October 1, 2014

Lorac Holiday 2014 The Royal Collection Available Soon!

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Lorac Holiday 2014 the Royal Collection

Lorac Holiday 2014 The Royal Collection will be available soon and it is one of thee most massive Holiday 2014 Makeup Collection I have had the pleasure of seeing.

I don’t think the Lorac Holiday 2014 Collection n needs further commentary from me, feast your eyes on it below!

Lorac the Royal Eyeshadow Collection $38
(Exclusively at Ulta and Ulta.com)
This collection includes sixteen velvety Lorac Eyeshadows housed in four eyeshadow quad palettes!

Lorac The Royal Eye Shadow Palette

Lorac The Royal Eye Shadow Palette Queen

Lorac The Royal Eye Shadow Palette Princess

Lorac The Royal Eye Shadow Palette Dutchess

Lorac The Royal Eye Shadow Palette Countess

Lorac the Royal Lip Lustre Cream Collection $25 (Exclusively at Ulta and Ulta.com)
A gorgeous collection if six Lorac Lip Lustre Cream Lipglosses housed in a velveteen box ready for gifting!

Lorac the Royal Lip Lustre Creme Ulta Set

Lorac the Royal Lip Lustre Creme Set Ulta

Tiara (nude)
Crown Jewel (cherry red)
Debutante (exclusive shade to this set, warm pink)
Your Highness (hot pink)
English Rose (exclusive shade to this set, pale pink)
Majestic (exclusive shade to this set, mauve)

Lorac Party Palette $24
(Exclusively at Ulta and Ulta.com)
8 vibrant shades of Lorac Eyeshadow as well as two over sized highlighter shades to create fun, fashionable Holiday eye looks!

Lorac Party Palette

Lorac the Royal Pro Eye Collection $28

This nifty little set includes a Lorac Pro Shadow Palette with Gold from the Original Pro Palette, Cocoa from the Pro 2 Palette, and Ivory, an exclusive shade plus don’t forget full sizes of Lorac Pro Mascara and Lorac Front of the Line Pro Eyeliner!

Lorac The Royal Pro Eye Collection

Lorac Sultry Starlet Shimmer Eyeshadow Palette and Vintage Vixen Matte Eyeshadow Palette $12 Each (An Ulta and Ulta.com Black Friday Exclusive)
Are you a matte kinda girl or guy? Or perhaps a shimmer one? Choose from either the Sultry Starlet Palette which contains five silky soft pigmented Lorac shadows or the Vintage Vixen Palette that contains give ultra slick matte shades!

Lorac Sultry Starlet Palette

Lorac Vintage Vixen Palette

Lorac Champagne Dreams Eyeshadow Palette $15
(An Ulta.com Cyber Monday Exclusive)
This gorgeous palette is stocked up with seven gorgeous nude, natural shades!

Lorac Champagne Dreams Palette

Lorac the Royal Full Face Collection
(Kohls and Kohls.com Exclusive)
This full face kit is stocked with Lorac goodies for your lips, eyes, and cheeks and comes housed in a stunning velvet box!

Lorac The Royal Full Face Collection

Lorac The Royal Full Face Collectio

Eyeshadows in Cream, Honey, Chai, and Espresso
Blush in Coral
Lorac Cobra Mascara
Lorac 3 in 1 Waterproof Eyeliner Pencil in Ultra Black
Lorac Alter Ego Lipstick in Duchess
Lorac 3D Lustre Gloss in Rose LustreO

Lorac The Royal Eyeshadow Palette Set $35 (Ulta, Ulta.com, Kohls, Kohls.com, and Lorac’s website)
A trio of gorgeous palettes that contain four shades each to create three different looks: Plum Velvet, Gold Satin, and Silver Silk!

Lorac The Royal Eye Shadow Palette Set

Lorac the Royal Lip Lustre Creme Set $25 (Ulta, Ulta.com, Kohls, Kohls.com, and Lorac’s website)
A selection of six Lorac Lip Lustre Creme Lipglosses in festive shades for the holidays!

