February 18, 2015

Milani Color Statement Moisture Matte Lipstick Review & Swatches

This was provided to me by a brand for review but all opinions expressed are my own

Milani Color Statement Moisture Matte Lipsticks

Milani Color Statement Moisture Matte Lipstick ($5.99) has launched in eight matte finish shades with the Milani Spring 2015 Collection and will be permanently available at drugstores shortly. If you’re a matte lipstick lover these new Color Statement Moisture Matte Lipsticks are a inexpensive way to get your hands on some very bright lipsticks with a very comfortable to wear matte finish.

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Milani Color Statement Moisture Matte Lipstick come as a very pleasant surprise as I had a rather bad experience with the limited edition Milani Bedazzled Lipsticks that launched a few months ago in shades like Enchanted Topaz and Enchanted Ruby.

Honestly, matte lipsticks were very dry and very dense so I expected more of the same from the new Milani Color Statement Moisture Matte Lipsticks! But thankfully this formula is quite lovely. These are formulated with grape seed extract according to Milani and are promoted as pigmented lipstick with a solid wear.

Milani Matte Lipstick

Milani Color Statement Moisture Matte Lipstick

Milani Color Statement Matte Lipstick swatches

Milani Color Statement Moisture Matte Lipstick Swatches (Matte Confident, Matte Diva, Matte Orchid, Matte Glam, Matte Passion)

Milani Color Statement Moisture Matte Lipstick swatches

Milani Color Statement Moisture Matte Lipstick Swatches (Matte Blissful, Catwalk Pink, Power Pink, Matte Innocence, Matte Naked)

Although a smaller line up than the original Milani Color Statement Lipstick Collection there’s still plenty of shades to choose from here with a range of pinks, purples, reds, and nudes. These do come in the same gold square barrels as the original shades so I was a little worried I’d get confused which colors were matte and which weren’t but each has “matte” in the name so it’s easy enough to tell shades apart.

I wouldn’t call this formula moisturizing but it isn’t drying either. They have a slightly creamy texture that glides fairly well onto my drier lips with a smooth, even finish. The combination of the vibrant shades and matte finish makes for a very dramatic lip look. The colors, every single one, are opaque on a single pass with excellent color pay off. Some of the shades def have potential dupes so if you’re a fan of shades like MAC Candy Yum Yum or MAC Heroine I think you’ll likely find something similarly toned in this batch of colors!

Note: Catwalk Pink and Power Pink are two new Spring 2015 permanent shades that will be available with the regular Milani Statement Lipstick Collection. These are not matte.

Milani Catwalk Pink

Milani Catwalk Pink Lipstick

Milani Color Statement Lipstick (Catwalk Pink)

Milani Matte Blissful fotd

Milani Matte Blissful Lipstick

Milani Color Statement Moisture Matte Lipstick (Matte Blissful)

Milani matte confident lipstick fotd

Milani matte confident lipstick

Milani Color Statement Moisture Matte Lipstick (Matte Confident)

Milani Matte Diva Color Statement Moisture Matte Lipstick

Milani matte diva lipstick

Milani Color Statement Moisture Matte Lipstick (Matte Diva)

Milani matte glam lipstick fotd

Milani matte glam lipstick

Milani Color Statement Moisture Matte Lipstick (Matte Glam)

Milani matte orchid lipstick fotd

Milani matte orchid lipstick

Milani Color Statement Moisture Matte Lipstick (Matte Orchid)

Milani matte passion lipstick fotd

Milani matte passion lipstick

Milani Color Statement Moisture Matte Lipstick (Matte Passion)

Milani Power Pink Lipstick fotd

Milani Power Pink Lipstick

Milani Color Statement Lipstick (Power Pink)

Milani Matte Innocence fotd

Milani Matte Naked Color Statement Moisture Matte Lipstick

Milani Color Statement Moisture Matte Lipstick (Matte Naked)

Milani Matte Innocence

Milani Matte Innocence Color Statement Moisture Matte Lipstick

Milani Color Statement Moisture Matte Lipstick (Matte Innocence)

Not only do you get excellent color and texture from these but the wear is great at around five hours straight without feathering or migrating. Color remains true throughout that wear and doesn’t fade but some shades do stain at around hour six after fading sets in. During the wear color remains comfortable! It doesn’t crack or flaky nor does it make my already dry lips feel or look drier. They aren’t moisturizing as the name implies but they aren’t drying either.

