March 24, 2015

Are You Sensitive About Your Makeup?

Are You Sensitive About Your Makeup

When you blog beauty you do have to have a bit of a thicker skin especially if you’re posting your picture out there for all of the Interwebz to gawk at. It takes a little courage and perhaps a bit of confidence (both of which I lack but I’m still pic h0ring all over my blog). You’ll get both helpful and hurtful criticisms when you blog about beauty. I’m not terribly sensitive when someone reads here and comments that they don’t like my eyeshadow or my blush is all wrong, etc…I take it with a grain of salt and sometimes even find it helpful.

However, there are exceptions to the rule of being sensitive about my makeup and that extends to…

Friends and family.

I swear a stranger can tell me how much they hate my makeup but have a friend or a family member tell me that and I’ll cry about it. I guess we just want to impress the people we love and like the most and when they tell us they don’t like something about us it can sting.

I think I’ve become immune to mean comments I’ll occasionally get on Musings of a Muse. But if my best friend told me, “Wow your blush is awful!” I’d likely run home and cry myself a river.

Are you sensitive when it comes to your makeup?

If a stranger told you they disliked how you did your makeup would your feelings be hurt?

How about a friend?

A sister?

Or your husband even?

Would it hurt your feelings?

Do share!

About the Muse

Isabella MuseIsabella is just an average everyday geeky girl who doesn’t blend her eyeshadow correctly, wears too much blush, and hopes she never finds her holy grail products because she likes the thrill of the chase so much. Her mission is to bring you super honest reviews on makeup, skincare, fragrance and all things beauty. She’s in no way an expert on the topic and she sure as hell isn’t a super model. But she’s passionate about makeup and is seeking like-minded individuals that like pina coladas, getting caught in the rain, and ones that enjoy spending hundreds of dollars at Sephora without feeling buyer’s remorse. If you’re that person feel free to reach out and leave a comment or follow me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Bloglovin‘.

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  • devon

    at a homecoming a couple years after graduating college, one of my best guy friends from my cheer team joked and told me that my makeup made me look like a cheap clown. i immediately washed it all off and started again. i tried to play along, but i felt really ugly :[ he got upset that he hurt my feelings that badly, and we joke about it to this day…but stuff like that…you remember :-\

    • Isabella Muse

      aw devon hugs! That’s the worst. Totes know the feeling! I tend to laugh off stuff like that too as you never want people to see how they hurt you! I’m positive you DID NOT look like a cheap clown!

  • JJ24

    I don’t think i’m sensitive about it, maybe a little if i’m worried something is uneven. As someone who does beauty videos i’d say no when it comes to a stranger’s opinion as I do what I do for me not for them. If it’s a friend I might rethink said item or color they are talking about but it wouldn’t bother me, unless they were rude about it. My sister or brother doesn’t affect me either as they both have worn some questionable things plus we all have different personalities. My guy tends to be pretty polite about stuff in that he might say that doesn’t care for something and leaves it as that.

    So yay it might make me think about a color/how it looks on me depending on the person but it doesn’t hurt my feelings unless they are very rude in which case it just piss me off.

  • Alexa

    I’m the same way I could care less what any stranger says about me or the way I do my makeup. It’s a whole different story when a family member says something because it usually does hurt my feelings. I guess it really depends on who it is. I can think of a few family members who can say whatever they want, and it won’t bother me.

    • Isabella Muse

      oh same here Alexa. My sister has told me if she doesn’t like something on me and I don’t get choked about it. But it depends who is saying it and how they are saying it for sure 😀

  • Beth

    Sensitive here! If a guy told me he hated my makeup I’d sob over it!

  • Victoria

    My mom makes “the face” if she thinks my makeup looks ridiculous. This face is also used to communicate the sentiment “that outfit looks too tight/short/unflattering.”

    Frankly, I prefer it to any verbal comment, especially since my two closest friends grew up with their moms telling them they were fat all the time.

