September 16, 2014

Urban Decay Vice LTD Exclusively at Sephora

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Urban Decay Vice LTD Palette

The Urban Decay Vice LTD is a new eyeshadow palette exclusively at Sephora and for VIB Rouge Members at the moment!

Count my mind blown.

UPDATE: The Urban Decay Vice LTD goes on sale at starting December 4th at 1 AM PST.

The Urban Decay Vice LTD Eyeshadow Palette is actually a surprise to me and unexpected so close on the heels of the Urban Decay Vice3 release but hey, you won’t hear any complaints from me!

Update: It is out of stock as of now. A few people were lucky enough to order it but I cannot confirm when it will be available again! I suspect as we get nearer to the holidays we’ll hear the official info from Urban Decay! It was on early this morning but is sadly gone now! No worries, I’m sure we’ll hear more soon!

The Urban Decay Vice LTD Palette is limited edition Sephora release that includes 18 exclusive shades and 2 bestsellers for a total of 20 eyeshadows as well as a double-ended brush.


  • Nameless (medium taupe satin)
  • Backdoor (cool dark brown matte)
  • Deeper (metallic medium bronze)
  • Disco (pale metallic gold/iridescent glitter)
  • Heat (bright metallic copper)
  • Crystal (icy metallic blue shimmer)
  • Goddess (deep smoky blue/micro-glitter)
  • Vaporize (medium metallic gray-taupe)
  • Floss (deep metallic emerald/micro-glitter)
  • Perversion (soft black matte)
  • Provocateur (icy metallic pink/micro-glitter)
  • Hoodoo (medium metallic violet/pink shift)
  • Freakshow (bright purple satin)
  • Junkshow (bright pink satin)
  • Blitz (bright metallic gold)
  • Chase (soft metallic bronze)
  • Last Sin (pale champagne shimmer)
  • Roadstripe (iridescent white/blue-violet shift)
  • Anonymous (pale peachy cream matte)
  • Laced (soft pink-nude matte)

Urban Decay Vice LTD Eyeshadow Palette

Urban Decay Vice LTD

The Urban Decay Vice LTD Palette is available now at for VIB Rouge members (no worries, it’ll be on sale for everyone else soon I’m sure).

Will you be indulging?

Thanks to Kim for shooting me an e-mail about this!

I receive a small commission if you shop through my link.

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  • Cindy

    Link takes me to a page that says “We do not carry the product you requested.” Looks like Sephora made a boo-boo, unless they only had 3 available for VIB Rouge members, haha.

    • Isabella Muse

      I think it might have launched early?! It’ll be back 🙂 I’m sure!

      • Jasmine

        Sorry to say it sold out very quickly and we will not be getting stock back 🙁

  • Ash Evans

    Hells Bells I didn’t see that coming at ALL. Now I need to Sophie’s choice what Vice I want for my birthday because I already have an absurd amount of eyeshadow. Thanks for the heads up!! Kudos to UD for the jaw drop!

  • Christina

    Interesting! I noticed a lot of the colors are repeats, though, aren’t they? I recognize several names from past palettes. I’m not UD expert, though, and only have a few things from them.

    It is odd that they’d release another Vice palette already, but I guess it’s along the same lines as Ulta carrying the redux palettes.

  • olivia bercik

    I didn’t see it until about half an hour ago on one of my FB beauty groups. BY the time I could look it up it was gone. This was gone within like 10 minutes and I don’t understand how people are that quick on things, lol. I’d love to have this…

  • Victoria

    aaaaand…it’s already sold out? Dang. (Not that I have VIB Rouge status anyway or I’d have bought it the second I got up this morning)

  • Tiffaney

    It is already sold out…..sad sad face. I was so excited as I am in the hospital and was hoping for an extra get better UD happy.

  • Lindsay

    Ah! I thought I was able to get by with just the new UD Eye Liner set, but I don’t know if I can resist this! Lots of pretty neutrals!

  • Suzana

    Still in a WHAT moment… lol…
    But I think I prefer the vice 3 that don’t have large glitter eyeshadows…. this one looks like it have a lot of glitter…. and I always make a mess with glitter…
    But I am still surprised!!!!

  • Kathryn

    Even though I already have a handful of these from the other vice palettes (voodoo, anonymous, provocateur, etc.) I like the look of this sooo much more than Vice 3! I hope they release it to everyone!

  • Christina D.

    Dang! I thought maybe I had to be signed in since I am VIB Rouge Status but no — item no longer available. I guess they will re-stock again at some point. I can wait…no, really, I can wait. My credit card is on fire anyway.