Those sensitive to fragrance will be happy to know these now have a vanilla fragrance and flavor that’s quite subtle compared to the watermelon scent and flavor of the original Statement Lipsticks.

Milani Color Statement Moisture Matte Lipstick do bring a lot to the beauty budget table with an inexpensive, pigmented lipstick that has fantastic staying powder and a comfortable wear. If you love bold, vibrant mattes I’m sure you’ll adore these.

Milani Color Statement Moisture Matte Lipstick are available now at drugstores.

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This was provided to me by a brand for review but all opinions expressed are my own

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  • Heidi

    Confident is gorgeous. I have Matte Naked, which I like a lot, too, but Confident is just stunning. I was worried it’d be too blue-based, but it looks like a really nicely balanced red.

    • Isabella Muse

      I liked matte naked a lot 😀 Confident is so nice, not blue based at all, very nice warm red 😀

  • Caroline

    Do these have the same fragrance as the original Milani Color Statement Lipsticks? Because I love everything about those except the smell! I can’t stand wearing them because I find the fragrance so off-putting. These matte lipsticks look beautiful, but I’ll have to skip them if they have the same scent!

    • Isabella Muse

      actually mentioned the flavor/fragrance in the review, dedicated a little paragraph to it! hope this helps! 🙂

      • Caroline

        Ahhhh!! As usual, I need to read more carefully. ((facepalm)) Sorry about that! I’m so glad to hear that they changed the fragrance of these lipsticks! I would never have been able to put a finger on the scent of the previous ones, but watermelon actually makes sense; I hate watermelon! LOL

        I think I might have to pick up a few shades of these now that I know the fragrance is different!! Decisions, decisions…. 😉

        • Isabella Muse

          no prob! i wanted to specifically address that issue because everyone hated the watermelon scent and flavor so much! 🙂 it’s kinda mac vanilla-ish, quite a good deal more subtle than the old watermelon flavor of the original statements!

  • reen

    thanks for the review and swatches!! 🙂

    gorgeous colors! u look great in bold colors as well as softer shades! I cant do bold colors…! matte glam looks similar to mac heroine!

    • Isabella Muse

      aw thanks reen! not so sure about some of the “neon” shades on me! 🙂

  • Maria

    Muse these colors look very nice on you. I really like Power pink and the 2 red shades. I have to add these to my makeup list.

  • staci

    I’m starting to think I got a lipstick from a bad batch. I’ve only seen positive reviews for these, but the matte innocence I bought was awful. I’ve retried it a couple times just to be sure. It applies stiff and streaky. It’s too hard.Idk how long it lays because it looks so bad applied that I remove it.

    • Katherine T.

      A lot of bloggers and reviewers are having the same issues with Matte Innocence, but the other shades are getting good reviews.

  • Arielle

    Matte Innocence looks so perfect on you! Definitely gonna have to see if I can find it in Canada.

  • Danadoo

    Wow, i absolutely LOVE the catwalk pink on you! I really want to get my paws on these, but sadly, milani products are hard to find in my city.

    • Karen M

      Do you live in Canada? I leave in Montreal and I can find Milani products at Maxi et Cie which is Loblaws and No Frills in the rest of the english provinces lol. I bought Flamingo Pose and I absolutely can’t get over how long it stays on my lips, I’ve had friends run out and get some because of it! Hope you find some, I’ll be checking it out soon myself 🙂

  • Angel

    Matte Naked looks awesome on you. I think I need this. Your swatch looks much better and pinker than some of the swatches I’ve seen. It looks like a nice dusty pinky mauve on you. Other swatches looked a bit peach to me. I haven’t found these anywhere yet but I’ll keep looking. I wish Ulta carried Milani.

    • Isabella Muse

      thanks girl! 🙂 let me know when you try curious what you think!