    • Isabella Muse

      oh wow not cool, someone needs a filter, as a parent you don’t do that.

  • nickygirl

    I don’t care if it is a stranger, friend, or family member as I would be hurt if someone said something crappy my makeup or appearance!

  • Christina D.

    I’m not sensitive about my makeup because I truly don’t care what anyone thinks (I firmly believe what other people think about me is none of my business), but comments about how much makeup I purchase are irritating. Maybe it is because those comments do come from those closest to me (how the heck would anyone else know what I buy), but I don’t owe anyone a cent, a dollar, and certainly not an explanation.

    To quote Sasha “THIS IS WHAT YOU WORRY ABOUT?”

    • Isabella Muse

      yeah I totally understand sis! I get that a lot too. Or how do you afford that? Hello, how are my finances your business!?

    • Carol G

      Yes. You are exactly right and I agree with you 100%. I wear makeup for me and if I like the color, I will wear it and I could care less what other people think. Also agree about the comment about purchasing makeup. Yes, I buy more than I need. I don’t care. It makes me happy, I can afford it and everyone has their “thing” they are into. Mine is makeup. Some people collect comic books. Some people buy cigarettes/beer with their money (ahem, my husband who constantly comments on my makeup purchases). Whatever makes you happy! And yes, Sasha’s comment was fantastic! 🙂

  • Christina D.

    If anything, it’s my own Catholic guilt that kicks in and I tell myself I must stop!

    BTW awesome idea about Harmon’s and grabbing a bite afterwards. I will text you once the craziness at work settles down a bit.

    • Isabella Muse

      haha!!!!!!! that sounds good. I could use a little girl time and shopping! Work has been way stressful lately. I’m pulling like 12 hour days. It’s obscene! LOL knowing our lucky Harmons will have absolutely nothing worth hauling in that case we better have good food at the very least 😀

  • Christina D.

    Actually, you’re right and there’s nothing tempting at Harmon’s, at least for the time being. But did you know that the new mall at Bay Plaza has a really really nice Ulta? And there’s a Sephora in the JC Penney, too! OMG this is gonna be expensive.

    Oh yeah, there are several places to eat as well.

    • Isabella Muse

      hahahaha! I can’t go to Bay Plaza I get into too much trouble at that Ulta! wait doesn’t Short Hills have a Bath & Body Works test store? or does the Westfield Garden State Plaza have one? Test candles anyone? *Shifty eyes, sweaty palms* Do want. We should avoid Short Hills though too much bloody temptation, I have a Spring Fendi bag on my wish list. OH! wait! Let’s go to the Palisades! A Skin Food store was supposed to open!!!!!!!!

      • Isabella Muse

        now I gotta go madly stalk the Palisades Mall and see of the Skin Food opened haha! I’ll let you know! I was at the one in Queens over the weekend but I can totally indulge in more ;-D

  • Amarachi D

    I used to be that way too! I remember one of the “friends” telling me my eyeshadow looks so bad and silver is not okay for my skin tone. I have also been told by my ex-roommate that because I have a dark complexion I should be more careful about the lipstick shades I wear. At the time those comments really hurt, but now I couldn’t care less, it’s my makeup not theirs.

  • Robin

    When I was in my 20s, I wanted to grow my hair out. It’s always been short and until that time, I’d never had a ponytail. I finally get grew it where it finally touched my shoulders. Mom looked at me and said, “but you used to be so pretty”. :0 I didn’t talk to her for two weeks. I know she didn’t mean to hurt my feelings, but that was a knife to the heart with acid dumped on the open wound! I cut my hair a month later and it’s stayed short since then, but mostly because I’ve learned what length and shape flatter my face. 🙂 Yeah family and friends can damage me more than a total stranger.

    • Isabella Muse

      wow 🙁 I’m sure she didn’t mean it but yeah sometimes someone you care about can be unintentionally mean without even realizing it. suckage! short or long I’m sure it was/is gorgeous Robin!

