October 16, 2014

NYX Simply Nude Lip Cream Review & Swatches

I purchased this item and I receive a small commission if you shop using the links in this post.

NYX Simply Nude Lip Creams

The NYX Simply Nude Lip Cream Crayons are a new twist up lip pencil available in six shades that are currently part of the NYX permanent collection. I’m kinda always obsessed with finding great shades of nude lipstick and gloss that I can wear without looking like living dead girl which is one reason these new NYX Simply Nude Lip Cream Crayons intrigued me. On the other hand, I’m also obsessed with chubby lip pencils so when they launched earlier this Fall I was all, “gimme, gimme, gimme!”

Let’s see what I think of the NYX Simply Nude Lip Cream formula!

NYX Simply Nude Lip Cream

The NYX Simply Nude Lip Cream Crayons are a chubby little twist up lip pencil with a light satiny finish. At a glance I swear they were concealer pencils as they quite remind me of the Cover Girl TruBlend Fixstick Concealer or even the L’Oreal True Match Super Blendable Crayon Concealer. Honestly, if you’re sleepy one morning and you store these in the same drawer as your conceal pencil chances are you’ll be swiping under your eyes and blending out and be none the wiser! Even the color selection reminds me of concealer shades!

NYX Simply Nude Lip Cream Swatches

NYX Simply Nude Lip Cream Swatches (Sable, Peaches, Exposed, Disrobed, Fairest, Honey)

NYX Simply Nude Lip Cream Crayon Swatches

NYX Simply Nude Lip Cream Swatches (Sable, Peaches, Exposed)

NYX Simply Nude Lip Cream Pencil Swatches

NYX Simply Nude Lip Cream Swatches (Exposed, Disrobed, Fairest, Honey)

The formula is divine. These have a lightly creamy thin texture that glides on lips beautifully and leave behind very pigmented color, too pigmented in fact as unfortunately I do get a severe case of zombie lips with about 90% of the shades. I did sheer these out for my photos below because full on I look all kinds of wacky since many of the shades do not suit my skin tone. You have to really look through the shades and likely you’ll settle on a single shade that is most suitable for your skin tone. Mine was Sable which is a brown with a pink undertone. It’s all about discovering which nude is best for you. I did feel like a few shades such as Honey and Fairest ended up looking very similar on me once applied but swatched quite differently. I don’t find these terribly hydrating but they aren’t drying either and they have a very smooth, even application upon the original application. After the set a few shades ended up falling into my natural lip lines and giving the appearance of a patchy, uneven finish. Not all the shades suffered this issue but many of the lighter colors did for me so about four of the six shades ended up looking poorly on me. I think on the upside if you pair some of the shades with gloss they not only become wearable (because without some of these colors were scary) but they actually end up look bettering and more natural. For example Peaches which is a nude peach was horrible on me on the initial application but with gloss (as shown below) it become a totally beautiful nude! So don’t write some of the shades off because with a little clear gloss they are totally wearable! Even a gold shimmering clear gloss of some kind will really make some of these nudes pop. They do wear a shorter time at around two to three hours tops so you might want to keep them around for touch ups. The other nice thing about these is they can play double duty as a lip concealer to wear under lipsticks and intensify the shades of your lip color as you can use them to nude out the natural shade of your lips so your lipstick color appears more intense!

NYX Simply Nude Lip Cream fotd

(Peaches worn with clear gloss)

One thing I noticed, which might be a fluke, is after tossing them all in my bag they ended up stepping from the base and squishing up against the cap. So when I emptyied out my bag one night I realized the tips were smashed up against the top of the cap. It seems they all loosed from the base. Not snapped off in a messy way but they just looked from the base they were set on which kinda sucked. I have to stick them in the freezer and hope they’ll adhere to the base again! I’m not sure if this goes for all the pencils or if I just got a bad batch!