  • Dia

    Oooh! Confidence, Glam, and Naked are going on my wishlist. Lol, that sounds like a pretty great list of attributes.

  • Ayman

    Really beautiful swatches. Every shade looks so great on u even purple and your eye makeup is to die for.

  • Eriu

    I picked up the Matte Confident and I love it! I think it’s a red anyone can pull off! It’s not super drying but I definitely have to prep really well with a lip scrub and hydrating lip balm first. Agree with the new scent, although the original never bothered me too much. I’m on the hunt for Matte Naked next!

    • Isabella Muse

      thankfully not drying on me but also not moisturizing sadly :-/ Glad you like Matte Confident! That’s one of my favs!

  • barbara

    I hate matte innocence on my lips. even after exfoliating, lip balm, you name it. It brings out all the lines on my lips and looks awful. I love the other ones, but this one is horrible on my. I was going to return it, but then I decided to keep it and just use it over other lip colors. It works and actually makes some really dark colors more wearable for me. So for the person who commented above about that color, don’t feel bad, I think there are a lot of us who cannot wear it alone, but try what I mentioned, it works out good.

    • Isabella Muse

      I’m sorry to hear it 🙁 maybe use gloss over it? I know it defeats the purpose of a matte but at least you can make it usable!?

  • Martine

    Is the purple blue based??? All the purple colors I have been buying look pink on me. Thanks.

  • Genevieve

    Matte Confident looks lovely – I think that colour really suits you Isabella.

  • Katherine T.

    I like all of the colors except for the 2 nudes. I especially like Matte Confident (red) and Matte Glam (purple).

  • Sandye

    I am not usually a big fan of pale lipsticks but Matte Naked and Matte Innocent look gorgeous on you!

  • Kiss & Make-up

    None of the colors really appeal to me, to be honest. But that’s just personal taste. Some of them look really nice on you.

  • karman

    i love how catwalk pink and matte naked looks on you! actually all the shades suit your skin tone really well! matte glam seems like a challenging colour, one that i will have to learn how to rock..!

  • Nikki

    How are you Muse? It’s been a while since I last commented! Long story(Busy mommy)
    I love the shade Matte Naked a lot! Well, I’m into Matte colored lippies lately so these shades are amazing!

    • Isabella Muse

      hi nikki! how are you? A long time! 🙂 Aw I understand totally! These are cheap too which is always nice 🙂

    • Maria

      I have both of the MAC one and Power Pink and just checked. They’re not dupes. Power Pink is closer to MAC’s Flat Out Fabulous but in a cream finish. Basically, Girl About Town seems to lean redder and Power Pink seems like a lighter pink. As an added bonus, while swatching today I realized that Milani’s Matte Orchid is a dupe for Flat out Fabulous, but MAC seems to wear longer.

  • Sarika Sharma

    Thanks for getting back to me! I ended up getting milanis power pink, I love their lipsticks! So from what you are saying if milani’s power pink and matte orchid are both similar to flat out fabulous are they exact dupes of each other but in different finishes?

  • Sarika Sharma

    (Am just asking because is was thinking of getting matte orchid as well as power pink cos I’m such a lipstick hoarder but will maybe not get it of the only difference is the finish)

  • Rebekah Helgeson

    Hello. Sarika – I was wondering the same thing. I have searched online… Orchid seems slightly more red based and Power Pink looks a little more blue based to me. They seem very similar in color. I hope to find them and see in person. Take care!

  • mimi

    Enjoy your reviews! How do you think these compare to the Maybelline Color Sensational Mattes?
    Specifically confident vs. divine wine, and matte nude vs. darlingly nude? Thanks!

    • Veronica

      I enjoy Isabella’s reviews as well!

      And Mimi, have you figured out the comparision between matte nude vs daringly nude? I’m debating between the two — not that they are expensive to get, it’s just that I think I’ve got way too many that are too similar…


  • Maria

    hello, darling! all the colours are so pretty on you! i need to buy a red lipstick for a weding where im attending aaaand i need it to last through eating and drinking 😀 what do you recomend me? This milani lipstick or the NYX Matte? (i don’t want lipstains because i have chronic dry and chapped lips and after 1 hour they look horrible)