November 19, 2014

Covergirl Lip Lava Review & Swatches

Covergirl Lip Lava

Covergirl Lip Lava Lipgloss are a new permanent range of thick, liquid lipglosses that have the pigment of a lipstick with a high, shimmery shine. For me, these are kinda a retake on the recently released Revlon HD Lip Lacquers.

Take a look!

Covergirl Colorlicious Lipgloss just launched five or so months ago so I was honestly surprised to see the new line of Covergirl Lip Lava Lipglosses on display at Bed, Bath, and Beyond. Considering Colorlicious is an extensive range of lipglosses I didn’t expect a newly formulated lipgloss so soon!

Covergirl Lip Lava Swatches

Covergirl Lip Lava Swatches (Lava Glow, Lava Luster, Mango Lava, Lava Love Live, Look It’s Lava, Lava-Rider, Mauva Lava)

These are truly visually outrageous. The colors are popping shades of purple, fuchsia, reds, golds, and oranges. I’d say they are shades for the not so shy lipgloss lover now the question would be is do they apply as pigmented as they look in the tube?

Each gloss comes housed in a long square shaped gloss barrel with an attached lip brush for application. I know many people prefer sponges but I’ve always felt lip brushes saturate better with gloss so I was happy about the lip brush applicator. The lip brush has short bristles and I had no issues with the bristles splitting thankfully!

The glosses, as you can see, are outrageous shades! If you like loud, bright colors I’d say Covergirl Lip Lava will be very appealing to you. The formula is quite thick and has a silicon-like texture that’s a bit balmy in consistency. I find they apply a little unevenly and patchy plus some shades tend to fall into the natural lines of my lips (I think the clumpy patchiness can be easily seen in some of my swatches). They are a nightmare for drier lips because you’ll have a hard time applying them since they skip around and apply unevenly during application and less than smooth lips that are drier will experience this issue even more. They have heaps of chunky shimmery pieces which remains on well after color has faded. Some shades, like Live Love Lava, have considerably less shimmer and apply beautifully. They have a sheen finish but aren’t necessarily glossy or shiny. I find the texture is very thick and much like a liquid lipstick and the pigment is that of one as well. Out of the several shades I purchased only two shades applied a little on the sheer side but others were true to what you see in the tube. They are very pigmented with excellent color pay off and an opaque finish on two layers (one layer is good but I still see a little of my natural lip color so two makes is ideal). For sensitive users, they do have a subtle fruity fresh flavor but not much of a fragrance that I noticed. They wear for around four hours, some shades even five.

Covergirl  Mauva Lava Lip Lava fotd

Covergirl  Mauva Lava Lip Lava

Covergirl Mauva Lava Lip Lava

Covergirl Lava Glow Lip Lava fotd

Covergirl Lava Glow Lip Lava

Covergirl Lava Glow Lip Lava

Covergirl Lava Luster Lip Lava fotd

Covergirl Lava Luster Lip Lava

Covergirl Lava Luster Lip Lava

Covergirl Lava Rider Lip Lava fotd

Covergirl Lava Rider Lip Lava

Covergirl Lava Rider Lip Lava

Covergirl Live Love Lava Lip Lava fotd

Covergirl Live Love Lava Lip Lava

Covergirl Live Love Lava Lip Lava

Covergirl Look It's Lava Lip Lava fotd

Covergirl Look It's Lava Lip Lava

Covergirl Look It’s Lava Lip Lava

Covergirl Mango Lava Lip Lava fotd

Covergirl Mango Lava Lip Lava

Covergirl Mango Lava Lip Lava

I’m iffy about loving them in all honesty. They are very thick and gooey and I prefer something lighter and more comfortable to wear. I dislike the patchy, uneven look of some of the shades however, I have to admit some shades are like liquid metal and applied beautifully but out of the seven shades I purchased I honestly only loved two (Live Love Lava and Mauva Lava). I will say a few shades even had a duochrome-like effect due to the heavy multi-colored shimmer in the mix so colors like Mango Lava (bright orange) would apply one way and reflect different (greenish).

Covergirl Lip Lava Lipgloss will win some fans and others might feel they are just too thick and shimmery. I feel they are a hit and miss shade situation. I liked some shades but others were just too overkill on pigment, shimmer, and consistency!

Tried ’em?

Do share your thoughts!