NYX Disrobed Simply Nude Lip Cream

NYX Simply Nude Lip Cream Disrobed

NYX Disrobed Simply Nude Lip Cream

NYX Fairest Simply Nude Lip Cream

NYX Simply Nude Lip Cream Fairest

NYX Fairest Simply Nude Lip Cream

NYX Peaches Simply Nude Lip Cream

NYX Simply Nude Lip Cream Peaches

NYX Peaches Simply Nude Lip Cream

NYX Sable Simply Nude Lip Cream

NYX Simply Nude Lip Cream Sable

NYX Sable Simply Nude Lip Cream

NYX Exposed Simply Nude Lip Cream

NYX Simply Nude Lip Cream Exposed

NYX Exposed Simply Nude Lip Cream

NYX Honey Simply Nude Lip Cream

NYX Simply Nude Lip Cream Honey

NYX Honey Simply Nude Lip Cream

All in all the formula on the NYX Simply Nude Lip Cream has a few quirks but I’m actually I purchased all the shades. Even though most make me look crazy zombie girl-like, I felt like clear gloss gave them all kinds of potential and wearability so now I have six shades of really great nudes I can wear under gloss. Shades I actually wouldn’t even consider as looking good until I paired them up with gloss.

Of course, this could disappoint folks who want to wear them just as a light satin lip color. In that case, I simply suggest going with the shade or shades if you’re lucky that best suit your skin tone as you’re bound to find at least one shade that’s your perfect nude from this batch! Just remember lip balm worn under these goes a long way at giving them the best possible finish!

The NYX Simply Nude Lip Creams are available now at Ulta and Ulta.com.

Tried them?

What was your experience like?

I purchased this item and I receive a small commission if you shop using the links in this post.

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  • Lai

    Sable looks awesome on you. as much as i love nude color lip product, they look great on every pic i’ve seem but on me i look sick.

  • amy

    When I firat saw the promos, I thought I’d end up picking up 2-3, bu after seeing your swatches… I have a feeling all of them (along with the vamps!) will find their way into my stash!

    Between these, the vampsy shades, and the Wicked & Macaroon collections, my lipstick stash will be getting a complete overhaul!

  • Karena

    Wow, you can really pull these off, Muse! They look great on you, especially Sable, Disrobed and Peaches. πŸ™‚ Everyone is reporting that these break very easily (or even arrive from NYX broken), so it’s not just a bad batch. I have First Base (Pinks) and I absolutely adore the shade and the texture (almost no transfer), but mine broke the first time I had to twist it up for application. I think that NYX overdoes it with a “whitish” base in so many colors which I don’t really like because it makes the shade look so artificial. I am having a hard time finding more colors that I’d like to try in the pinks for that reason, because I don’t do reds, or the vampy colors (though Covet looks like a possibility.)

    • Isabella Muse

      thanks girl I don’t think so at all but appreciate it πŸ˜€ I checked my reds/pinks/vamps last night and the vamps/pinks had the same problem so it obviously isn’t a fluke which sucks! I AGREE! a lot of it appears chalky with so much white undertones! they need to add a little more warmth to shades, your comment is spot on, it does end up making the shades look very fake and artificial and unflattering on many different skin tones bc of this!

  • lilo

    i got these in the vamp selection and mine was broken too from the base. i had to removed it (carefully of course) and swivel the rest all the way out and melt both end and stick them together, swivel down gently and stuck it in the freezer. it worked out but its a hassle =/

    • Isabella Muse

      ugh same problem here! the reds were ok but the vamps/pinks/nudes are all the same issue πŸ™ I though it was a fluke but I checked the rest of the ones I purchased and ALL have the issue!

  • Susan Kincaid

    I looked at these in Ulta last week. Your review was most helpful. Like I need more lipsticks, ya’know?

  • Monica P

    LORD chile like I need more!! but going to find these tomorrow!! Thanks for the reviews, I LOL at some of your s&@t!!

  • Montie

    Thanks for the wonderful review. Been wanting all of them for so long, but still not sure which i must buy :-). Might grab Sable or Exposed and work with pink lip gloss match my skin tone.

  • Jade

    Thanks for the gloss-on-top tip! Being wayyy too hopeful, I bought all of them thinking they’d look great on me, but ended up with the zombie effect when using the lighter shades.

    Mine also ended up falling from the base and smushing against the cap! It’s a pain to apply now, but I’m also too lazy to fix them… =_=

    • Isabella Muse

      Yeah Jade me too don’t feel bad! Gloss helps A LOT! πŸ˜€ Mine did this too πŸ™ All of the lip creams seem to have breakage issues!

  • Audrey

    Hi, I have been looking into buying a lip product by nyx, but I just don’t know what to buy. I want something that has nice pigmentation and goes well with my skin tone. I have warm deep tan skin, with brown hair. Any idea of what product/color I should get? Thanks:)