October 24, 2014

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab Suck It 2014 Review

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab Suck It 2014

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab Suck It 2014 is a repromoted, limited edition Halloween 2014 Perfume Oil. I remember my first edition of Suck It, don’t quote me was 2012 and I ended up disliking the dry down.

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab Suck It 2014 seems to finally get the notes down just right and the beautiful sweet, cherry candy-like scent wins a score on my possible “back up purchase list”.

A screeching bat “cuddly” bat graces the label of this oil! He’s fierce, he’s fuzzy, and seems to be having a bad day!

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab Suck It 2014 is described a s black cherry brand with a whisper of red line. The 2012 formulation, if you have it, did in fact smell like sweet, juicy cherries (and so does this version) in the bottle. But once it hit skin and dried down it had an unusual fresher floral note. This year, I felt like it’s all cherries, all day, 24/7. In the bottle, juicy, succulent, sweet cherries! Very candy-like and not cough syrupy at all! Applied to skin, even more cherry goodness! Straight crushed up cherries, maybe cherry juice even, gorgeous! Within an hour, a mellow fruit punch dry down, plenty of cherries still be had though. Into hour five, still cherry fruit punch! No brandy, no wine, no boozy notes, no floral ones.


I love it!

It’s a weird thing about oils from year to year as I swear they change each year. I’ve always felt Sugar Skull (one of my fav Halloweenies) has subtle little differences each year! Suck It is an oil that proves sometimes change for the better.

If you love cherries I’d highly recommend grabbing this one.

It’s sweet, juicy, and completely addicting! I have to refrain from tipping the bottle into my mouth for a sip!

It’s available now, for a limited time, at blackphoenixalchemylab.com!