    BTW did you see the new Too Faced holiday set? It looks a lot like last year’s and I am going to be strong and pass. I hardly ever use the one I have since I tend to grab for smaller palettes more than the book-size ones.

    • Isabella Muse

      I DID 🙂 was typing about it now. haha! Sorry 🙁 it did disappear fast but it’ll be back no doubt!

  • Muggles

    Umm I saw this about 15 minutes ago. I’m a rouge customer and I keep getting the same the product is no longer available message. I can’t imagine it being sold out.

  • Carmela

    Looks so familiar! It seems like a Vice 1 Redux, as 4 shades are also found in Vice 1 (which I already have), and the green and pink are also similar to the green (junkie) and pink (noise) shades on the palette. Even the packaging and UD logo are very similar except that this one is yellowish / lime greenish. Freakshow is also in the UD 2012 Fun palette (which I also have) and Last Sin is also on the originally released Vice 3 which I am sure will be getting. This is a major skip for me but I would suggest to those who missed getting the original Vice 1. 🙂

  • Carrie

    I actually think I might opt for this instead of Vice 3, I just wanna get my grubby little paws on it!

  • Muggles

    I couldn’t not know about this palette. So I called the rouge concierge number to see if they had any info. Gotta be honest, I take what is said with a grain of salt. But the girl I spoke to told me that sephora never got the shipment, they have no sku, and none can be sold. (Refer to the first 2 reasons) now… I’m not sure I believe that but she did tell me to check back to see if it comes back in. I found it odd because I got no notification of this being available. (Typically I get an email for a rouge exclusive)
    Who knows!

  • Elle

    I ordered this early this morning, along with Vice3. I’m glad I did! It looks to be unavailable now.

  • jaz

    Omg UD is really trying to get my coins this holiday season. I am so glad the liners are a miss this season. Now the question is can i ( should I ) spend 180 to get this, vice 3 and the Lorac mega pro palettes. This is a really expensive hobby.

  • Colorful

    I just got off the phone with Sephora and she said they will not be coming back but are permanently out of stock. 🙁

    I wonder what they will go for on Ebay!

    • Marissa S.

      I called the rouge vib customer service and was told the opposite- I was told they will be getting more- also Sephora posted on their website that they will be getting more and they will be available to all customers not just Rouge

      • Colorful

        HAHA Figures. That sounds about right for SEphora. I don’t know how many times I have called and gotten completely different answers.

        I am glad they will get more, b/c it seemed weird that they would only get a few and not make them available to anyone else either.

        At least those who want it can get it.

        Glad you posted about it. 🙂

  • Phyrra

    I hate that I’m a VIB Rouge and I NEVER get emails about this stuff in time to buy it :/

    • Cindy

      I’m a VIB Rouge as well and I NEVER get emails, period. The whole “VIB Rouge” thing is a scam anyway. The only difference is that VIB Rouge gets free shipping on any amount, not just $50. They probably had a VERY small amount of these available.

    • Elle

      I never get emails either. I just happened to check the Sephora site before work this morning and saw the palette. It was just luck!

  • Marissa S.

    They never sent out an email about this item… it went up sometime in the middle of the night (well it was the middle of the night for me I am in EST)and the only thing indicating it was there was a banner on the website. It vanished from the site as I was checking out. I called Customer Service and they said they this is LE and they got very very limited stock in this shipment. Sephora said (on their FB page) that they will be restocking it and making it available to everyone (although they did not give an indication of when)

    • Colorful

      Ahh, okay, I don’t do FB much so that is probably why I didn’t know. Their CS is telling people other things though. Not that it is a NEW thing- they often do tell diff stories there. 🙁

    • Victoria

      I can’t find any mention of it on their FB page…I did see a tweet from them saying it was “extremely limited” and would not be restocked.

  • Colorful

    Phyrra, I never got an email either- happened to be on a site where someone mentioned it so I went to see what they were talking about. Otherwise I never would have known it existed! I rarely get their emails in time. I just can not believe it sold out THAT fast.

  • Marissa S.

    disregard my above comments because now sephora changed their earlier statement on their FB page and said it will not be coming back in stock

  • Tracy K

    Totally stumped upon this when getting ready to buy the vice 3. Can’t wait to get it! Confused why there is 2 vice palettes this year though

  • Jessica Lynn

    No one was notified of this palettes release. I just happened to check the website this morning when I woke up and ordered it without even thinking about it, so happy I did.