  • Elena

    I know what you mean. I truly believe (99% of the time) that I am minimal when applying my makeup. But if my fiance tells me that I have too much makeup on I do feel a certain way about it. I just tell myself he’s a guy and he’s not going to understand when certain situations call for a little more makeup. He’d prefer that I not wear it at all so most times I try not to let it bother me.

    If one of my girlfriends told me it was too much I’d say OMG really?! And probably wash it off. HAHA.

    But like you said, if a stranger told me I’d shrug it off for sure. Everyone has different styles, tastes, preferences.

    • Isabella Muse

      it’s flattering to hear someone say “you don’t need it” but also it hurts a bit as well because it’s something I really love and weird right? 😀

  • mirandagrosvenor

    Guys always say “oh, you look so cute natural” or “you don’t need all that stuff on your face.” When the truth is that when you met them, they wouldn’t have looked twice at you if you DIDN’T have all that stuff on your face. I think it’s a mild form of jealousy (if you didn’t spend time applying makeup you could pay more attention to ME)or being controlling – he doesn’t want you to look good for other guys. But like I said, a MILD form, and lots of guys make comments like that. When a man does things like destroying your makeup or telling you to go back and wash it off, though, that’s when it crosses the line to abusive.

    • denni

      AMEN SISTER! I have to roll my eyes when ever a guy says a woman doesn’t need it.

  • denni

    I really don’t care what people say about my makeup. It makes me feel too confident for a nasty comment to bring me down! I do appreciate (because I ask for it) when my husband tells me when he does/doesn’t like something. He’ll usually say “it’s not my favorite on you” or try something like “well it does contrast with your skin and hair” .. even though he has NO clue what he’s talking about and can’t explain himself.. it’s adorable! But he supports whatever choice I make for the day.

    Now my skin, THAT kills me when somebody says something mean. I’ve worked really hard to overcome my issues and I look amazing compared to 4 years ago. My sister was home for christmas and was talking about face wash with our mom. She has never, ever been into any kind of skincare. So I said, “you wash your face now?” And she looked at me and said “yeah, that’s why I don’t look like you.” I was so heartbroken. I was about to ask her to do a girls night because I have tons of cool stuff and face masks. Instead, I just cried in my room 🙁

    Sorry that last part was off-topic, but I wanted to share!

    • Isabella Muse

      denni, I’m sorry! hugs! xoxox! I think it hurts most when it comes from someone we really care about! 🙁

  • Caryn

    My mom is not the biggest fan of when I wear lip colors that aren’t natural colors aka reds, darker pinks, etc. and recently I finally told her that what I wear is for me and not for anyone else, so if it makes me happy, I’m going to wear it. Later she told me that she had an “a-ha!” moment when I said that and that she admired what I said. Honestly, girls and women are constantly told what they should and should not wear to fit certain standards, why don’t we just support each other? I personally wouldn’t wear green lipstick per say, but if someone else, like my friend, wants to wear green lipstick, then rock on and get it girl! I support it!

    If I want a loved one’s opinion on my makeup, purely for my own knowledge, then I’ll ask them.

  • Dee

    It’s absolutely the worst when family or friend makes a comment! I don’t know if I could blog…I really do admire anyone who blogs or youtubes.

    • Isabella Muse

      blogging can be hard at times as people def have no filter since this is the Internet!

  • Tanya

    I’m kind of the opposite of most people here, it’s actually what strangers say that gets me the most. I know it’s not good to be that way, but I’ve just always found it easier to take what friends and family say with a grain of salt. Probably because I’ve seen all of them look not so great at one time or another.

    But a stranger can really get to me. For example, a few years ago I was in my mom’s car (as a pasenger) putting on face powder and a guy at the bus stop walked right up to my side of the car and said, “Honey, it’s broken. You can’t fix it, It’s broken!” And nothing was wrong with the car so I know he was referring to me. I may not be a model, but I do think I look okay, but that comment made me mad and depressed for MONTHS.

