September 2, 2014

Sephora Color Festival Blockbuster Palette Holiday 2014

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Sephora Color Festival Blockbuster Palette Holiday 2014

Whoa have a look at the Sephora Color Festival Blockbuster Palette for Holiday 2014! This incredible palette includes 130 colors for eyes, lips, and cheeks in an innovative design that has two mirrors and four trays featuring the makeup products!

Have a look!

The Sephora Color Festival Blockbuster Palette ($49.50) is a newly launched palette featuring products for eyes, lips, and cheeks. The palette is designed in a clever color intensity design so you can find the perfect shade for your look! The palette also features tips and tricks for applying cream eyeliner, defining eyes, applying blush for your face shape, and much much more! There are also two mirrors and four lip and cheek stains, the first time Sephora has featured them in a palette, along with a cool design that snaps close and is shaped like a giant bow!

Sephora Color Festival Blockbuster Holiday 2014

Sephora Color Festival Blockbuster Palette


  • 72 Eyeshadows
  • 28 Lipglosses
  • 8 Blushes
  • 4 Two in One Creams for Cheeks and Lips
  • 6 Make Up Tutorials
  • 2 Mirrors

The Sephora Color Festival Blockbuster Palette is available now at and launches in store shortly!

I receive a small commission if you shop through my link.

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  • Renu

    A part of me is regretting getting last year’s Blockbuster because this year’s palette is prettier and more compact. On the other hand, I think there was more variety in the eyeshadows last year with peaches, rusts, orange and so on. Ah well, the makeup is always brighter on the other side ๐Ÿ™

  • Swatchyswatch

    The packaging of this is so clever! But I could never use all of that makeup, lol.

  • Heather

    I do not need this. I do not need this. I DO NOT NEED THIS! But it’s shaped like a bow…and filled with so much goodness. This is gonna be hard to try not to buy.

  • Maryline

    I love the package design. It’s compact, multifunctional, and it looks like a bow tie.

  • Suzana

    Hi Muse!
    This is my first comment here but I love and follow your blog for about 1yr now ๐Ÿ™‚
    I just ordered this pallete!
    I was in doubt betwen this one and the eletric UD… (i have nuch neutrals and wanted more color options) Not sure I made the right choice… But at least I can return it if I don’t like it…
    I never got any sephora makeup because they used to have a low quality, but everyone says they have improved, and after seeing your review of the last year blockbuster I decided to try it…

    • Isabella Muse

      aw thanks for following suzana ๐Ÿ˜€ Sephora def has hit or misses so it really depends but lately it’s been quite good ๐Ÿ˜€ I think this will be lovely, haven’t tried it yet but hoping to see it in store so I can test it out ๐Ÿ˜€ Let me know what you think!? ๐Ÿ™‚ have fun!

      • Valerie

        Yes I really would like to know how this compares to previous Sephora products ! Keep us posted ๐Ÿ™‚

  • barbara

    Hi, so I just got mine today. I have to say this….I do not normally buy the Sephora holiday palettes because I am to busy buying the high end holiday sets, but I thought what the heck.. first one out for the year I will get it, try it and can always take it back. Soooooo, the verdict is, it is going back. it is not worth 50.00.. It looks like something I can order off ELF for 15.00, (or less). I have to say it again, it is sooo not worth 50.00 bucks, save your money and get a good UD, Tarte, Too Faced, Benefit, makeup forever, anything else for 50. It is smaller than I expected and the shadows are soooo tiny its ridiculous. I am so upset I wasted a UPS delivery on this. Only good thing is, samples from Sephora. Sorry for whoever does like it, just not a good deal to me.

    • Isabella Muse

      thanks barbara! You saved me some money as I was going to haul for a review!

    • Suzana

      Oh Barbara! Sorry to heard that… tks for the tip!
      Mine haven’t arrive yet…
      I have never returned anything from sephora before…
      Do you know if I can try it/swatch it first and then return it if I don’t like it or it has to be untouched for me to get the full refund?
      Tks again ๐Ÿ™‚

      • barbara

        you can return anything used or unused bought from Sephora or back to the store for a full refund. I think that the palette has a lot of colors, something for everyone, just not worth 50 to me. maybe 20 but it had the same color variation and set up like too many ELF. Coastal scents, BH cosmetics palettes but with a high end price tag. I just wasn’t impressed. some may like it, and that’s great.