  • Ashley

    This is so pretty, I think I want them both! By both I mean the one you reviewed the other day.

  • barbara

    Hi, I just saw this palette this morning and ordered with the vice 3 and some other holiday sets from UD and the new Too Faced kit. I went back to try and figure out where this new palette came from and check this out……. it is OUT OF STOCK… NO LONGER AVAILABLE. I hope my order was pulled before it was out. It is 1:10 pm eastern time and how does that happen?????

  • Chelsea Adams

    I bought this this morning out of luck. I was buying a birthday present for my little sister and came across the palette, the colors are more suitable for me than the vice 3 so I purchased this one. It let me order it and charged my card so I assume they had it in stock, it just went fast.

  • Lori D.

    I seriously think it is STUPID when Urban Decay launches a product and only a few people can get their hands on it. I am a ROUGE and I didn’t even get a notice they were launching this. I understanding the marketing ploy to create demand … but is frustrating for us loyal UD – MUA! I hope they actually send out emails next time they launch a product! I like Apple – they make enough iPhones to fulfill meet the needs of their customers!

  • barbara

    one more thing, I called Sephora and they said it was a limited edition and whoever ordered one should receive it but that it is out of stock and they have no information at this time if they will be getting more. Also, if you did order it, and by the time the packers get to your order if for some reason it is out of stock your whole order will not be shipped. you will have to reorder. that is a stinker as I hope my other items will not be out of stock then.

  • CatG

    So exciting!! I hope it gets a bigger release! It looks like a good combo of colors!!

  • Eli Caroline

    As soon as I saw this post my jaw dropped and I was like “What?!”
    UD has been killing with this year.

  • Lyra

    I called the concierge. She said it sold out really quick, along with the buxom 500 point perk. UGH!!!! I WANT THIS THING SOOOOOO BAD!I saw it this morning and when I went to purchase , it was already out of stock.

  • Sarah G

    This appeals to me way more than Vice 3. Too bad it’s already gone!! Errrr. So frustrating. Maybe will have it at some point if Sephora isn’t going to carry it again. So aggravating when Sephora sells out of something in 2 minutes. Darn.

    Thanks for letting us know about it, Muse! You are so on top of things! I totally appreciate it during the holiday madness when new stuff is releasing so fast. 🙂

    • Isabella Muse

      my pleasure Sarah, don’t worry it’ll come back in stock soon I’m sure 🙂 it’s actually exclusive to Sephora so won’t be on ud’s website but I know it’ll pop back shortly 🙂 don’t worry! xoxoxo!

      • Amy

        Senhora had said on fb that it was coming back and would be available to everyone, then they deleted their comment, and recanted. I want this so bad !!! Please let us know if it is coming back ? Thanks for the heads up , Muse. You’re awesome

        • Isabella Muse

          I don’t have any info aside from this Amy as soon as I know anything I’ll post!

      • Sarah G

        Ooooh, it’s Sephora exclusive. Didn’t realize that. Good to know though so that I only have to stalk 1 website. 🙂 Thanks!!

  • Tina

    Another rouge no notice as always. I always got up at 3 am to order Vice 3 so not happy I missed this one. Not happy others ordered multiples to now resell.

  • lynne

    i love your pictures of it, i had seen it on UD’s website and Sephora and it looks much better here. I actually want it now lol

  • DTalksAll

    How are you so sure it will be back? Sephora on FB & the Rouge hotline are both saying they had very, very limited stock & it is all gone.

    • Isabella Muse

      I sincerely doubt that’s the case. It was likely put up too early and Sephora is trying to kill some of the buzz for the “real launch”. It don’t think that UD decided, “Hey let’s create ten palettes and that’s it?” Sounds like a ridiculous business idea haha. It’ll be back I’m sure.

  • Georgia

    Im not sure if im in the minority on this but I actually prefer the eyeshadow colors in the Vice LTD over the Vice 3.

    • Roo

      Personally I like the looks of the Vice 3 better, just because I’m partial to brights and the ltd doesn’t seem to have as many bold colors. That and the the plain greenish packaging looks blah in comparison. Just my 2 cents. As a UD maniac I still want both in my collection, no doubt! For some reason the words “limited edition” make it seem extra necessary.

  • Roo

    I sure do hope you’re right muse! I called this morning and was reassured it would be restocked. After reading that many people were told the opposite I called again(twice actually, is my crazy showing?) Both times I was informed that the information has been confirmed and it will not be restocked. Makes 0 sense to me!

