February 2, 2015

Spring 2015 Beauty Trends: Foundation & Concealer 2-in-1 Formulas

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foundation concealer 2 in 1 products

Foundcealer or Foundation & Concealer Hybrids seem to be a big Spring 2015 Beauty Trend I’m seeing at the moment. Jordana, Clinique, and Tarte all have jumped on the Foundation and Concealer 2 in 1 formula rage and have released or have upcoming products launching that embrace the trend! Foundation Concealer 2 in 1 Formulas sound pretty interesting….!

One might shrug their shoulders and think, well, doesn’t foundation already kinda work as concealer anyway? A good foundation will hide flaws, subdue dullness, cover redness and darkness, and just make you look perfect and flawless right?

Apparently these new Foundation and Concealer all in one formulas work in the same way! They act in a way that you won’t need concealer to hide a blemish or perhaps redness but the really interesting part is they are supposed to be long wearing and lightweight. So you get all the coverage benefits your normal foundation and concealer would give you but with a more lighter formula.

Could prove an interesting concept if brands can create a foundation slash concealer that’s not only pigmented but also incredibly lightweight and natural looking which is apparently what these new hybrid Foundation + Concealer formulas are supposed to do!

Here’s a few that are upcoming to be on the look out for!

Jordana Complete Cover 2-in-1 Concealer & Foundation
A multitasking foundation that offers full to maximum coverage with an oil free formula that conceals dark spots, dark circles, dark spots, redness, and imperfections while evening out skin tone for a flawless look!

Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation + Concealer $27
A foundation concealer hybrid that gives skin lightweight coverage with an oil-free formula that completely covers imperfections while looking super natural.

Tarte Maracuja Miracle Foundcealer
(Coming Soon to QVC)
Building lightweight coverage that acts as a concealer and foundation to smooth, soften, and perfect your complexion!

What do you think of the Spring 2015 Beauty Trends of Foundation & Concealer 2-in-1 Formulas?

Does it sound pointless to you?

Or does that idea of lighter coverage that’s pigmented enough to conceal imperfections sound incredible?

Does it sound too BB Cream craze-like to you?

Do share!

I receive a small commission if you shop through my link.

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  • Kimberly

    Lightweight coverage that blurs imperfections doesn’t sound crazy to me as that is my constant search ๐Ÿ™‚ provided no fragrance or other ickeys that work for dry mature skin. Lightweight is all I need and prefer so these sound promising. Will def try the Tarte provided no added fragrance or fragrant plant oils/extract ๐Ÿ™‚ It seems cosmetics are moving toward a less is more trend for foundation or face coverage products. Taking better care of our skin lends to less coverage and more time/resources to spend on colors like shadows, liners, lipsticks, blush,
    And all those fun enhancing goodies! Question on light coverage- have you considered the Glossier Phase 1 set specifically the skin tint? While at early 40’s, I’m out of their likely target age group ๐Ÿ™‚ however the skin tint sounds intriguing and many praise the Balm dot com with love toward the rose facial spray. Curious if you’ve considered ordering ๐Ÿ™‚ best always

    • Isabella Muse

      I have not, never even heard of it Kimberly, will have to check it out…!

  • lacy

    I like this concept. Especially if it can take 2 products I use regularly and replace it with 1. Therefore eliminating 1 step from my routine and getting me out the door quicker and ready in less amount of time. What Mom wouldn’t love this idea?

    I think I need to go hunt down Walgreens again and pick this up. I assume it’s with the new displays that housed the “come correct” concealer? Can;t beat the price.

    I also have my eye on the clinique one but want to swatch in store prior to see how I like the color selection and coverage.

    PS – I need to vent to someone other than framily… I’m having HUGE wedding anxiety. I can’t decide on squat. I don’t know how people do it! I can’t figure out what I want my colors to be… First I wanted a peacock theme… now I’m thinking that’s too many colors to worry about or incorporate. So I’m thinking of keeping it subtle and simple. My ring is mainly all white diamonds in a halo setting with a blue diamond in the center (yes he did VERY well) So i think I might lean towards blush bridesmaid dresses with blue accents to go along with my ring (is that vein/shallow)? Does this sound cohesive? I need opinions ladies!!! Please help! TIA

    • Isabella Muse

      no, it’s Jordana Lacy not Wet n Wild, doubt they’d put it with the Wet n Wild stuff…it’s probably either by or near the Jordana display. I’m hearing weirdness with the shades on the clinique so def gotta get to a counter and swatch ๐Ÿ™‚ awwww weddings are always stressful. Take a deep breath, relax a second, and the way you’ll come up with something. I love the peacock shades, bold purples and green!? lovely!

    • Angel

      Lacy, this is why I eloped lol! I love the idea of a peacock theme, it’s such a gorgeous combo of colors. You wouldn’t have to do all of them. You have teal, green, purple & gold to work with. Keep it simple and just pick two colors. Also keep looking on Pinterest. I find so many awesome ideas over there for everything under the sun.

      Congrats on your engagement and try not to stress too much.

    • devon

      the simpler, the better!!! who cares if you want it to match the ring? it’s your ring, and it’s your wedding! blush dresses with a beautiful bouquet of blues and purples and greys and whites would look GORGEOUS. simple and soft. at the end of the day, everyone will remember YOU and only you will really remember or care about what color the flowers and dresses were. even hop on over to lowes or home depot and play with the paint swatches. simple simple simple :] and you have all of us makeup junkies here who KNOW colors :]

    • Genevieve

      My son and daughter in law had a beautiful champagne pink colour for their bridesmaids and it worked really well in the photos. Ice blue is also a gorgeous colour to use and it would work well with your ring theme too. And no, it is not shallow or vain.
      Make a list and work on one theme per week and then you will get it all done. Enlist your family to help you too.

