November 11, 2014

The Body Shop Vanilla Brulee Review

I purchased this item and I receive a small commission if you shop using the links in this post.

The Body Shop Vanilla Brulee

The Body Shop Vanilla Brulee is one of three limited edition Holiday 2014 Fragrances. I can’t honestly recall if The Body Shop Vanilla Brulee was one of last year’s fragrances but it isn’t new that’s for sure as many fans have been reviewing it and comparing it to versions year’s past! It is however, new for me, as this is the first time I’m trying it!

As a huge massive lover of Stila Creme Bouquet it’s hard to find vanilla anything that’s as good as that fragrance! I love the beautiful vanilla cakiness of Creme Bouquet and it’s really difficult to replicate in any other vanilla fragrances. I’m not a hardcore vanilla fragrance fan anyway so finding one I actually like is such a rarity.

The Body Shop Vanilla Brulee isn’t Creme Bouquet but it has some same creaminess and makes the vanilla notes a really focus point which is one reason to love it!

I recently purchased The Body Shop Vanilla Brulee Eau de Toilette and The Body Shop Vanilla Brulee Body and Room Spray but I’ll be going back shortly for some of the other delicious goodies they have available in the fragrance so I can layer.

This is a really nice vanilla fragrance but I’m probably going to describe it a slightly weird manner….! At first mist it kinda reminds me of Victoria’s Secret Lemon Escape! I know weird….there’s a very slight hint of lemon that disappears quickly but my nose seems to pick it up. As it dries down you’re enveloped in a sugary vanilla, it’s almost a cake-like vanilla and it dare I say it smells like VS Lemon Escape but with the lemon stripped away and the sugar and vanilla notes left behind. It’s really quite pleasant! It’s most definitely a gourmand vanilla that smells very edible and tasty. So this is where things might get slightly strange! I kinda feel like it smells like car air freshener, ya know, one of those trees you hang from your mirror! Not the pine ones mind you but a vanilla scented one. This sounds so unappealing I know but somehow, someway, it works and the fragrance is very pleasant to my nose.

I do recommend the The Body Shop Vanilla Brulee Eau de Toilette as it’s weak yet stronger than the Body and Room Spray (plus I find it slightly odd that something can be used as a room spray and also on your body!? Shifty eyes!). I really have to mist myself a few times to get a nice throw because my body chemistry eats this one up and the linger is only about 90 minutes tops. They do have body butter and a range of other items so you might want to layer up to hold on to that comfy, vanilla fragrance.

The Body Shop Vanilla Brulee 2

The Body Shop Vanilla Brulee Body and Room Spray is very, very weak. It even smells slightly different than the EDT formula. On a mist you won’t even get much fragrance, you have to literally mist yourself several times to get any fragrance from the bottle. My nose also happens to be very picky about scents so it could be me but I feel the room spray compared to the EDT is considerably weaker so I’d suggest the EDT if you are indulging.

The Body Shop Vanilla Brulee 1

I do wish the Body Shop Vanilla Brulee was a bit stronger because the fragrance is something special, especially for vanilla lovers! It might work on a different body chemistry than my own and in that case, well, lucky you! But unfortunately for me I really have to hose myself down with this one. Thank goodness they have an entire range of body care so I can layer up and get the fragrance to stick around longer.

The Body Shop Vanilla Brulee is available now, in all its yumminess, at


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I purchased this item and I receive a small commission if you shop using the links in this post.

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  • Robin

    I think last year was Vanilla Bliss. I loaded up on the reed diffusers last year. I do understand your description. You know how you go to a nice hotel and when you enter your room there’s a fragrance/ freshener?? Yeah that’s what Phils Amazing gRace smells like to me. LOL. My mom loves it, but it’s hotel room freshner to me.

    Have you heard about Black Friday bag from body Shop or Bath and Body yet?

    • Isabella Muse

      exactlyyyyy or a car air freshener but nicer πŸ˜€ it kinda smells like Air Wick haha πŸ˜€ but I like it for some reason! I haven’t but promise to post with deets!

  • LipstickHoarder

    Yay! Thank you for describing the scent. I must definitely get my stubby hands on this and the Creme Bouquet you also mentioned. I love sweet gourmand-y scents!

  • Sissi

    Oh too bad this is not working for you! Have you tried the body shop vanilla perfume oil? If that is not strong enough for you then I am at my end! πŸ˜‰