February 4, 2015

Do You Buy Backup Makeup?

limited edition makeup

You know the evil allure of limited edition makeup and beauty that makes you want to buy a backup or two or three? I know that feeling well. You put limited edition on anything be it makeup (or something else entirely) and suddenly my evil hoarding ways come out to play!

Unfortunately in recent years I think “limited edition” has become somewhat used and abused. It’s very casually tossed around in the makeup and beauty world and most products labeled with it aren’t truly limited edition as they are either around for ages or they get repromoted somehow.

If you like something, like say a lipstick shade that does launch with some limited edition MAC Collection I think you’ll be compelled to what to grab a backup. Because really if that gorgeous lipstick makes you feel and look amazing who wouldn’t want a back up?

Do you buy backup makeup?

I did, I don’t now.

I used to be a MAC pigment hoarder, among other things. I always felt inclined to purchase two shades of the same product if it was a limited edition! Part of me feels like, “WOW I love this shade!” and the other part was trying to be all logical and think, “This is a good investment, it’s limited edition!” Yeah, right.

I’ve grown up a lot. My makeup life isn’t what it once was and I don’t feel the overwhelming need or compulsion to buy backups ANYMORE! It’s unnecessary. Although on a rare occasion I sometimes wish I had stockpiled a product like say Skin Food Salmon Dark Circle Powder (I’m down to my last pot and oh so sad about it being gone forever more).

But I am thankful to be finally cured of not wanting to purchase backups!

What about you?

Do you buy backup makeup or skincare or items that are limited edition?

Or do you feel like at some point they’ll be repromoted or you’ll find a dupe?

Do share!

About the Muse

Isabella MuseIsabella is just an average everyday geeky girl who doesn’t blend her eyeshadow correctly, wears too much blush, and hopes she never finds her holy grail products because she likes the thrill of the chase so much. Her mission is to bring you super honest reviews on makeup, skincare, fragrance and all things beauty. She’s in no way an expert on the topic and she sure as hell isn’t a super model. But she’s passionate about makeup and is seeking like-minded individuals that like pina coladas, getting caught in the rain, and ones that enjoy spending hundreds of dollars at Sephora without feeling buyer’s remorse. If you’re that person feel free to reach out and leave a comment or follow me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Bloglovin‘.

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  • Sissi

    You got that so right with that Limited Edition thing. I have to admit: until recently I did not even know what that constant “LE” meant! (I am not native in the US) and googled it. I always thought they want to sound fancy- french “le” instead of “the”. LMAO!!! I think they put their LE sign on almost each product these days!

    • Isabella Muse

      lol 🙂 I love you thought it was fancy french 😀 hehe! They do indeed put it on everything!

    • Jay

      Haha that is awesome! I’m native to the U.S. and also had no idea what it meant either until recently!! I’m sure we’re not alone 🙂

  • Janet A

    The only item I regret not getting multiples of is MAC Moth Brown. Now I’m afraid to use what I have left!

    • amy

      I recently found one on eBay for a fair price (under $20 USD total!). Not every seller asks for an obscene profit, and you can get lucky!

  • Christina

    Nope! I never buy backups of anything, regardless of how much I love it! I just buy too much and will never use up most of my makeup except maybe the standards. Plus, I’ll probably come across a similar shade, if not the same, in another collection or brand. 🙂

  • Dee

    I’ve stopped buying multiples of anything. Anytime something is discontinued a new replacement comes out that makes me forget the LE or discontinued product anyway:)

  • Carrie

    Guilty! When MAC came out with their Rose Romance collection, I bought the Blush of Youth beauty powde and loved it. I instantly bought a back up and since it adds a soft flush for me, I think I’m set for life!

  • Chynna

    Like you, I used to, but now I really don’t. For me I have to think about the odds of my using up what I have in my lifetime. If it’s not a product I will use every day or actually use up, I don’t buy a backup. My exceptions are WEN seasonal cleansing conditioners, since some are much better than others and I DO use those up. I bought two 32-oz bottles of the Winter White Citrus. Also, if Urban Decay decided that it was going to discontinue the Naked palette or suddenly declared bankruptcy, I would grab up multiples because that’s the one palette I use more than any other and the only palette where I’ve hit pan on more than one color.

