December 10, 2014

Covergirl Full Lash Bloom Mascara Review

Covergirl Full Lash Bloom Mascara spring 2015

Covergirl Full Lash Bloom Mascara by Lashblast is a new Spring 2015 mascara release for the brand that promises longer lashes that are soft to the touch and never stiff.

I have to say…another day, another very disappointing Lashblast product.

Covergirl Full Lash Bloom Mascara

Covergirl Full Lash Bloom Mascara will likely be hailed as a great mascara for fans of the original Lashblast Mascara range. Personally I have never had a huge amount of access with ANY of the variations of Lashblast. I wish I can rave it the way so many people do but it does nothing for me…!

Full Lash Bloom Mascara promises longer, full lashes thanks to a formula that contains natural beeswax. The beewaxes helps to keep lashes from being stiff or brittle after application and the petal shaped brush with spiky points acts to grab lashes and pull them up and out.

I got some length from it but zero volume. The brush, as with all Lashblast products, is rally quite big and I feel like I’m creating a spider-y mess of my lashes if I’m not careful. The best technique is to curl prior so your lashes are pull forwarded and prepped for the mascara. This method will also ensure that you aren’t creating a mess during application. The entire “touchable soft, full lashes” doesn’t quite ring true for me as my lashes felt a bit crunchy after the mascara set. It really gives zero curl and zero volume but does add some length to my already longer lashes.

Covergirl Full Lash Bloom Mascara Lashblast

On the other hand my reader Lacy tried it out and she actually had really good results as you see from her photos below. Her results were much better than my own as she said it did a good job of curving her lashes upwards and giving good length but like me she felt it lacked volume.

Covergirl Full Lash Bloom Mascara before after

My Lashes

covergirl new mascara

Lacy’s Lashes

We both had good wear from it so no issues with it flaking or smudging which was a plus.

I feel like Lashblast formulas aren’t for everyone. Some lashes it works really great for where as others not so much. I happen to fall into the “not so much” group unfortunately. I picture Covergirl Full Lash Bloom Mascara being quite popular with Lashblast fans but it’ll likely prove a skip for those who haven’t had success with the line in the past. I did note the fun and cute new packaging…this comes housed in a bright pink barrel with cute flowers on it. So yet again we see Covergirl reaching out to a younger demographic this year! This was especially the case with their Katy Perry Instaglam campaign and looks like we’ll be seeing it upcoming in many of Covergirl’s Spring 2015 and Summer 2015 launches.

The Covergril Full Lash Bloom Mascara is available now at drugstores.

Tried it?

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  • Christina

    I bought a tube of this and tossed it after the first time trying it – no volume at all and a bit wet. Oh well, at least I only spent about $6 on it.

  • Fancie

    The packaging is so cute lol. The formula definitely doesn’t offer much volume but it looks like it lengthens very well. My lashes are already pretty full and curly so this may work perfectly for me. Can’t wait to find it!

  • Kiss & Make-up

    Aw, what a shame that it doesn’t do anything for you 🙁 I usually like Covergirl mascaras. The Flamed Out mascara is one of my favorites.

  • Ruth

    it makes me laugh every single time you do a close up eye pic because i feel like romper room is back and you can see me through the magic mirror!

    • Isabella Muse

      haha I see Ruth and I see Isabella….! damn b1tch never said my name! lol!

      • Ruth

        mine neither! I always was so excited, because that was going to be the day that she saw me! at least you see me! 😉

        • Isabella Muse

          lol! same here. I remember I used to sit on the floor with my mom and watch it (I must have been like 4? or something?) and every single time my mom would get me all excited about the ending but SHE NEVER SAW ME DAMNIT! haha.

  • Suzanne

    Same here Muse!!! I’m not loving it at all. I’m forcing myself to use it b/c I accidentally threw away the package and was planning on returning it. I feel like there’s hardly any product in the tube and hardly on my lashes…oh well!!

    • Isabella Muse

      yeah 🙁 disappointing. They do advertise it as a volumizing mascara but I don’t see the volume le sigh!