Lorac the Royal Lip Lustre Creme Kohls Set

Lorac the Royal Lip Lustre Creme Set Kohls

Empress (Pink Mauve)
Princess (Pink)
Enchanted (Peach Nude)
Reign (Berry)
Crown Jewel (Cherry Red)
Tiara (Nude)

Lorac the Royal Eye Duo $22
(Ulta, Ulta.com, Kohls, Kohls.com, and Lorac’s website)
Give eyes and lashes a pop of gorgeous with this duo of Lorac products!

Lorac the Royal Eye Duo

Lorac 3D Lustre/Liner in Copper/Black Cherry
Lorac Cobra Mascara

Lorac the Royal 3D Liqud Lustre Set $28 (Ulta, Ulta.com, Kohls, Kohls.com, and Lorac’s website)
Give your eyes the royal treatment with these shimmering shades of liquid lustre that add sparkle and shimmer to your looks!

Lorac The Royal 3d Liquid Lustre Set

Rose Quartz

Lorac Mega Pro Palette $59 (Lorac website and Amazon.com exclusive)
Sixteen wonderful shades of matte Lorac Eyeshadow and sixteen gorgeous shimmer shades for a total of 32 gorgeous shades!

Lorac Mega Pro Palette

Lorac Mega Pro Palette holiday 2014

Matte Eyeshadows:

  • Cream (from the PRO Palette)
  • Fawn
  • Camel
  • Sepia
  • Dusty Plum
  • Orchid
  • Mulberry
  • Espresso (from the PRO Palette)
  • White (From the PRO Palette)
  • Khaki
  • Brown
  • Stone
  • Lilac
  • Wisteria
  • Gray
  • Black (from PRO Palette and PRO Palette 2)

Shimmer Eyeshadows:

  • Opal
  • Sand
  • Copper
  • Sienna
  • Apricot
  • Blush
  • Merlot
  • Indigo
  • Vanilla
  • Cashmere
  • Smokey
  • Topaz
  • Dusty Rose
  • Granite
  • Maroon
  • Deep Teal
  • Caviar

Lorac Under $100 Pro Collection $98 (Exclusively at Ulta and Ulta.com)
Lorac Pro Palette
Lorac Pro Palette 2
Lorac Pro Powder Cheek Stain in Rosy Glow
Lorac Pro Matte Lip Color in Pink
Lorac Pro Cream Eyeliner in Black
Lorac Pro Mascara

Lorac Front of the Line Pro Trio (HSN and HSN.com Exclusive)
Includes Lorac’s smoothest liquid liner in three gorgeous shades!

Dark Brown

Lorac The Royal Lip Lustre Creme Set $25 (HSN and HSN.com Exclusive)
Six gorgeous shimmering Lorac Lip Lustre Lipglosses perfect for gifting!

Lorac the Royal Lip Lustre Creme HSN Set

Lady in Waiting (exclusive to this set, light peach)
Reign (berry)
Royal Red (exclusive to this set, red)
Tiara (nude)
Fairytale (exclusive to this set, coral)
Your Highness (hot pink)

Lorac the Royal Carpet Full Face Collection $39 (HSN and HSN.com Exclusive)
A full face collection that includes Lorac favorites in full sizes!

3D Liquid Lustre
2 Eyeshadows
3 in 1 Waterproof Eyeliner Pen
Cobra Mascara
Lip Lustre Lipgloss
Alter Ego Lipstick

The Lorac Holiday 2014 The Royal Collection has a variety of different dates and certain collections will be available from certain stores so please read my descriptions carefully above. Officially the Lorac Holiday 2014 Collection launches today at loraccosmetics.com however, the Mega Pro Palette will launch on Amazon.com and at loraccosmetics.com exclusively on October 7th. You’ll see other items available at Ulta and Ulta.com starting October 5th with certain HSN sets available now and in November and Black Friday and Cyber Monday sets obviously on those days.

I hope you enjoyed seeing the collection as much as I did!

Do tell me what you plan to haul in comments!

I receive a small commission if you shop through my link.

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  • Jessica

    Whoah, this is very impressive!! If I hadn’t recently purchased the Pro 2 I would definitely want the pro under $100 set. As it is, I definitely will need the Party, Vintage Vixen and Champagne Dreams palettes. And POSSIBLY the Mega Pro. 😏 Man, and I thought the Tarte collection was eye-popping. I’ve already bought a bunch of their sets. Christmas came early!!! Thanks for sharing this!!

