December 4, 2014

Physicians Formula Argan Wear Ultra Nourishing Argan Oil Review & Swatches

Physicians Formula Ultra Nourishing Argan Oil

Physicians Formula Argan Wear Ultra Nourishing Argan Oil ($14.95) is a new, permanent drugstore argan oil option that’s launching with the Physicians Formula Spring 2015 Collection. As far as major drugstore makeup brands go Physicians Formula is the first brand to take on the argan oil craze which is currently dying down slightly in the higher end beauty world. I’m actually surprised argan oil didn’t catch on sooner with drugstore brands since the trend is a little slower now.

Needless to say I think it’s exciting to see drugstore’s taking on this trend!

Shall we take a look?

Physicians Formula Argan Wear Ultra Nourishing Argan Oil

Honestly, Physicians Formula Argan Wear Ultra Nourishing Argan Oil will likely be a hot and highly debatable topic by many beauty budgeters out there. Why? Because Physicians Formula Argan Wear Ultra Nourishing Argan Oil is $14.95 in price for 1 oz. At health food stores, online, etc you can get argan oil for around $5.99 at 2 oz and sometimes even larger sizes for a bit more… sure, it’ll be a debatable topic.

Personally, I didn’t mind the $14.95 since Physicians Formula is so often on sale at the drugstore you likely won’t ever pay full price. I paid $8.95 after getting a $3 instant coupon off the box at Harmons. I was fine with that price and felt it reasonable plus dare I say it has uber cute packaging?

This comes housed in a brown genie shaped bottle with a longer dropper for application. There absolutely nothing in it. No fragrance, no other ingredients, it’s simply 100% pure argan oil as promised. I find the texture a little thicker than Josie Maran’s Argan Oil and felt it was actually a bit slicker and greasier than her version as well as more hydrating. Maybe I’m crazy but it felt considerably more hydrating than Josie’s version to me. It did leave my face quite shiny after use with a bit of a film so I do suggest using a very small amount in the evening. It’s not a product that’s user friendly for daily use in my humblest and works best as a night treatment. It’s highly moisturizing so if you have drier skin it’ll work to ease flaky rougher areas on your face and you’ll wake up with very, very smooth skin in the AM. I use it on my face but it multitasks well on elbows, knees, legs, or even in your hair to ease frizz. It’s quite a multitasking little oil.

Physicians Formula Argan Oil

If you have finer lines under your eyes it makes an excellent prep for concealer. A small little drop prior to concealer will ease the application of your coverage and prevents it from caking and creasing into finer lines. A few drops in the evening before bed will leave your skin supple, plump, and super smooth and soft in the AM.

Needless to say Physicians Formula Argan Wear Ultra Nourishing Argan Oil is a exciting launch. I love that they didn’t doctor this up by adding unnecessary ingredients or fragrances! It’s simply argan oil and that’s it.


Physicians Formula Argan Wear Ultra Nourishing Argan Oil is launching at drugstores shortly (and is available now at Harmons).

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Physicians Formula Argan Wear

I purchased this item.

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  • Sissi

    Or Josie Maran Argan oil? I love it also but the price tag is crazy. Compared to Josie Maran the Physicians Formula seems a cheapy! LOL! And the bottle looks too darn cute, doesnΒ΄t it? πŸ˜‰

    • Isabella Muse

      i love the bottle πŸ˜€ it’s adorable! Very much cheaper than Josie’s version (and cuter)!

  • Fancie

    I’ve always found PF to be rather pricey for a drugstore brand so I’m not too surprised about the price. I love me some Josie Maran Argan Oil though so I’ll have to catch this on sale soon and compare

  • Ruth

    o_O i hope that they come out with a “light” version for us oily folks. some of the full strength facial oils are a bit heavy and i’m an oil slick in the morning.

  • Andrea Kazmierczak

    I need to find this! I typically switch off between Tarte Maracuja Oil and Josie Maran Argan Oil. I am running low on my Josie Maran oil and would love a less pricey option:) I am excited to hear that you think it is even more hydrating as I have super dry skin!

    • Isabella Muse

      Andrea def more hydrating πŸ˜€ I hope you like! let me know when you find and try and what you think!

      • Andrea Kazmierczak

        I purchased this oil and LOVE it! You are correct, it is more hydrating then Josie Maran’s Argan Oil. I even like it a bit more than my Tarte Maracuja oil! I also purchased the Argan BB cream and it’s amazing:)

  • Maria

    Love the cute bottle and price. A lot cheaper than Josie maran oil. Also like the other new physician’s formula spring 2015 items. Thanks Muse. πŸ˜ƒ

  • Trina Botner

    Oh my gosh Im so excited!!! The price is amazing, much cheaper than josie maran and I really like facial argan oil : ) yay for physician’s formula!!!

  • Trish

    I will try it! I use Josie Maran’s and have trouble using only a “few” drops to cover this body, so I use it up quickly and it “ain’t” cheap. :p I will say, Josie’s oil saved me last winter during the awful outbreak of sub-zero weather we experienced. If I hadn’t applied it twice a day I may have dried up and blown away from having to keep the thermostat so high..I def will try this…..I use it on my dog too! lol

  • Yen

    Haha I read this review a few days ago and today I made a trip to bed bath beyond! To my delight they had the display. I bought it without hesitation and love it. I used this after my shower while my face was still moist sans any other moisturizer. I used about 3-4 drops and the stuff just sank in. My new favorite product without having to shell out money for Josie Maran’s version.