  • Heather F.

    As an adult, I’ve never had anyone comment on my makeup except to say they like a lipcolor–maybe I have nice acquaintances, or maybe they’re just not into makeup enough to notice or care. Probably the latter. 🙂

    It would probably make me sick for a little while if a stranger said something nasty, but less because of what it says about my makeup (I appreciate the input, but if I weren’t happy with it I wouldn’t have put it on my face!) and more about why people feel the need to be randomly nasty. And then I’d invent a backstory about how maybe they just got fired or their boyfriend cheated on them or their kid is really sick and that’s why they’re not being the glorious person Mr. Rogers knows they should be. 😉

    My mother commented on my makeup a few times when I was a young teen, generally to tell me she thought I looked ridiculous. At the time it hurt (a lot!), because I was trying very very hard to make friends at a new school and thought that maybe wearing the same thing as everyone else would help. (Silver lipstick is cool, Mom, okay?! Jill wears it!) My mom doesn’t wear anything but blush (her skin is to DIE for), so she didn’t have a way to teach me how to use makeup properly; in retrospect, I realize she was just trying to keep me from looking silly.

    Anyone commenting on my skin hurts a lot, though. I have really sensitive skin and a lot of issues with my hormones, and I’ve never had skin that anyone–even a really generous soul–could call ‘nice’. My dermatologist has helped out a lot, but he can’t give me a new endocrine system! The first day I moved to this country I wasn’t wearing makeup, and every time my landlady’s seen me since then she’s mentioned how much prettier I look now that all my face sores are gone. (The humidity’s helping some, but she doesn’t realize I’m wearing foundation now. No one has acne here.) I know she means well, but it’s just a constant reminder that my bare skin is kind of ugly. Oh well!

  • Amy

    I am personally of the opinion that makeup is a form of self expression. I don’t feel that it is really anyone’s place to criticize someone else’s makeup. Maybe they want both bold eyes and lips, or clashing eyes/ blush. Who knows? It is supposed to be fun, it is supposed to make us feel better about ourselves not yet another thing to tear each other down.

  • Sarah

    I’ve come to care less when people make comments. It’s my face and I can put whatever I want on it, and it’s no one’s business anyway! Just last week a coworker told me I was wearing too much foundation. I looked in the mirror… I wasn’t. I have another coworker who comments anytime I wear a bold lippie. I just laugh it off. You can’t please everyone. Please yourself! And use those comments to up your game next time. 🙂

  • Carrie

    I feel like I’m my own worst critic! My family doesn’t really comment because I’m the beauty-savvy one so they feel like I’ll know what I’m doing. But it’s worse when you see pictures with flawless liner/perfect lipstick/etc and you try and do it and it ends up being a mess. Especially since I tend to be a little harsh on myself, I can only imagine how I’d react if someone said something to me about it.

  • chee

    I’m torn about this; if your friends had beauty mishap or wrong colors of make up, would you tell? I always torn between not wanting to hurt them and thinking that no way I let her going anywhere with clumpy melting foundations…


    • Isabella Muse

      I feel that way too! def torn. I wanna tell them or I’d want to be told but also I don’t wanna be hurt nor do I want to be hurt either!

  • Kat

    I just brush it off when someone I know says something like that because I know they mean well even if they don’t agree.
    When strangers say stuff on the other hand …. ooooh I think that’s pretty uncalled for. I’m in high school and one of my teachers once commented that I was wearing too much makeup… even after I explained that I was heading to a dance competition after class.

  • susan

    Isabella, I can’t even imagine someone saying something negative to you in regards to your make up. If they do they may be jealous or envious because you look like a beautiful gal and appear to be very genuine. I love reading your articles. I find them very informative and interesting. Years ago, I was a counter rep for Estee Lauder. Loved the work, in fact I did not even consider it work. I loved what I was doing and was getting paid for it. You bring us all fantastic writings and articles. I so enjoy reading them. In our big beautiful world, there will always be haters, however love wins in the end!!

