December 4, 2014

Maybelline Master Prime Primer Review & Swatches

Maybelline Master Prime Primer

Maybelline Master Prime Primer is a new, Spring 2015 permanent face primer formula that Maybelline is launching now at drugstores that’s available in three formulations.

I’ve been using Maybelline Master Prime Primer Blur + Smooth and Maybelline Master Prime Blur + Illuminate for the last week or so and thought I’d review and swatch both for you today and share my experience with you!

Maybelline Master Prime Primer comes in a 1 oz squeeze tube packaging. As I mentioned above this face primer comes in three variations one of which is a anti-redness formula which I didn’t purchase as I don’t have an issue with redness. I did come away with the Blur + Smooth formula as well as the Blur + Illuminate editions though and that’s what I’ll be featuring in this review.

Honestly, Maybelline Master Prime Primer surprised me. I expected a formula and texture along the lines of Smashbox Photo Finish but was pleasantly surprised these are a creamy texture with an easy to apply and absorb formula. The texture is a very lightweight cream with a subtle hand cream-like fragrance. The formula is that of a thin, lightweight moisturizer that absorbs easily into my drier skin and leaves it smoother and softer. Dry skin will love this consistency but I think if you have oily skin you might not really love it. Now these lightly hydrating and they won’t make skin shiny or oily so any skin type can easily use them. However, if you do have oily skin that might not mattifying enough for you but….Maybelline doesn’t promote them as mattifying either so there is that. Now Maybelline does say the blur…blur what? The appearance of pores? Or perhaps they are referencing creating a smoother appearance on skin which they do. After use my skin looks smoother, my foundation applies more easily, however, if you have larger pores and expect this to blur their appearance well….that’s up for debate. I don’t have larger pores however, I do have visible pores on my nose and this blurs their appearance every so slightly. I suspect this will blur the appearance of smaller pores however, if you have larger ones you might not be completely thrilled with the results and find that a silicone based primer does a better job filling and blurring the appearance of larger pores.

Maybelline Master Prime Primer swatches

Maybelline Master Prime Primer Blur + Smooth Swatches

Maybelline Master Prime swatches

Maybelline Master Prime Primer Blur + Illuminate Swatches

For those of you with smaller pores, no pores, or drier skin this texture and formula will do the trick to lightly hydrate your skin, prep it for foundation, and create a smoother, softer appearance while offering some blurring benefits so you have a good working canvas for foundation. I liked the texture a lot. Primer of any kind is always a plus for me and anyone really and Maybelline Master Prime Primer is an excellent way to prep skin for foundation. It’ll ease the way for your foundation and give it a proper base to adhere to! I didn’t notice that this extended the wear of my foundation but it does act as an excellent base for it.

Both the Blur + Smooth and Blur + Illuminate both have the same textures and consistencies. The main difference between the two formulations is one is white and applies transparent (Blur + Smooth) where as the other has an SPF 30 and happens to have a pink pearl finish that gives skin a luminous glow. It’s really a subtle illuminating finish but I will say that if you use it on bare skin with a little blush you’ll find it creates a very beautiful, luminous finish on skin. It reminds me of a low calorie version of Benefit High Beam.

Maybelline Master Prime Primer is a great pick up for those with drier skin and less visible pores as it offers a great way to lightly hydrate skin and prep it for makeup. I liked these a lot but I can see them being iffy for those wanting to mattify skin as well as conceal the look of larger pores.

Maybelline Master Prime Primer is available now at Harmons and should be launching at mass retailers towards the end of December.

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Maybelline Master Prime

I purchased this item.

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  • Amanda

    Even though I’m oily, the luminous one looks promising! Primers that are supposed to keep me matte never do anyway, so I might as well glow on purpose haha! Thanks for the review =)

    • Isabella Muse

      haha I hear ya same here! I’m dry so matte doesn’t always work for me 😀 these are perfect for my skin type. you’re very welcome!

  • Fancie

    The formula doesn’t sound too bad. Might have to give the smoothing one a try

  • Len

    These Maybelline Primers sound kind of like the Tarte Clean Slate Flawless 12-HR Brightening Primer. I did enjoy the Tarte one in the winter when I was dry around my nose. I will totally try these!
    Right now I use the CoTz natural skin tone sunscreen that for me acts as a primer as well but its more of a silicone texture and its slighty tinted so there is no white cast but Im looking for something with this texture and with suncreen its a bonus. Cant wait to find them! Thanks Muse!

  • Lacy

    I second Jane! Well done maybelline, well done. I think its safe to say drugstore brands are starting to step up their game.

    I think I may have to try the redness one, as I always have flushed looking cheeks

  • Nikole

    Thank you as always Muse for this very detailed and helpful review. I have huge pores, albeit only on the cheek area closest to my nose; (the rest of my skin is dry to normal). So I won’t go rushing to buy this as a ‘pore blurrer’, which is my primary interest in face products at the moment because I don’t need full foundation (yet). May still consider the transparent one simply because it seems like a nice product, but not before trying something like the new revlon photo ready pore blurring primer. I appreciate your opinion on this product, thank you again.

    • Isabella Muse

      my pleasure nikole! 🙂 This one def is more kinder to less visible pores in my humblest! I don’t blame you for skipping it. I have smaller pores on my nose but no where else and drier skin so it’s great for me but I don’t see it a good fit for larger pores or oily skin!

  • Genevieve

    I think I will give this one a go. Soon as I finish my current primer – which is OK but not great, I will purchase the one that is for redness. I hope it is available in Australia though. Thank you for the review, I really appreciate it.

  • Iris

    SPF 30. Yay! I’ll be on the lookout for this. I can always use more sunscreen.

  • Traci

    I know it says Spring collection but are these being seen in any stores at this time? When do you think we’ll start seeing them? I’m a little anxious to try.

    Thanks for your reviews. It is always appreciated.

    • Isabella Muse

      they are in stores now traci, harmons has them in stock as well as cvs that I’ve seen. Hope this helps! My pleasure! 🙂

  • hashtagfablife

    I just started seeing these this week. I’m glad the luminous one is referring to a pearl finish and not “dewy” which on my combo skin means oily! I think I will be picking this up while its on sale at rite aid this week!

  • Susan

    I have seen these and almost purchased one, but alas I didn’t. Now I will have to go pick one up. I am most curious about the illuminating one. I use Laura Geller “champagne” spackle and like it, although I don’t relish the price. I am almost out of my current one so it looks like a Walgreen’s run is in my near future.I’m 55 so a soft focus luminous finish on the skin is plus for me. Thank you Muse for the review.

    • Isabella Muse

      oh my pleasure susan if you try let me know I’d love to hear your thoughts!

  • Caroline

    The green works really well in neutralizing my surface and making the foundation I use less pink on my skin.

  • yelitza

    Definitely want to grab one, as matte foundations or products doesn’t amount any good for me, anything that says “oil control” I avoid, since I have no oil to begin with LOL!

  • yelitza

    Definitely want to grab one, anything that says “oil control” I avoid, since I have no oil to begin with LOL!

  • Lorelei Bissette

    I saw where you said you use it without foundation. Never thought of that. Is it better to use it with or without foundation. I use Almay Anti-aging Smart Shade Foundation.

  • Anna

    Muse, I always look at your reviews before I buy a beauty product. But this primer did NOT work on me at all! It caked my face up and made myfoundation look awful. I got blur + smooth btw. I am glad you like it, maybe I got a faulty one? Either way it has to be returned…