  • Suzana

    So I finally got mine today and I love it!
    Its small enought for travel IMO, they didn’t put powder and creams togueter this time with its great, I only tried 4 eyeshadows and 2 blushs so far and they had god pigmentation ๐Ÿ™‚
    The only problem is that mine came with a piece if plastic from the place where the mirror folds loose, I put the piece back where it belongs, and the mirror close/open just fine, so I think I will keep it…

  • Suzana

    I spend an hour playing with it and I will return it because another piece fell off the mirror connection.
    I swatched almost everything (but I didn’t have the patient/skills/time to take pics but here is my conclusion:
    – the quality seamed equal of the blockbuster from last year
    – about one in each five eyeshadows have problems like low pigmentation or glitter fall out, the most defectives were the matte and the colorful ones, the neutral colors were better but I already have a lot of neutrals colors here
    – about half of the eyeshadows looked diferent swatched then on the pan, not bad, just different, but it is something that would botter me
    – the cheek stains were great
    – the blushs were really good
    – the lipglosses were also pretty good but I don’t like lip products in a palette because I like to bring then along to reaply
    – the eye liners aren’t that pigmented and seamed like would smudge in oily lids…. But they also seamed great to use like a cream eyeshadow or eyeshadow primer
    Overall: its a good palette for someone that don’t have much make up, but if you already have lots of thing I would pass on that
    I wanted it for travel, but I don’t think its suitable for travel anymore because its not that sturdy… (Maybe just mine is not that sturdy, I don’t know…)
    Hope I can help with this comment, I was so in doubt about getting it and couldn’t find any review online…

    • Isabella Muse

      VERY HELPFUL Suzana thank you SO much! Sorry it didn’t work out for you ๐Ÿ™

    • Valerie

      Thank you for the review ! I might still buy it, since I wanted a new small kit that has a bit of everything for my makeup gigs (I’m a facepainter, but am ocasionnaly asked to do a couple simple adult makeups for my events), the part that really bugs me is how you said that it came partly broken, I really like how professional it looks and that would ruin it all :/

      Any suggestions for a similar palette with better quality ?

      • Suzana

        I didn’t see anyone else complaining about it comming broken, so I think I got a defective one. I still doubt how sturdy the whole pallete is, and you have to spin everything a lot of times, so I don’t know if it hold for a professional constant use.
        I don’t have any larger palette to recomend. But maybe you should get the money you were going to spend in this pallete and get the eye tablet that is for sale and then look for a face pallete with blush/highlighter and concealers… There is always something from the sephora collection for sale…

  • Powercat

    I am a make-up artist and I bought this product recently. Here is my review:

    Overall I am satisfied with my purchase, but there are a few things that bother me.

    First, the design is very pretty. It looks beautiful when the box is closed as well as when it’s open. The bright and shimmering colors are very eye-catching. When you open it, the first thing you see are two rather useless mirrors, way too small to use to apply make-up on yourself. The way the box opens looks cool but is totally unpractical. The make-up itself is of average quality : It fades very quickly, I was expecting better quality from a Sephora product. The blush compartments are so small and close from each other that it’s almost impossible to pick only one color with a standard blush brush. Finally I didn’t find the tip cards very usefull, they really don’t add much value to the package.

    However I am satisfied with my purchase. The price was fair, the colors are amazing and it is really compact to carry.

  • Elaine

    Hi all, thanks a lot for your feedback on this palette. It was quite difficult to find feedback on this palette in France. I am currently wondering if I should get it. Sales is starting tomorrow in France and I am hoping to get “one” more opinion if I should get this palette.

    My main concern – are the colors well pigmented?

    Thanks for your help!

    • Powercat

      Hi Elaine!

      About the pigments: it deends on which color! Some of them are fairly pigmented and some are waaayyy too pale for my taste. The pinks for example all look amazing when you look at them but once applied you barely see the color. I have tested al the colos now and I’d say it’s about 50-50. However if you are using an eye shadow foundation it will improve the appearence of the lighter colors. I hope this answers your question!

  • Powercat

    *I forgot to mention: a a few of the eye shadows are basically just glitter powder.