September 19, 2014

Nature Reinvents the Lip Crayon with the New Burt’s Bee 100% Natural Lip Crayons

I was compensated by a brand or company but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Burt Bee’s Natural Lip Crayons

Heads up matte lipstick lovers and Burt’s Bees fans there’s a new lip crayon on the loose for Fall 2014! You know me I love chubby lip crayons and Burt’s Bees recently launched a new 100% Natural Lip Crayon in six mattes shades.

Matte’s a classic finish with an old Hollywood glamorous look that never goes out of style and this Fall I’m seeing MANY trendy matte lip looks. The new Burt’s Bees Lip 100% Natural Lip Crayons not only give you an easy way to get the look but also an affordable and healthy way to embrace the trend!

Let’s take a look!

Each creamy matte lip color crayon has a twist up design so no sharpener is needed! They provide intense, pigment rich color with a lightweight texture and a matte finish with no flavor or fragrance and are loaded with shea butter, jojoba oil, and kendi oil! Kendi oil happens to be full of Omega 3s which acts to hydrate and add moisture to lips.

Burt Bee’s Natural Lip Crayon swatches

Burt Bee’s 100% Natural Lip Crayon Swatches (Carolina Coast, Hawaiian Smolder, Niagara Overlook)

Burt Bee’s Natural Lip Crayons swatches

Burt Bee’s 100% Natural Lip Crayon Swatches (Napa Vineyard and Sedona Sands)

For a killer look use a lip balm prior to applying as it’ll fill in the natural lines of your lips and create a smoother surface for matte color. Now line your lips with the pencil…sure, you can totally double up here as the Burt’s Bees Lip 100% Natural Lip Crayons not only adds color but also acts the line lips too! After lining simply fill in your lips color and there you have it! Rich, creamy color with a trendy matte finish!

Having a hard time deciding on a shade? Burt’s Bees Lip Shade Finder will help you find your perfect shade. Or you can take my word for it…I suggest Napa Vineyard for the perfect vibrant red lip look! Not a red a kinda girl? No worries Sedona Sanda is a pretty nude pink that creates a fantastic MLBB (my lips but better) look! Maybe you’re really into this year’s Pantone Shade of the Year, Radiant Orchard? Carolina Coast is a very wearable way to embrace a lighter pinky orchid on lips!

Burt Bee’s Natural Lip Crayon Carolina Coast

Burt Bee’s Carolina Coast Natural Lip Crayon3

Burt Bee’s 100% Natural Lip Crayon in Carolina Coast

Burt's Bees Lip Crayon Napa Vineyard

Burt's Napa Vineyard Bees Lip Crayon

Burt Bee’s 100% Natural Lip Crayon in Napa Vineyard

Burt's Bees Lip Crayon Niagara Overlook

Burt's Niagara Overlook Bees Lip Crayon

Burt Bee’s 100% Natural Lip Crayon in Niagara Overlook

Burt Bee’s Natural Lip Crayon Hawaiian Smolder

Burt Bee’s Hawaiian Smolder Natural Lip Crayon

Burt Bee’s 100% Natural Lip Crayon in Hawaiian Smolder

Burt Bee’s Natural Lip Crayon Sedona Sands

Burt Bee’s Sedona Sands Natural Lip Crayon

Burt Bee’s 100% Natural Lip Crayon in Sedona Sands

Possibly the best part about Burt’s Bees Lip 100% Natural Lip Crayons is ther itty bitty $9 price tag so you don’t have to break the bank to embrace the matte lippie trend!

Whether you’re looking for a simple way to go matte or you just want an affordable, easy to travel with lip crayon that packs color, Nature has reinvented the lip crayon in Burt’s Bees Lip 100% Natural Lip Crayons and it’s here to give you one Fall’s hottest looks!

Burt’s Bees Lip 100% Natural Lip Crayons are available now at drugstores.

I was compensated by a brand or company but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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  • Allison

    Didn’t you try these back in June? And not really like them? Did they change the formula?

    • Isabella Muse

      formula is unfortunately the same for me, my drier lips don’t do well with mattes Allison! This isn’t a review though, just a trending post/lip swatches/intro to the crayons for Fall 🙂

  • Audrey

    I love Burt’s Bees and I have an unnatural obsession with jumbo lip pencils, so I’m going to run to my nearest Target now…

    • Isabella Muse

      omg you’re telling me. I swear my chubby lip pencil collection rivals my lipstick and gloss one!

  • Leah

    Why are you saying positive things about these when you initially gave them a negative review?

    • Isabella Muse

      This isn’t a review Leah…just a trend post with lip swatches and a reintro to the crayons for Fall! They still don’t work well for me, even though I LOVE the Napa shade, my lips are just too dry for mattes!

  • Rosanne

    Oh Majestic Muse,

    All the shades look super wonderful on you! Would you please post a pic of you wearing the Sedona Sands? I might want that shade, as I already have what I need in the other categories of shades. That pinky nude might be a go-to everyday w everything purse stash shade for me. I can’t figure out this new matte trend with it being creamy / glossy as well. Mattes used to be dry.

    Thank You!

    • Isabella Muse

      oh man you’re too kind roseanne! I feel like they make my lips look a bit dry. I did! bottom of the post I’m wearing Sedona Sands! There seems to be a huge trend with creamy mattes lately, did you see those new maybelline creamy mattes? Those are divine. I still have to wear gloss on top of most mattes because my lips are as dry as the Sahara!

