January 22, 2015

Etude House Silk Scarf Hair Moist Pack Review

Etude House Silk Scarf Hair Moist Pack

Etude House Silk Scarf Hair Moist Pack is one of those must have items I don’t want to be without. If I’m on stuck on a tropical island somewhere just make sure I have an endless supply of Heavy Metal Magazine, concealer, cheek stain, and Etude House Silk Scarf Hair Moist Pack and I should be a ok to go.

Do you think water will be terribly hard to come during the zombie apocalypse? I sure hope not as you definitely need some water to use Etude House Silk Scarf Hair Moist Pack as it seems like one of those things you’ll want to have around during the zombie plague. You know, when you’re running from zombies, you have hopes someone will slow down the action so your hair bounces gently as you run screaming away and it looks all soft, smooth, and frizz free, you know what I mean?

Etude House Silk Scarf Hair Moist Pack is actually life changing. I’m on my third pot of this miracle broth and I can’t rave and recommend it enough to everyone I know. Etude House actually has an entire range of Silk Scarf hair products but the moist is the item that sticks out the most in my mind as an HG (holy grail) hair product.

I have long hair, that’s very wavy with a good deal of frizz and it’s on the dry side as well, you can see some of what I mean in my photo below. I’ve used a good deal of different products on it to tame it because sometimes I really do think it has a life on its own. The products I’ve used ranged in price from $5 buck fixes at the drugstore to $100 and beyond ones from salons and nothing works as great as this simple $8 mask treatment from Etude House.


Funny as this stuff looks very gimmicky. It comes in a larger pot and has a gel-like consistency that reminds me of a mask treatment or even a gel moisturizer. I typically shampoo and condition my hair in the shower, squeeze out excess water, and apply the treatment and comb it through with my fingers. It’s such a joke because as soon as I apply it, it simply melts into my head. The first time I tried it I was sitting there with a “seriously?!” look on my face. It just feels like it’s doing nothing at all. It doesn’t feel terribly moisturizing or hydrating in the least. I expected something thicker I guess. Well….don’t judge it too quickly because this stuff is seriously a miracle. It does have a sweetish fresh floral fragrance that I find very appealing but if you’re sensitive no worries as I didn’t feel like it lingered long!

Etude House Silk Scarf Hair Moist Pack3

Etude House Silk Scarf Hair Moist Pack swatches

It rinses clean away. As long as I’ve been using it I can’t say I’ve ever felt like it caused build up! It’s formulated with an oil complex apparently that reduces breakage while adding shine and silkiness to hair.

My results?

Amazing! My frizz is obliterated, my hair is more relaxed, softer, smooth, my curls more refined, and my hair is super duper silky smooth!

Honestly, this product is very unusual. It just seems like it’s doing nothing but I couldn’t believe how so much more manageable my hair was after using it. Etude House recommends using it twice a week and that’s exactly what I do and my hair is every so much more behaved thanks to this treatment.

If you have drier hair that’s prone to tangles with frizz you should definitely give Etude House Silk Scarf Hair Moist Pack a try!

Available now at etudehouse.com.

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Isabella MuseIsabella is just an average everyday geeky girl who doesn’t blend her eyeshadow correctly, wears too much blush, and hopes she never finds her holy grail products because she likes the thrill of the chase so much. Her mission is to bring you super honest reviews on makeup, skincare, fragrance and all things beauty. She’s in no way an expert on the topic and she sure as hell isn’t a super model. But she’s passionate about makeup and is seeking like-minded individuals that like pina coladas, getting caught in the rain, and ones that enjoy spending hundreds of dollars at Sephora without feeling buyer’s remorse. If you’re that person feel free to reach out and leave a comment or follow me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Bloglovin‘.

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  • Christina

    Sounds like a miracle product! I quickly looked at the ingredients list, and there are some good oils in there, including camellia. At only $8, I think I will give this a shot!!

  • Liane

    Ingredient list for those of us with allergies? This looks like something I’d want to try.

  • diane

    your hair is awesome! i’m super intrigued. there is this asian super market near tom’s house that has some etude house i am going to see if they have this!

    • Isabella Muse

      aw shucks thanks, it’s such a mess! not as refined as beautiful as yours! If you try lmk what you think!

      • diane

        my hair has been a disaster lately and making me so sad, but thankies for compliment!! i will def let you know! <3

        • Isabella Muse

          mine too, don’t feel bad chica, I always see you with perfect curls!!!!!!! 🙂

  • Katherine T.

    Muse, I’ve never seen you with your hair down. You look gorgeous!! You should let it down more often. I have medium texture hair that’s kind of straight – do you think it will weigh my hair down?

    • Isabella Muse

      oh thanks! you’re way too kind! not at all, it doesn’t build up in the least! It’s like a gel and it feels like it just melts away as you apply it and it rinses clean! It’s meant for dry hair but I think they also have a version that’s for less dry hair too!

  • Annabella

    Jaysus you look so different – yes more hair down picks ditch those headbands lady! 😀

  • yelitza

    Hi muse! I clicked on This thread because I was curious to see your hair, now I have hair envy, it look thick, wavy, luscious and healthy WOW!

  • Nat

    YAAAAAY a new Muse hair pic! 😀

    I swear, every time I see you with your hair down it’s like your eyes are ENORMOUS; giant beautiful doe-eyes!

    • Isabella Muse

      haha not really new took it a few months ago but thanks. I actually hate the way my eyes look in this pic haha..I look like an idiot but thanks Nat you’re great for my ego 😀

      • Nat

        Tsk, tsk, you are too rough on yourself, just like the rest of us! If that’s looking like an idiot, then I want to be one too! 😀

          • Nat

            YAY! I need love this morning; having a rough start. Love and kisses from Canada; happy Friday! 😀

          • Isabella Muse

            oh don’t say that, it’s Friday chica! should be a good day from the get go 😀 Try not to stress! Weekend is ahead 🙂 xoxoxo! Happy Weekend!

  • Wina Chan

    Does it weigh down your hair? I have straight asian hair and losing hair right now. I want something that’s moisturizing but not too heavy.

  • Rachel

    I think I’m gonna have to try this one! I have very thick, wavy hair with lots of frizz and it’s honestly just huge and poofy. I have to straighten it every day to be able to do anything with it. I’m not joking when I tell you it looks like I stuck my finger in a light socket when I let my hair air dry! Most things weigh my hair down and make it feel gunky and sticky, so I am pretty particular about products. If this gets your approval, I need to try it!

    Also, you look so danged gorgeous in that pic! <3 <3 <3

    • Isabella Muse

      rachel I hear ya. My hair has a life of it’s own too! 😀 I have an urge to shave it all off at least twice a week hehe! Awww thanks! <3! If you use let me know what you think!