  • Tracy

    The only LE item I bought a back-up of is the Sephora Pantone blush duo when they had that coral color. Don’t know why since I will never finish a blush in my life ! But I am thinking of loading on Mac’s Ripe Peach blush from the Toledo collection coming out tomorrow !

  • Ruth

    I regret not getting a back up of Viva Glam Cyndi, that’s such a great color to smoosh on without a mirror.it moisturizes and is a perfect light red when my lips are chapped and looked a hot mess. I was watching a YT video from CrystalIs007 and she said hers got icky and had to be thrown out. I had a tiny heart attack and checked mine, but she’s fine. *phew* I did get a back up of Viva Glam Rhianna, that red makes my heart swoon. but for the rest- nah. If i finish something up, i have plenty of more stuff to fall in love with all over again.

  • Leigh

    I totally did this with the Urban Decay Pulp Fiction line. I loved the color of the nail polish and especially the lipstick. I bough a backup of the eyeshadow palette, the lipstick, and nail polish. The lipstick I don’t regret buying backups for because the color is amazeballs, but the nail polish was an impulse. I do love the color but can find something close and similar through another brand. And for the eyeshadow… I bought them before I purchased the Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palettes. Both are now my life. I admit it’s crazy to hoard special edition makeup products but for Korean brand products, I feel like I need to. I feel like you love something and then a year later, it’s discontinued. It makes me so sad so now when I buy Korean makeup or skincare, I go for the gusto and purchase two because I know I’ll use it.

    • Isabella Muse

      leigh, I think within Korea and Japan it is sometimes ok, because when they say LE, it’s rare you can find it again so I totally understand!

  • Gillie

    Good question, Muse!

    I was just grumbling to myself about limited editions, but my grumble also applies to clearance. I find that if I love something, I want to know (with relative certainty) that it’ll be there on the shelf when I need more. I find that if I buy something that’s LE or clearance, I use it more sparingly, because I know it won’t be available again. Then I end up with barely used makeup that’s horribly old, and no one wants that.

    So, not only do I not buy backups, but I often talk myself out of buying LE stuff!

    • Isabella Muse

      haha I do that with fragrances that are LE, they end up old and unused, and wasted! so I don’t do it anymore!

  • TropicalChrome

    Very, VERY rarely do I buy backups. When I found a nail polish that was a dead on dupe of the long ago limited edition nail polish from which I took my online handle, you bet I bought not only one but two bottles. Because the dupe was discontinued, too….sigh.

    And when Dollar Tree had my Milani Liquif’eye purple eyeliner, I cleared them out. I go through those like water, and why not pay $1 rather than $8?

    But for the most part, nope. There’s always going to be something else coming along that I’m going to like, and I need to keep/make room for it!

  • Dia

    I do wish I bought a few bottles of Gucci Envy – the green one. I love it so much 😛

  • Krystle

    I only buy multiples when it’s a product I love a lot (Anastasia Perfect Brow Pencil) or something I go though quickly (black eyeliner of all kinds). I always go more for dupes of LE makeup than the actual product, so I’ve never felt that “gotta have it before it’s gone” thing.

    Plus, as much as makeup brands copy each other, that LE thing will pop up under some company at some point.

  • Betsyef

    Once in a while I do buy a backup. I recently read that Nars Douceur was being discontinued so I purchased another with out even hitting pan on my original yet. I also bought a backup of Burberry Earthy blush just because I am obsessed with that one…I have a thing for blushes. Also, I bought 4 of Revlon’s Jungle Peach lipstick! I have been reading your blog a few months now and I really enjoy getting updates on the world of makeup!

    • amy

      I need a nother Douceur (or 2!), as well… It’s my HG, and I’ve tried the “dupes”, but none are even close on my skin.

  • cora

    a while ago, Dior took their Creme de Rose off of their website, prompting a huge scare that it was discontinued… so I ordered three. Then it reappeared on Dior’s website! I wasn’t mad though, because this time around they’re selling it for $30 instead of $27!