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    • Isabella Muse

      I’d try it. If you like reds do get some of the reds they are gorgeous!

  • Kelli

    I know I can pull reds off with my blonde hair and (very) fair skin, but it’s so danged scary!!!
    I don’t think I will be indulging though, I hate feeling things on my lips…ugh!

  • Gillie

    Some of those are wild! I really like “Look It’s Lava” on you, Muse…and Lava Rider is bold, but kinda neat. Perhaps one of these will accidently fall into my basket while I’m shopping tonight.

    • Isabella Muse

      haha ;-D go for it gillie I’ve had lots of stuff that accidentally ended up in my cart too hehe!

  • Lauren

    Yikes, the names are terrible! Mauva Lava and Live Love Lava? 😮

    Lava Luster, Lava Glow, and Mango Lava are very pretty, though.

  • Rachel R.

    Those are simply gorgeous. Lava Rider and Look It’s Lavaare my favorites. So bright! I want them all, though.

  • reena

    mango looks nice and summery (while we r covered in snow…!)

    thick formulas always gets stuck in my hair. I love NYX lipglosses they r a great formula and consistency.

  • nicole o.

    i’m drawn to lava-rider since i love purples !

    i love that it has a duochrome finish . it would look awesome on top of my purple lippies .

  • Simone

    These are too interesting to skip. I’ll probably pick up muava lava and lava rider. Lmao at the names.

  • Jamie

    I have the purple one and the pinkish with blue shimmer. I love them. So unique and pretty. I like the more opaque coverage. Most lipgloss formats just leave a bit of summer left on my lips after about 15 minutes. Color gone. I’m going back for more Friday. They have a buy one, get the other half off at CVS. I wish they’d come out with even more unique ones in the collection. There are 3 new polishes with them. Sadly, the polishes are like others that have come before them. They’re still pretty though. They need more multichrome polishes in mainstream!

  • tess

    I have gotten seven of the nine colors over the past couple of weeks (these just showed up in my local stores) and I love them all. I’m having trouble finding Ooh La Lava and Lava-nder (like “lavender”) but I think I may find them tomorrow on a BOGO. 😉

    I love that most of them are more like liquid lipsticks and actually look like they do in the tubes with opaque coverage that stains for lasting wear. I also have some of the new CG Coloricious and Revlon HD (which replaces Colorburst) and really like them, too, but this CG Lip Lava line is like a crazy souped up version of the best, most shimmery of those. Between the four lines I mentioned, I have several that look like dupes in the tubes but are all very different on the lips. In Lip Lava I’ve finally found some “trues” that actually shimmer like they promise to.

    So far my favorite thing to do is to use Lava Glow or Lava Luster as a highlight over other Lip Lavas or other lip colors in the center of my lower lip. If this really is a permanent line, CG can shut up and take my money.

  • Katrina

    Thank you soo much for this review! I unintentionally made a discovery about these the other day that I thought I’d share. I bought a lip lava and the new soft lips strawberry cube on the same shopping trip, and i happened to try the creamy lip balm first! I then put a small amount of the lava lips over it. When blended together with the lip balm, i LOVED the texture of the lip lava, so much less sticky/heavy feeling on my lips! it is SO pigmented even combined with the lip balm! success 🙂

  • Sabi.

    I bought three yesterday ooh la lava(super light pinkish purple with very little hint of blue shimmer, haven’t tried it yet), lava rider(super dark purple with heavy blue shimmer), and look it’s lava(dark pink almost a purplely shade) I love all the colors I tried, they look awesome. What I didn’t like is the transfer on to other things(like cigarette’s, straw,etc.) Maybe I’m doing it wrong (not much of a makeup wearer, but I fell in love with these eccentric shades, so I snatched them up) I have a problem with picking at my lips and these did prevent that all day. They are very gooey when first applied but wear off after transfer or after a while of wear. Even though there are some downsides I would def. Purchase more and even thinking of snatching up the mango lava one. FYI I heard they were discontinued (idk if they were) but I got mine from biglots after stocking them yesterday.

    • Isabella Muse

      Hi Sabi! Thanks for your mini review 🙂 Glad you like them! They do feel quite thicker at first but they set smoothly for me 😀 I didn’t hear about the shade being dced but thanks! I’ll have to see if I can try it before it disappears for good 😀