    • Leah

      Lacy, congrats on your upcoming wedding! Try not to stress too much. Easier said than done, I know. If you want peacock colors, go for it. Or go with the blue to match your ring, I think that’s awesome, too! I recently made brooch bouquets for my daughter’s wedding and her colors were blue and silver, which looked amazing with her white gown. It was easy to accent with blue and silver, plus the wedding was in December so finding snowflake themed brooches were also easy. Consider the time of year when you’re having your wedding and the colors will be an easier decision. Basically, whatever colors get your first attention, that’s what you should go with. Don’t over think it. Bottom line is that not everyone will love your choices, but that’s okay. It’s your wedding, not theirs. Your bridesmaids will wear the dresses you choose because they love you. (Face it, we’ve all worn dresses we didn’t love for the people we do love.) Enjoy your special day. Enlist help from your friends and family to execute your designs and just have fun! Again, congrats!!

  • Carol G.

    Well I guess in one way it will save you money if you don’t need to buy a separate concealer, but I’ve pretty much always used my foundation as a concealer too so these new products aren’t really interesting to me. But you’re right, I think this will maybe be the new ‘BB’ craze this year.

  • Gloria

    They have to be super pigmented to cover my dark circles… but whatever to shorten the getting ready time in the morning I guess

  • Morgan

    Ohh that Tarte one looks interesting. If it had the maracuja oil mixed in with it (which it looks like it does) would be the perfect selling point for my dry skin

  • Katmary

    Honestly, unless my skin thickens under my eyes and I have surgery to remove the vein under one eye, concealer will always be part of my look! I can vary on levels of foundation, but was born with dark circles, have allergies, and melasma near my eyes. If Dr. Gross’s TSV does miracles, I’ll definitely be happy to only use one product! I do think I’ll get the TSV from Tarte though!

    As for weddings, what are your favorite colors? My SIL had a night wedding with red, black, some gold, with some lavender smaller flowers in the bouquet of mostly red roses with a touch of baby’s breath. It was very classy. My favorite color is a deep teal, tad more blue than green, close to London Blue Topaz. Think of your favorite colors and I second looking at Pinterest. One limiting area will be bridesmaid dresses when it comes to colors unless you have them made as they’ll have what’s in style. Best of luck!

  • Robbie Mitchell

    I already have this Tarte product – purchased from an “early” release offer – I really like it. Perfect coverage and texture.

  • Jen Vonholly

    Maybe I’m just not getting it, but what is the difference between these and a full coverage foundation? Also I still would not use these as my undereye concealer.

    • Stephanie

      I agree regarding the undereye concealer but I’ve found that definition of light, medium, full coverage depends on who you are talking to. Full coverage to means means canceling out everything on your face (freckles,acne,scarring,hyperpigmentation,redness) which is a look I don’t go for but to each their own. I’ve been fortunate in the good skin department so I only use a very small amount of foundation towards the middle of my face just to even things out a bit.

  • Kimmwc03

    I really like the Tarte one (I was able to order it in advance on qvc.com). I wanted to order the Clinique one but I was iffy on shades so I will wait until it launches on counters. I haven’t found the Jordana one yet. From what I heard about that Glossier one, it does not cover as much as a tinted moisturizer so I would not lump that into the same category as the new Tarte one. The Tarte one covers and does not look cakey.

  • Fancie

    I’m pretty excited about these new formulas! I don’t really have blemishes or heavy dark spots so a 2-in-1 approach sounds like a win to me. I don’t like wearing foundation and concealer on a regular basis anyway so it’ll be nice to have a lightweight foundation that does it all. I’m itching to find the new Jordana foundation in stores but I’d like to try the Tarte one too if there’s a match for me

  • devon

    i have the tarte foundcealer (came with a tsv) and it really does what it says it does!!!! you can dot it on as a concealer over what you already buffed into your skin and you only need the teeniest tiniest bit. i have found that around my nose and chin it doesn’t sink into the skin but only sits on top. i’m still trying to play around with what primer/moisturizer to use to make it melt in better, but it’s not so obvious that i get stared at on the street hehe :] it’s my go-to for that time of the month and my skin hates my face!

  • Penny

    I ordered the Tarte TSV early, so I have already had the pleasure of trying out their new foundation. So far, I really like it…although I still have to wear a concealer too…my hyperpigmentation and age spots are a challenge for all makeup! I am thinking of trying the Estee Lauder Double Wear Max! Plus I have already put in my advance order for Laura Geller’s new Foundation on QVC (Baked Liquid Radiance). ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Dee

    I like the idea of this but will wait for reviews. The Clinique website had two reviews on their product and one was good and one was not.

  • Lacy

    Thanks for all the suggestions ladies! I really appreciate it! I finally figured it out. I stuck with keeping it simple and chose a not quite navy color and blush but adding peacock elements here and there with pops of color with jewelery decor etc like feathers in the bouquets and feathered boutonnieres blah blah) and i found a dress from modcloth that’s super chic and classy but fun so they can totally wear it again (and it was only $70 which I was thrilled about htem not spending a fortune) We will all be rocking heels for the ceremony. Mine are alovely shade of blue and ALL sparkle! Then we’re switching into converse for the reception to kick the tires and light the fires! haha.. I wish you all could come! Thanks again for all the love ladies! I love muse and our community of beauty lovers!!!

  • Martha

    Yeah, NO. I tried the Clinique in Nutty. The color matched fine with my skin but the “concealer” coverage is just not there, especially if you want to use it for under the eye area. I have really bad panda eyes and still with this, I had to use a concealer. The formulation is ok. I will keep and use but will not buy again.