  • Jay

    Naaaah, and I’ve never understood the phenomenon amongst people whom have tons of makeup. Unless you’re a package collector (I’m not) or have very minimal makeup and have been wearing the same 2 lipsticks for years (I haven’t) I don’t get it. By the time I finish the first one lippie the backup might expire lol. While I adore some products, I have so dang much makeup I’m sure there is something similar!

  • Tracy

    So far I’ve been good about not buying duplicates except when it comes to LE lip products that fall into the HG category, namely the Black Plum Almost Lipstick from Clinque around 9 years ago and I’m considering getting a backup of Nars Satin Lip Pencil in Mandore before it’s gone.

    My biggest pitfall is not letting myself feel pressured to buy every LE product that’s hyped and only get the ones that something special to my collection.

    • amy

      I don’t know if you’re aware, but NARS has just DC’d many products, although I don’t know exactly which ones…

      • Tracy

        Mandore was a LE color from Nars last fall collection. I knew it wasn’t going to be around forever, just was surprised to still see it up on their website yesterday.

  • Loevens makeup rambles

    I never buy backups of limited editions. It takes me ages to use up a product, and by the time it’s gotten too old I will probably be over it anyways. The only thing I do buy backups of are some of my drugstore makeup that is not available in Denmark. I do a US drugstore haul once a year, and I make sure to stock up on my favorite Maybelline instant age rewind concealer and my Physicians formula nude Wear powder, because that’s the only products I actually ever use up on a somewhat regular basis.

  • Katmary

    I actually try to avoid LM purchases just because of that, but if I knew ahead of time a favorite was about to vanish, I might grab another. My Mom needed concealer when I was visiting and I gave her tarte’s maracuja, which she loves. She asked for it for Christmas and I was going to get it at the Q to get the brush with it, but it wasn’t there even with the brush, so I ordered one for her and one for me as back up in case it was soon going to be canceled.

    The one way I’m guilty is with QVC AD’s. I don’t go through MU too quickly, but if I really like a couple items in a TSV, I’ll get it on AD for those items even though I may not be far into the first delivery’s products, such as tarte’s foundation, BB cream, and BBUE. Same goes with hydroshield, though that was back when she had more TSVs and tossed it in everything and I have a stockpile now! These days, I’m stricter about what I order and while I’m still more likely to go on AD if it passes my mental tests, but cancel after the second shipment. If it’s something that I know I’d use no matter what else comes out, then I may go for the full deliveries, but it’s not as likely.

    I don’t know if you have tried it Isabella, but I’ve heard good things about Eve Pearl’s salmon concealer from a fellow dark circle sufferer. Eve Pearl is going to be on QVC in the next few mornings, or I should say middle of the night, so you may want to record it and see what you think if you haven’t tried it and might be interested in it.

    • Isabella Muse

      hiya katmary, I’ve reviewed it in the past but hated it 🙁 made my eyes look orange and tried! But thank you for updating me and letting me know about her being on QVC! and thanks for sharing your hoarding TSV habits 🙂

  • Christina

    Sometimes, mainly w/ lipsticks or glosses. But then rarely finish the original tube I bought…

  • Caryn

    I don’t think it was a LE item at the time but a few years ago I found my holy grail lip color (Bobbi Brown lipstick in Blush) and then BB discontinued it (imagine my horror!). When I thought all hope was lost, sometime later, BB had a special event where customers could vote online to bring back a discontinued lipstick–Blush won and so I quickly bought a backup. Long story short, Blush is now back in the permanent line. (BB, You should have never discontinued it to begin with!) 🙂

  • Jami P

    I am such a hoarder when it comes to makeup! So yes, I do indeed buy back ups – but now I try to mainly only do this with limited edition items. The number of back up Chanel limited blushes I have in my beauty cupboard makes my wallet wince. I don’t do this in any other aspect of my life, but I think its a little bit inherited from my parents. They buy pretty much anything with siege mentality going on – from coke cans, to kitchen towels, to champagne (I appreciate this particular bit of the habit…) – if its on offer and they think it’ll come in handy they buy in bulk! 😀

  • Sarah S.