  • Lacy

    So I’ve still been rocking this mascara since I picked it up and it’s growing on me, still not as dramatic of results as I like as far as thickening and volume but I will say its still doing a hella good job at lengthening and pulling my lashes out and up. Ive been experimenting with it after curling my lashes and it does a good job at holding the curl. I’ve had it on for 12 hours today and it maintained. Also this stuff doesn’t get crunchy or stiff on me. I think this actually does a better job at giving me natural curl and holding a curl because of the beeswax, is that weird?

    • Isabella Muse

      your lashes look way way way better in it than mine!!!!!!! It goes spidery on me. But if I’m careful I can get good length but still crunchy 🙁 not weird at all! at least it works well for you ;-D Your lashes look mega awesome in your pics!

  • Ali

    Omg yes i have this mascara and no, there is absolutely no volume and i think this is a better mascara if you do put the curler to them and second use vaseline and baby powder on eyelashes. ( yess, i found this on trusper) well idk im in seventh and i think it works pretty well :0

  • Crystal

    Sadly, the only thing it has done for me is leave me with itching and stinging eyelids. I usually love the CG LashBlast products, but this one is definitely a no-go for me! There is something in the formula that I am obviously allergic to.

    • Holly

      I use Covergirl mascara all the time. I decided to try the Full Lash Bloom and had a severe allergic reaction. Won’t be using that again!

      • Kelly

        I also had a severe allergic reaction (swollen, red and itchy eyelids). I have used other Cover Girl mascaras in the past, and this has never been an issue. I’m not glad, but rather relieved to hear that I am not alone in this.

        • Crystal

          I agree, Kelly, I’m relieved to know that I wasn’t the only one. Mine was almost like a chemical burn on my eyelids. Not just at my lash line, but up on my eyelid where my lashes rested when my eyes were open. Very unusual for me. I use CG Lash Blast daily and never have an issue with it.

          • Mary

            Same! I’m 26. I’ve been buying cover girl mascara for quite a few years. My eyelashes are naturally very thick so I’m used to them falling out regularly in clumps..but it’s never been a hindrance on the volume of my lashes (I was blessed with thick hair, which means nice eyelashes). I haven’t asked a doctor about it, but since I started using this Full Bloom within 3 (maybe 4) weeks my eyelids have definitely been more itchy, and my eyelashes have been falling out IN MUCH MORE NOTICABLE CLUMPS.

            Upon searching my problem and reading the above comments I will certainly not be purchasing Full Lash Bloom again. Never had a problem with any previous cover girl mascara.

            They still look good for now… Hope my eyelashes stop falling out soon,


        • Elizabeth

          I just applied this yesterday and I woke up with swollen itchy eyelids! I don’t know what’s in it that causes that.

          • Sonya

            The ingredient that causes the severe itching is from shellac…I learned this the hard way. Avoid shellac at all costs!

        • Lisa

          I was glad to read these comments and now that I wasn’t the only one. The sad thing is it took me 4 days to figure it out 🙁 My eyes were red, itchy, puffy and hurt. I also had headaches. As soon as I figured it out and after a couple of days, my eyes were better and headaches gone! I wanted to return it as well but couldn’t find my receipt.

    • Johanna

      I used this product last Friday and had a severe allergic reaction. Noticed about 11pm Friday night that under my eyes were puffy. I attributed this to being tired, washed my makeup off and went to bed. Woke up Saturday morning and my eyes were almost swollen shut! After a day of Benadryl, hydrocortisone cream, and ice packs on my eyes, the swelling eased a little. Today, Tuesday, my eyes are finally back to normal. They were red, puffy, and itchy. I will NOT be buying lash blast again!

    • Tia

      I have the same exact thing going on. This has happened to me with Maybellines great lash as well…

  • Mary

    I’m disappointed, yet glad to find out it’s probably just the formula of the makeup and I’m not sick or something!

  • Geri

    I also had a severe allergic reaction to this mascara (it took over 7 days for the swelling to go down and itching to stop). In the past I’ve also been allergic to other mascaras and the common ingredient between them has been SHELLAC. The package of Full Lash Bloom does not list this ingredient, but the Cover Girl website does list the product ingredients and shellac was listed.