    Your friend,


    • Isabella Muse

      aw susan that’s very sweet of you thank you very much! Sometimes it happens I def have to not take it personally as people have a right to express their opinions. I don’t always love being knocked down about something but I try to understand it as best I can 🙂 AWWWW that is inspiring and just what I love to hear Susan thank you very very very much 🙂 you’ve made my day a bit brighter today and my smile a little bigger 🙂

  • MythKitty

    I can’t remember anyone ever criticizing my makeup… but I do seem to have the unique ability of deleting a lot of negative memories (sadly, not all of them). However, I do remember an instance a couple of years ago when my husband’s comment on my eye makeup was noticeably different than normal. I was testing out some new palettes and I’d applied a VERY metallic silver. Not a great look for me! I haven’t worn that eyeshadow since! =)

    My husband and oldest daughter have tried to coax me into doing a video blog but I know I couldn’t handle the negativity. I get upset just reading negative, mean, and/or nasty comments left for others! I admire your willingness to put yourself out there. Allowing yourself to be somewhat vulnerable takes a confidence I haven’t found. Thanks for being brave enough, for being you.

    • Isabella Muse

      aw thank you mythkitty. It def takes a little bravery to do a blog or even to v-log but if you try not to think about it TOO hard you find that you have plenty of courage and confidence to put yourself out there. Don’t be scared, try it, see how it feels 🙂

  • Serena

    I tend to think opposite. I’m hurt that a total stranger can get the nerve to say something which is probably true or why would they take the effort.When family or friend says something negative it may be true but at least you can discuss it with them and change it so it’s better. I think we don’t see ourselves like others do. I notice this when I look at past pictures and can’t believe I wore my hair and makeup like that but at the time if I knew it looked so bad I wouldn’t do it, so I take strangers comments and really ponder them and change if I can because sometimes it’s for the better. They may be mean but also true.
    Love your blog !

    • Isabella Muse

      serene that is a most excellent outlook to have! It really depends how people say something I think. if they are super rude and unintentionally saying something to be hurtful it can def sting! but yes, with friends/family you can totally discuss it and tell them how you feel 🙂 thanks for sharing!!!!!! aw thanks my dear xoxo!

  • Serena

    I forgot to mention that I notice when I see comments that they really are true sometimes on so many blogs and youtube. I also wonder if someone really does look bad in certain makeup or hair, why do people pretend to be nice and leave nice comments when the person looks super bad and they just want to help them because they see their potential. If I looked bad I would want someone to tell me. I had that happen to me at Mac. This girl appeared mean to people and they stared at her and she got fired for what she did to me but I thank her to this day that she did that. She rubbed my eyebrow makeup off and said that it looked better. And she was so right. I had the biggest brows but didn’t see them that way until she rubbed the makeup off and I saw I looked so much better. Sometimes trends are nasty and shouldn’t be worn. I didn’t even see how bad I looked before that. You live and learn I guess.

    • Isabella Muse

      serena I def agree! helpful criticisms can really have you viewing yourself in a different light for sure! it’s just sometimes people can be snarky and rude and that’s when it can hurt. But if someone helpfully points out something, I def think it can help to improve how you look, how you apply something, etc 🙂

  • devon

    (i just realized…short hills doesn’t have a BBW! weird!!) after coming back and looking at the other comments, i find it interesting that many guys might spout the ‘i like when you look natural with no makeup’ but what they don’t realize is that most likely ‘no makeup’ is really makeup disguised as no makeup makeup! :]

    • Isabella Muse

      confirmed! it’s the Westfield Garden State Plaza that has the test BBW store not short hills duhhhhhhhh!