    Oh, I am the worst! 2 years from the peak of my makeup shopping addiction I still get back-ups sometimes, but usually of inexpensive products. I end up with a hoard of cheap expired makeup, because I think I will never get over a flattering color (though that always happens). I have gotten slightly better but I still feel embarrassed about the makeup I wind up throwing away >_>

  • Pam

    If it’s something I really really love then I might buy a backup – LE or not. I also buy backups of my HG skincare items when they’re on sale because I know I’ll use them up.

  • Majick

    GReat topic! I used to do this when products were a good deal or an AD on the Q. Then over time I found that by the time I used up the first one, either a better product came out or my “stock” was a little older than I might like.
    ONce I found a great deal on a Calvin Klein lippie called frenzy. AT the time my hair was a crazy red and I just loved how this color looked. Now I’m back to a reddish light brown with really blonde chunks underneath and well, lets just say I never used up the first lippie and still have the second one in the box. It will probably be stale before I get there.
    I also had the darndest time duplicating a favorite red lippie (discontinued by L’Oreal…Torrid Red) so when I found another “perfect” orange red I bought several. I think I still have them too! LMAO Along with a million other reds because, heck, I just can’t pass up a red lippie.
    SO, while I still have conflict and want to by a backup, I stop myself.

  • Lauren

    I never buy backups of anything. I have so much freaking makeup that I rarely use anything up other than things like foundation, powder, concealer, mascara, and eyeshadow primer. And even then, I have a ton of foundation, a ton of powder, and a ton of concealer. Before I got really into makeup, I would totally use up blushes and eyeshadows, but now, i have enough to last me until I die. Also, I also am always looking to find new things, so even if I really love something, chances are, by the time I use it up I will have found the next big thing. Interestingly, I rarely repurchase the same item more than twice. After using a product up twice, I typically get bored of it and find something I like better.

    • Lauren

      That said, I have about a gallon of Purity face cleaner. OMG. I bought a small bottle after resisting trying it because I thought the oil would break me out. Fell in love and ordered a bottle from Sephora (largest size they sell). Then I saw a QVC A/D deal with a GIANT bottle and a medium sized bottle and bought that too. But… it’s face cleanser. I am very loyal to cleansers when I find one I love… So I feel ok about the amount of backups I have (and the fact that I’m subscribed to A/D.

  • Heidi

    I used to buy more backups but more and more often I find these “rare” items in a clearance bin at the drugstore (where I buy most of my makeup). I used to be of the mind that I had to get it that second or the opportunity would be lost forever, but countless times I’ve run into these items dramatically marked down three to six months later. Plus, I have so much stuff that I find it pretty much useless and wasteful to buy extras. The only exception these days is if I really love something and it’s on clearance or a really good price, then I might snap up a spare to tide me over until I find a suitable replacement.

  • amy

    I think the whole “LE” thing has just gotten out of hand. I love the way NARS handles it-4 collections a year, and most products get rotated int the permanent range, allowing loyal customers to end up buying more from the brand. I actually buy more in between collections!

  • mirandagrosvenor

    I have 22 pans of Maybelline Two To Glow blush. I am pretty sure I cleaned out the whole internet. The reason is because this is the ONLY brownish blush that doesn’t make my PPP face look dirty, and because I use the darker shade as “pooch” contour every single day. Oh, and because there isn’t a heck of a lot of product in them.

    Other than that, I have a couple single e/s (if I’d been able to predict the Naked 3 palette, I wouldn’t have had to bother) and Touch On Colours, but I don’t do backup lipsticks.

    The MAC limited edition thing is a big reason why I don’t buy a lot from that brand but that is another topic 🙂

  • kellly

    Last LE I hoarded was the MAC “Goddess of the Sea” lipstick b/c it was such a great MLBB shade. I got THREE and probably wished I could have bought at least 3 more! I used to get a ton of backup BPAL stuff but have been using other stuff lately. That’s about all I can think of. Usually my wallet can’t handle too much indulgence.

  • Lorrie

    The last time I bought a limited edition lip pencil was Mary Kay’s Front Rose (which later I saw a half used one for forty on eBay) then MK launched it as a permanent color (at that time) as frosted rose. Now it’s out of style anyway, it was a metallic.

  • Iris

    Despite my liking a few LE products, I’ve not purchased spares. I like trying new items, so even if an LE runs out, I’m sure I’d be able to find other items to try.