    • Isabella Muse

      that’s very odd but people call every year and ask about the Friends and Family sale and Sephora denies it which causes panic and it happens anyway 🙂

  • Elle

    This was a terrible move on Sephora’s part…too many Rouge members got no notice and missed out (and are now unloading their fury on Sephora’s FB page), while others ordered multiples which will no doubt show up on eBay in a couple of days. No bueno.

    • Isabella Muse

      I doubt Sephora was trying to exclude anyone. I think what likely happened is code monkees put the info up early by mistake.

  • Sarah G

    I hope that’s the case because I’m really living this. That happened last year with the Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette too so maybe it’s the coders.

    • Isabella Muse

      I think it’s the code monkees Sarah 🙂 I blame them!

  • Lace

    I totally grabbed this. It’s my first Vice palette and I’m glad I waited. Honestly I didn’t find the colors in last years to be my cup of tea but this years? Wow! I also snatched up the lipstick set because Gash was in it and I had missed the limited release of it on the UD site so here we go with a nice set of colors for a good price. Besides if I don’t like the other colors in the set they become stocking stuffers for friends haha!

    Off topic but… I also saw that Sephora has a Black Honey Beauty set that has full size almost lipstick, lip gloss, nail polish and eyeliner for 25.00. I had to pick that up too. I’m semi tempted by the eyeshadow they released but I think I want to go swatch it at the Clinique counter before I decide.

  • olivia bercik

    I don’t know. The way they are treating this seems they won’t have anymore in stock. If they do, it’s because of the extreme uproar people are causing on the facebook pages.

  • Hannah D.

    I was in the process of checking out as well when it wouldn’t let me buy the palette since it was out of stock. I really hope Urban Decay releases a statement clarifying the status of this palette considering sephora has been giving mixed feedback on whether or not it will be restocked! I haven’t been able to find anything from Urban decay customer service about it, only sephora customer service. So hopefully that is a good sign they are trying to do damage control for the palette being released too soon? Or is that just my wishful thinking??? I would just think if it truly was out of stock never to be released again that Urban Decay would announce that…It wouldn’t seem logical for Urban Decay to choose not to make money off a palette tons of people would buy, but obviously the appeal of a very exclusive product is why a lot of us want it. Really hoping it was a glitch and mistake on sephora’s part and that it will be back for purchase soon!

  • katherine

    As an aside on Sephora customer service, the girls are always lovely and super polite, but I doubt they get accurate info on releases/restocks. Last year I emailed and asked when the UD holiday stuff would be launched. They replied that they couldn’t confirm any dates and 5 seconds later Vice2, Ocho Loco 2, etc. were up on Sephora’s site. Made me giggle! They were probably told to tell customers no restock on Vice LTD so they wouldn’t keep getting questions about it. (I’m also Rouge btw, and I don’t think the Rouge concierge is any more willing to part with insider info than normal service reps.)

    So I agree with Muse that it’ll get restocked, I doubt UD would produce only 500 palettes or some ridiculously small number. It’s all about building the hype 😛

    Ps. First time commenting–thanks for the website Muse, it’s awesome!!!!!! Keep up the great work! 😀

    • Isabella Muse

      thanks katherine so glad you enjoy Musings. Yes, agreed, have had many times that I called sephora and have gotten incorrect information about releases, prices, etc…honestly, it wouldn’t surprise me if Urban Decay did something SUPER limited edition like last year’s Eyeliner Vault! But this palette being super LE and never to be seen again? Count me skeptical about that. There’s nothing special about this palette! if they were doing something very LE it would probably be with a bigger BANG I think. I just suspect it was launched early on site by those who code and update info for and when I posted it and people started purchasing it prior to my post Sephora realized the mistake and pulled the palette as they probably have plans to release in later on in October. Just my thoughts, I could be utterly wrong but the fact that people are in a panic that it’ll never show up again and that Sephora is saying that to them, well, I dunno, it seems like the communications lines are mixed up. I just go back to my original example, as Sephora has denied many times that their is an FF sale and every year I have reader’s emailing me/commenting/etc in absolute panic that there will be no sale because they read about it on FB or Sephora CS told them that and what happens? The sale goes on like it does every single year. Again, I can’t confirm if Sephora FB page or their customer service is right or wrong I don’t have access to that info but I’m just making an assumption we haven’t seen the last of the Vice LTD 🙂

  • SarahUDAddict

    I came across this thread sooo I contacted UD themselves. It will be launched on later this holiday season, dont fret!!