    • Victoria

      Thank you so much for mentioning shellac in your post! I think you may have just helped me discover what was causing my own allergic reactions to mascara. I just tried Full Lash Bloom on one eye after I bought it then washed it away almost immediately. The next day I woke up with a red and swollen skid on my eyelid as well as below my lower lashes. This has happened once before with Maybelline Great Lash but I’ve been using Covergirl for years now and was totally blind sighted by this reaction to another Lash Blast product. After I saw your post, I googled the ingredients for Great Lash to compare it and discovered that it had shellac in it too. Thank you again!

  • Janette

    Even though I love the LashBlast mascaras, this didn’t really do much for me.It did give me nice length, but not much volume. I will not be purchasing again.I was really disappointed especially because the packaging was so cute!

  • Crystal

    The shellac may be my issue as well. The only other time I’ve had an allergic reaction, it was while using the Maybelline Great Lash.

  • Sara

    I’m so glad to see that I’m not alone in the allergic reaction camp! I used this mascara for about a week and woke up one morning a week or so in with very swollen, itchy, and burning eyelids. At first I thought it was just a form of pink eye and I stopped using mascara for a few days. After the burning went away I applied the mascara again yesterday, and lo and behold, woke up this morning with swollen, burning and itchy eyelids. I guess I’m tossing this one!

  • Christina

    Allergic reaction…my eyes are itchy and burn, my eyelids are so swollen. I tried it twice months apart. Never again!

  • sam

    My eyes have been so itchy and swollen I didn’t know why. it’s been almost2 weeks now and I’m so glad to find out why now! This mascara is going in the trash. I also bought the super lash one in the blue tube and use both at once. Hopefully it’s not both. My eyes were the worst today when I woke up.

  • Leighann Rice

    This is nuts, you guys! I Googled this issue because I had a SEVERE allergic reaction to this mascara. My eyes became itchy a couple of hours after applying it. I was at a baseball game at the time and did not want to wash my makeup off in the dirty stadium bathroom sink so I just kept my makeup on all night, but my eyes were swollen, itchy, and absolutely killing me. About 6 hours after applying it, I removed my makeup and it took about 6 or 7 days for the swelling to completely go down. I took a break from makeup altogether for a week after this experience. AND I, too, had a reaction to Maybelline Great Lash, which is the only mascara I’ve ever had a negative reaction to. I’m wondering if the Shellac is what I’m allergic to!

  • Dana

    Im so sorry to hear about the allergic reaction happening to people but im glad im not alone it has done the same thing to me and I didnt even know I was allergic to anything ! I used it and didnt realize it was the mascara so I used it again and it looked like I got beat up my eyes still itch and they are peeling at the bottom I definitely wont use this again even tho i did like the look it gave me . I wonder if a lawsuit could be filed?

    • Heather

      The same exact thing has happened to me. Red, swollen, itchy, burning and then the peeling!!!!! I’ve never had a problem with any makeup before….

  • April

    I too had a crazy allergic reaction. I tried it for the first time a few weeks ago and it happened and I thought it was just seasonal allergies. Didn’t wear makeup for a bit and decided on Tuesday I wanted to pretty myself up and my eyes have been itchy and swollen since. Milan I,m not alone in this.

  • Elaine

    Wow … I recently purchased the Full Bloom mascara and after the first use I experienced something like chemical burns on my eyelids. I have had this happen one time a long time ago and didn’t attribute it to the mascara. However after using it a second time with the same result I am now convinced it is a skin reaction to this produce. Thank you everyone for sharing your experiences here … I’m throwing it out !

  • MIchelle

    I bought the Cover Girl Bloom mascara because I had a coupon for it. I wore it for about 4 days. Wasn’t impressed with the volume at all. On the 5th morning after using this I woke up with swollen, red, itchy eyelids and under my eyes as well. I’ve never had this happen before. Here I am 6 days later and still have the systems and I haven’t worn any mascara for 5 days. Hoping this clears up soon!!!

  • Sherry

    If you ask me this mascara should be taken off the market! I used and on the 4 th day woke to swollen puffy eyes! I had to call in sick to work saw the doctor put me on steroid.
    You might of thought I went 6 rounds in a boxing ring!! This should be taken off the market!

  • Sezyseki

    My eyes are so itchy and red and feels grainy from reaction to this covergirl lashblast mascara. Being using allergy eyedrops and it seems not to be working. Any one with a suggestion on what to do? I’m so pissed