      • Rosanne

        My mistake — I miscounted thinking there were six (weekend brain vacation) and was thinking Sedona Sands would be more, well, sandy, even though it’s described as a pinky nude. It look very pink on you. Lovely, but pink, not sandy. I haven’t tried these or the maybelline creamy mattes yet. I wonder why the BB are so dry with all those oils in them. If I see them on sale, I might still give one a shot!

        • Isabella Muse

          gloss on top makes them POP! It could be more, my lips are AWFUL lately. I swear I had chapped lipsticks all through the Summer. ugh! Mattes just look awful on me. The creamy mattes were amazings though! 😀 oh don’t worry, my head is still in the weekend, been a crazy Monday! Yearning for Sunday here!

  • cat

    didn’t you say before that these were drying? have they changed the formula since your original review?

    • Isabella Muse

      same formula as far as I can see cat! This isn’t a review though dear just a reintro for Fall and a sponsored post featuring all the shades!

  • Danadoo

    Wow, I guess I don’t consider $9 an itty bitty price, especially for a drugstore brand. The colors look really pretty though. Drugstore prices on makeup are getting so high, ive just been spending a few more bucks and getting midrange brands like clinique that I know perform well. It used to be fun to experiment with drugstore brands when they were affordable, but now it really does hurt my wallet to pick up yet another product that I dont love and wont use.

    • Isabella Muse

      hey dana! if you want super cheap Wet n Wild has a megaslicks lip balm pencil and also NYC does a decent one (my first try with those I wasn’t keen but tried another shade and ended up liking them!). also there’s always so many BOGO sales at Walgreens you’re bound to find these on sale. I purchased two shades earlier in the Summer for full price and the second was 50% off!

      • Rosanne

        Danadoo, I’d recommend the WnW MegaSlicks Balm Stains. Just got Lady and The Vamp, and Rico Mauve, on sale for $2 each.

  • Leah

    Not only did you not post my comment but you deleted your previously negative review. Wow, I guess Ill be getting my beauty news from somewhere else. Shame, as I really liked your blog.

    • Isabella Muse

      whoa leah, just wait a second. I think you jumped the shark. Comments on are approval and I haven’t had a second to get to them until now. Typically I don’t do new posts on the weekend nor do I reply to comments because I get busy during the weekends plus it’s my down time away from work, Musings of a Muse, etc….sometimes comments take up to 48 hours or more to appear because I reply to them myself. I hope you can understand that rather than just assume something was deleted when it wasn’t. There’s also a note on the bottom of my comment box stating “comments are on approval”

  • DB

    Didn’t you post a bad review of these already, and now you all of a sudden like them ?

    • Isabella Muse

      hi db. This isn’t a review post just a reintro fall trend post featuring all the shades I didn’t previously swatch, all my review posts say “review/swatches” and yes my initial review was negative as I have drier lips and these are super matte in finish! Hope this helps!?

  • Gina

    Wow,I’m going out as soon as I wake up to grab some of these,I love Burt bee’s products, and my coloring is alot like yours,I hope to grab sedona sands, looks great on you

    • Isabella Muse

      hey gina! thanks and I thought SS was the worst! I don’t do well with nudes 🙂 be sure to have lip balm at the ready if you have dry lips!

  • Dee

    I got Niagara Overlook about a week ago. Love the color, but you are right that applying a lip balm under is a good idea. Lots of color!

    • Isabella Muse

      no doubt! I exfoliate prior, lip balm, and than color because my lips are crazy dry!

  • Sylirael

    I hope these make it to the Burt’s Bees line in New Zealand! I have my eye on Hawaiian Smolder and Niagara Overlook… 😀

  • Racquel

    I love these!! I’m so happy to see so many companies jumping jumping on the lip crayon bandwagon because I’m obsessed. I’ll be getting Napa Vineyard because #redforever and Hawaiian Smolder because I like the darker pinks.

  • Dee

    Hawwaiin Smoulder and Napa Vineyard look so gorgeous. Excited to see something different finally from Burts Bees!! It would be great if they did something to change up their packaging/branding . I just find it…very blah!!

  • Erin

    I really like that they aren’t a dry matte. Napa and Sedona may find their way into my stash soon!

    • Isabella Muse

      hey erin they are pretty dry without lip balm in my experience so a little balm under will def help! Napa is my fav, you’ll def love it 🙂

      • Rosanne

        Usually I’m more concerned with the shade and how it looks on me than the actual formula. If a shade is a great one, it’s worth it to lip balm before. I also like to apply lip balm before tube lipstick to sheer it out sometimes.

        • Isabella Muse

          i agree. I purchase mattes and just gloss over them if I love the shade. That’s the case with Napa Vineyard, I just pop gloss on top and it looks amazings! and no issues with any dryness.

  • Ally

    I love Napa Vineyards on you! I think I need to add it to my collection. I adore bright (non vampy) reds. Unfortunately, I have dry lips too so I struggle with mattes. I tried the nars matte chubby lip pencil in dragon girl and I hated how dry it made my lips look. But I agree, using a lip balm can definitely help. And to everyone pointing out that she previously posted a somewhat negative review of these pencils, read her previous replies to comments because she has addressed this same issue about 5 times now. I love your blog; keep up the good work!!

    • Isabella Muse

      hiya ally thanks! It’s a great shade! oh me too, best bet is balm under it to make them work best 🙂 aw thanks Ally so glad you love Musings of a Muse 🙂