  • Sarah

    This whole collection is gorgeous! I’m going to go broke this holiday season.

  • morgane

    what is the lip color she has on in the promo pic??? I want that so badly

  • Sorchathorn

    Omg. Must have now. I love all the neutral/warm colors! I need some of these eyeshadow palettes!

  • makeupwithaheart

    I don’t need anymore eyeshadow but since I missed out on the Nordstrom eyeshadow palettes, I’m making it up by getting the Mega Pro Palette 😀 That, and it’s my 21st birthday, so it’s an early gift to myself <3 #self love

  • Irene

    OMG! This Lorac Mega Pro palette looks soooooo gorgeous. I know I don’t need another palette, especially the big one. But boy do I want one! I have both of the pro palettes and love them to pieces. They are incredible quality with such a good color selection, so I assume this mega one should just be a bomb. I want it in my life.

  • Molly

    Will the mega pro palette eventually release at Ulta? I have a bunch of points saved up for it. If it doesn’t I guess I’ll get it from the website and then I’ll have to use my points on some of these other goodies! 🙂

    • Isabella Muse

      no sorry molly it’s exclusive to lorac’s website and amazon.

  • Tina

    This is the most comprehensive and complete post I’ve seen on the Lorac Holiday Collection. Thank you!!!!

  • Caitlin

    Gifting? Hmmmm I think I owe myself a present or two out of this collection 😉 I think I will most definitely be indulging in the royal eyeshadow collection to feed my Tutor obsession.

  • Majick

    I think I just wet my pants a little – LMAO! I could receive ANY of LORAC’s products and be happy. (with the exception of the really glittery liquids.)

    That said, I have Pro I & II so the Mega Pro is really calling my name. I sure wish it would be at Ulta unless it’s still available when LORAC does F&F. I have SO much stuff that I really cannot condone paying full price for palettes anymore. (shiz, that’s a lie but…:-D)

    the first set of eye shadows reminds me of the chocolate collection? The palettes seeem to have different colors but if they are anything like the choc. collection the shadows are fantastic. Love LORAC.

    Not sure what yet I’ll be getting from this collection but O/T on a side note I did just order the UD Mrs. Mia Wallace shadow palette for $16 – SCORE!

    • Isabella Muse

      haha! can’t blame ya! FANTASTIC because that palette is fab I think you’ll love it Majick!

  • saira

    Giving the release dates was really helpful, thanks.I wanted to know about the vintage vixen palette, will it only be available for black Friday? Can’t we get them before or afterwards?

    • Isabella Muse

      I can’t really say dunno if it’ll sell out/etc hopefully if it doesn’t sell out perhaps after Black Friday. but can’t confirm that sorry 🙁

  • JoElla

    I really like the look of the Royal eye shadow collection.

    I really hate to admit this, but I am just not digging the mega pro *ducks and hides*

  • Phyrra

    I love the promo shot for this. I love the girl’s hair and makeup so much!

  • Heather

    The champagne dreams is gorgeous. When will this be on ulta’s cyber Monday??

  • Wendy

    I just got my mega pro from the ordering glitch. It’s fantastic, I’m going to giggle every time I open it! Get this one before it goes!

  • Tina

    Do you by any chance know at what time on Oct 7th that the Mega Pro Palette will launch? I just want to be online when it launches so I can score one. Thanks!

  • Jay

    I havent seen anything on ultas website about the under 100 pro collection ! Please tell me that’s real

  • makeupwithaheart

    I have been able to find the Lorac The Royal Eyeshadow Palette Set on ulta’s site, kohls site, or the lorac site. Does it have a later release date than the others?

  • majick

    I just picked up the royal collection at Ulta. OMGawd it’s the bomb. (At least so far).
    And, I got to use my 20% off. Go me!

  • Liz

    The lip color in the graphic does not appear to be in a set. If I had to guess its the dominatrix color with a reddish lip gloss over it.


    is the ulta excluse all for $98 only?? please correct me if im wrong. i really want it :))

  • Andrea Bennett

    No one on any site can tell me what lip color the model is wearing!!! Please tell me what it is????