  • Rorie

    This year at christmas I thought I’d dress up nicely for the day and wore (my favourite red) NARS dragon girl pencil, and when I got downstairs my dad looked at me and said “what’s on your face?!” because I rarely wear loud makeup. I countered with “what’s on YOUR face?” (I know, not my finest haha), so everyone laughed at him & my aunt and mum both said it looked nice. He definitely wasn’t trying to be hurtful, was probably just surprised (I think dads hold us to different standards, and anything that suggests we aren’t a baby girl anymore is hard for them to take lol).

  • Majick

    I used to care a whole lot more about what people think – then I grew up. I’m still pretty immature don’t get me wrong LOL but now I dress for me, where my makeup for me, and ask the hub on occasion because I like him to like what he has to look at (he also has an art degree).

    I don’t really take offense to any comments because I’m always looking for ways to improve. They may sting at first but I try to consider the source and work from there. Also, since a very young age I’ve been picked on so I have grown a pretty thick skin. If someone is really rude about it then I probably get pissed off but more because they were so insensitive. That said, there are a lot of stupid, rude people out there and sometimes it does make me wacky.

    I have to agree with you and Christina D., comments about my shopping habits from strangers is appalling. I do get secret satisfaction in telling them: no kids, house is paid for, no debt, WHO am I saving it for? (p.s. have 401k, Roth, etc.) GO ME! Think I need a NARS blush. LMAO

    I enjoyed reading everyone’s comments and if people do take things too much to heart – I wish them a little thicker skin. 🙂 (my Ma always told me sometimes people are mean because they are jealous.)

  • Ryou

    Nah, I’m not sensitive about it even a bit. As I always say, I’m not obligated to be someone else’s idea of pretty. If someone doesn’t like how I look (including in regards to make-up), then it’s their problem, not mine.

  • Karen

    When I was a teenager, I used to be called a dog. I always felt really ugly. I used to subscribe to all the fashion and beauty magazines and tried to keep up with all the latest trends. It hurt really bad. As I got older I realized that there will always be haters and people who will make fun of you no matter what you wear. I just try to let it roll off of me. 🙂

    • Isabella Muse

      sounds like a bunch of aholes Karen! *rolls eyes* how original, dog…! You aren’t a dog honey!

  • Renu

    I have (male) colleagues who keep telling me that makeup (“putty”/”warpaint”) looks terrible and I should go in for “natural beauty” but I shut them up by snapping that it’s my face and I’ll put glue on it if I want to. I used to be hurt when people took digs at my makeup. Now I give back as good as I get and tell them to stop interfering or judging. But I used to be sensitive about putting my face out there – in fact, I only shared my full-face photo this year LOL.

  • Christine Joy Luikuo

    My mother and my sisters sometimes critique my makeup. It’s upsetting sometimes but I don’t take it against them. But when it’s already guys telling something about my makeup, it makes me feel uneasy, even when they don’t mean negatively.

  • Genevieve

    I have not had any real negative comments about my makeup. My twin sister may joke about how I am always made up, but that’s because I am always wearing makeup – do not go out of the place without it.
    My husband loves me wearing makeup – loves the strong lipstick colours and eyeshadows – so I have an ally there.
    Even when I went on a school camp as a teacher – I bought my makeup along. I think it is quite rude to make negative comments about someone else’s makeup. I am shocked that you get negative comments Isabella when you are really doing all of us a great service by road testing the various products. Of course not all of them will suit your colouring but the fact you are wearing them shows us what they would look like on a “real” person, not an airbrushed model.
    Mean comments are just that – it reflects upon the person saying them. They’re the ones with the problem.

  • MsKnolly

    Hey Muse, I’ve been following your blog for a while but this is my first post, it seemed like as good a time as any to jump in.

