February 2, 2015

New QVC Shipping Rates

qvc new shipping rates

There are new QVC Shipping Rates that were launched today which look quite great!

New QVC Shipping Rates as of 2/2/2015:

  • All apparel, beauty, and jewelry ships at $3, regardless of price or weight
  • Most items under $50 and less than 1 lb ship at $3
  • Most other items under $100 and 1 lb or more ship at $5 or $7
  • Items $100 or more ship at existing S&H rates; however, many of these include S&H or offer free S&H

As part of this change, QVC will no longer discount S&H when you buy two or more items in the same order.

Additionally, QVC will continue to refund original S&H on returns if an item is defective or that was made an error.

I was exploring the site and even larger beauty purchases like the Clarisonic was marked at $3 to ship. I still hate I have to pay shipping on every single item I purchase but I love $3 shipping on all beauty, that’s VERY reasonable. I wonder what the return shipping label will be like, I think it was $5.95 to $7.95 before, curious if that will be $3 now too? I doubt it but here’s to hoping!

None the less, this is very exciting news!

Thanks QVC!


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  • diane

    it’s about time QVC listened to their customers about their ridiculous shipping. This made me very happy!

    • kimkats

      Amen to that Diane! S/H was always outrageous for the Q – to the point where I actually didn’t buy things from them b/c with their shipping and since sales tax was added on, even if the price QVC had an item listed for, it was often cheaper to buy it locally if it was available!

      it sure took them long enough to wake up and drop shipping prices!!

    • jolene

      Hate it! For those in areas with classic unreliable USPS service, our parcels are going to wrong addresses and mailman says “oh well” – I shopped QVC because of their options to select ship carrier, no more. Not everyone is thrilled.

  • michelle

    This is interesting news! Their shipping costs were a joke. Made me rarely order. $3 is more reasonable for sure!

  • Robin

    I agree! The shipping costs were the main reason people took their business elsewhere. Why pay 5.00 for a blush by Bobbi Brown when Nordies would ship for free. Even Belk stores ship cosmetics for free.

  • Gina

    Shipping is the main reason I stay away from Q, especially they charge tax on top of shipping, it really adds up to make a good deal not so good anymore.

  • Sara

    As long as you order from the store Macy’s will ship beauty for free as well.

  • Angel

    This is great news! I can’t tell you how many things I’ve passed on because the shipping was ridiculous. About time they did this. I know the products are different, but HSN has offered free shipping on lots of beauty items for a long time. And their clearance stuff usually ships for $1.99. Thanks for the info Muse!

  • Kris

    I’m quite surprised to see so many negative comments about the shipping change on the QVC forums though. People are really bent that original shipping will no longer be refunded on returns. Seems silly to me to complain about not getting shipping refund after they drastically reduced the shipping in the first place. They claim this only benefits Q and not their customers. Personally, I’m very happy it! They’ve won back some of my business with this move!

    • Isabella Muse

      i’ve never been refunded original shipping on items I’ve returned in the past, seems weird to expect them to refund shipping if there wasn’t a mistake, error, or problem with the order.

      • Catherine Engel

        You always were refunded the original shipping cost. Check your account.

  • Dee

    I’ve never been refunded original shipping on returns either. So happy about this change. Can’t tell you how many times I haven’t ordered something from the Q due to the high shipping rates.

    • Isabella Muse

      yeah, weird, I had no idea they did that?! wha?! 😀 I agree, very excited about three buck shipping, that’s very reasonable to me 😀 now if they could combine shipments I’d be on cloud 9!

    • Catherine Engel

      Check your account. QVC always refunded the original shipping charges.

      • Becky

        They don’t anymore! To try on a dress, pair of shoes, etc. – it will cost you $3 or $5. I AM NOT SHOPPING AT QVC anymore!

  • melissa

    It’s not the best shipping but I agree exciting news nonetheless. HSN has them beat across the board on shipping and HSN”s service has been great, the few times I needed it. However, if there is a Q exclusive item, I might be more willing to consider it now. Thanks for this post. I might not have noticed the change if it weren’t for you! 😀

  • Katherine T.

    Wow, this is definitely a step in the right direction Because of QVC’s shipping charges and having to do returns by mail, I only ordered from them if they had a really good deal, like a makeup kit that wasn’t offered anywhere else at fantastic price. $3 is a lot more reasonable, but they should offer free shipping. When I order makeup, I get free shipping at Sephora (VIB Rouge), Nordstroms, Saks, etc. and other companies will give you free shipping for ordering a certain $ amount.

  • Pam Maynard

    The $3.00 shipping only applies for items shipped from QVC – if you return an item the fee is the old rates of $6-$7 if you use their return label. This fee is still way too high and a rip off.

    • Isabella Muse

      i didn’t say that the return fee was $3, just the shipping to you Pam. If you don’t want to use their label you can always go to the post office and use first class mail on smaller items which will likely be cheaper than $6-$7.

  • Catherine Engel

    QVC’s new shipping policy was made to look like it is great, but we have been duped. Made my last QVC purchase. I order 3 pairs of shoes, each with $5 shipping. Returning them. Not only will it cost $8.95 to return, but I will lose the $15 original shipping costs. In the past, the original shipping cost was refunded. In the past, if a pair of shoes was $6.95 to ship and you ordered two additional pairs, the cost would have been $3.50 for each additional pair, making it a total of $14. So, the new shipping is not good for ordering more than two of the same item, and a complete rip off to not get your original shipping costs back. It won’t take long for people to realize it.

    • Angel

      Oh man Catherine, that is not cool! That is a pricey return. Thanks for letting us know. I will definitely choose my purchases very carefully given this info.

  • Carl Bogart

    Hi, I called QVC this morning to order an item for, actually I wanted 5 of the item for Christmas. The item was $25. The shipping for 1 item is $5. The item was a 3″ x3″ tape measure, weighing a few ozs. QVC wanted me to pay $25 for shipping of all 5. I got some BS from the supervisor that the added charge was for handling. Come on. If you put all 5 items in one box it could not cost more then $12.00 to ship. I run a parts business and ship every day. If my customer orders 5 items, I don’t weigh one item and charge them 5 times that price. I put all 5 items in one box and weight that box, charging the customer must less then if weighed one item and charging 5 times the price.

    I have purchased a lot of items from QVC and have slways been pretty happy with the quality and price. I don’t like getting gouged by shipping. I guess Amazon will get more of my business. Sorry QVC

    • Becky

      I just got off the phone with QVC – will NOT be ordering from them anymore! They lost my business – NOT THAT THEY CARE! I ordered a dress in 2 sizes – both did not fit – their sizes are so screwed up, one day I am a XS, then a SMALL – terrible! It cost me $10 to try them on, then $8.95 each to return. I AM DONE QVC!

  • Lynn

    You should see the rates we pay in Hawaii. All the great deals they give…then they kill us with shipping. $3 shipping will go up to $10 and $5 shipping gos up to $14. We can get $10 3 day shipping from most companies through fed ex and ups. Something is just so wrong with their shipping prices…lol on each item. Feeling your pain x3. I was gonna order Clarisonic for my 2 daughters and I but the shipping would have been $43 for 3. $14 on each bare mineral set I wanted 2, algenist color serum $14, and $16 on an amazon echo speaker.