgreens that I go to that carries Milani *sigh*. Mad that the display is so small. I was hoping that the products would be for sale on their website so I didn’t have to go on the hunt! 🙁

    • Cassi

      Me too, our walgreens and CVS usually doesn’t even get LE Milani items. I heard they even have foils similar to Stila coming out.

  • kimkats

    I’ve been scouring my walgreens’ here and haven’t found it yet! I will break down and cry if it doesn’t show up here… Can’t wait to see your reviews of it, Muse!!

  • Angela

    I bought the green one this past weekend. So pretty. It lasted a long time on my oily eyelids. Also the brush that came with is decent too. I think I need to go get the blue one.

  • O

    I need 2 of those enchanted topaz lipsticks! LOVE this nude color. And I need enchanted and enchanted emerald liners! But I know by the time I find the displays, things will be sold out. Smh. Why, oh WHY do the best colors and products have to be limited edition? (Sad face here).

  • BeautyMaven8

    OMG I NEED THESE EYELINERS. Does any other store besides Walgreens carry Milani? I don’t see it very often, even at Walgreens! =(

    • Isabella Muse

      these are exclusively available at Walgreens. Other stores carry Milani but they won’t have these in stock unfortunately. Target, cvs, k-mart, etc carry Milani

  • Sarah

    I got the three lipsticks at CVS. I’m pretty sure they had the whole display there too, but I’m not sure. Someone posted on Instagram that the Enchanted Amethyst is a dupe for one of the Rihanna Mac Lipsticks.

  • Fancie

    I’ve been to like 5 different stores looking for this crap. Lol sorry. I’m a little cranky about that. I really hope they pop up in stores soon. I’m going to be so pissed if I miss out after all this effort!

  • beyondcomprehension

    Ive seen this in nyc. Its exclusive to walgreens and cvs. All the displays ive seen have sold out in a day or two. Enchanted amethyst is an exact dupe for mac riri boy. I love love the liners i bought back ups of all three. I like them much more than the stila magnificent metals liners i own.

  • cat

    Ah! Muse, where did you find these in the city? There’s too much competition in NY. I’m calling around but having no luck.

    • Isabella Muse

      Harmons in Scarsdale. My friend lives in the area and when I visit him and hit up Harmons 🙂 haven’t seen them in the city either!

      • cat

        Sigh… I was just going to go home and stop at that Harmon’s but I got held up at the bank. Hopefully they’ll still have the collection in stock next week.

  • beyondcomprehension

    Hey cat, ive seen these at the duane reade near the 456 subway stop at 125th st, also in a couple other places in nyc. Dont give up! I live in scarsdale but the cvs near me doesnt have it as of this writing. Good luck!

  • Susan

    I really am peeved that my local Walgreens, or CVS usually do not get any LE items for Milani. Milani is a brand that I really like. But this is definitely some items I will have to hunt for. They look stunning. Thanks Muse.

  • Jess

    hey muse ,

    do you know if these would be in Canada anywhere??? we get milani products at walmart, but is this exclusive?

    • Isabella Muse

      I’m not sure Jess, I only know they are exclusive to cvs/walgreens in the US but not sure if Canada will get them. they won’t be at walmart in the US though not sure on Canada (I doubt it though!?)

  • cat

    I was about to purchase the liners from the website during the sale but the reviews have not been great. I don’t need a smudgy sheer liner. I want something super pigmented that stays in place. Bummed. I wish Maybelline would rerelease their green and blue gel liners.