    For me, I’m sensitive about my makeup. I’m sorta new to it. I only got my first little sets of eye shadow and stuff about 2 years ago (and they were a couple of cheap sets from Walmart) and only recently have I started trying to wear it as an everyday thing instead of only on special occasions. I’ve always felt a little behind since I’m 24 and most of my friends who do wear makeup started in junior high and high school so they have a good 10 years head start. I’m sort of a shy person (hence this being my first post despite following for a good while) and know myself well enough to know if a stranger came up to me and insulted my makeup (which hasn’t happened yet thankfully) I would be super hurt and embarrassed to know it was bad enough that they felt the need to say something.

    But I also know how it can hurt when family make comments on it too. This past Christmas my boyfriend’s mom took note of my budding interest in makeup and bought me first nice makeup palette (UD’s Naked on the Run Palette). I loved it and was super excited to wear it. Found a look and practiced applying it in my room and a few days later, had Christmas with my family and my boyfriend. We went out to eat and in the different lighting the makeup looked much darker on my eyes. My brother came up to me and joked he and my bf were going to have to have a “chat” about my “black eyes”. Needless to say I was horrified that I looked like that and pissed off he upset my bf by insinuating such a thing. Add to that that a few min later he said I just needed to shine a light on my face and I would look like Morticia Adams and I was hiding in a corner for the rest of dinner until we got home so I could take the makeup off. (Don’t get me wrong, I actually like Morticia’s look but that wasn’t how I wanted to look on Christmas)
    Sorry this post is kinda long and ramble-y.

    • Isabella Muse

      Aw MsKnolly I’m super glad you decided to comment today! thank you for following and reading Musings of a Muse. I’ve never actually had a stranger in “real life” (vs internet life where I get a lot of people telling me all sorts of rude stuff) come up to me and say, “Hey your make is really bad!” but I have been in situations where people just unintentionally insult me. I’m so sorry about your brother. I’m sure he wasn’t intetionally trying to hurt you and perhaps he was trying to joke around with yo but I can totally see how badly that can hurt 🙁 I’d cry if he did it to me! Makeup is a long journey and it’s a journey we are going to make many, many, many mistakes on it. Don’t look back on your makeup life in horror! I hope your brother hasn’t made you feel like you’ve mad poor choices or mistakes with your makeup. Just keep trying! I learn something new everyday about makeup and lord knows after many years of wearing it I’m still a mere beginner at application 🙂 hugs!

  • dee

    Wow what a hot topic.
    I have super pale skin tone and have a hard time finding foundation shades. In the ’70s it was impossible! My mom would ALWAYS lick her thumb and try to rub the “line” at my chin where she thought I hadn’t blended well. Whether I was wearing makeup or not! 🙂 turns out there’s a blue vein there that shows thru the pale skin. Now every day when I’m in the “artist’s chair” (husband’s term for my vanity table) I look at that vein and wonder just what she was thinking.

    On a similar topic, I am super duper sensitive about going anywhere (like even to the mailbox) without makeup on now that… well, I’m not 18 any more. So more sensitive about what someone would say then than a comment about my favourite moss green metallic eye liner, for example. Even if I’m going to be alone for 24 hrs, it will be with a “done up” face. Something my 20-something daughters just don’t understand. Confident in every area of my life. But the makeup thing….

  • Iris

    I am sensitive about my makeup. I’ve never had a stranger criticise me but my own parents have. Sometimes it’s has been helpful despite my being sensitive to it, like when I wasn’t very good with blush and used too much.

  • Jenn

    When it comes from family, it’s awful. I remember trying out eyeshadow for the first time when I was 14. It was a nice everyday brown satin color and when my mom first saw my face, she started laughing at me which made me want to hide in embarrassment then it took years for me to try on eyeshadow or any makeup on.

  • Zovesta

    I used to be quite the weirdy with makeup, and now love my makeup every single day, so I’ve gotten quite tough with it. But I have been cursed with being hideously sensitive, from both my mom and father, grandparents on one side, etc… so it still does upset me. But mostly it just makes me mad.