March 25, 2015

Are Your Favorite Makeup Formulas Changing?

Are Your Favorite Makeup Formulas Changing

It’s a weird thing with makeup as sometimes you get SO excited about the launch of a new palette from your favorite brands you fail to remind yourself how much you loved something they introduced in the past and how much you enjoyed the formula.

Lately, I’ve been questioning whether some of my favorite makeup formulas are possibly changing!

If I take a moment to actually breath through my excitement at the aspect of something new I can open my eyes a bit better and see that maybe, just maybe, formulas have changed over the years and aren’t quite what I know or expect from my favorite brands.

So are your favorite makeup formulas changing?

I think when you discuss formula changes two of the brands that come into play first are Urban Decay and Too Faced. Urban Decay has really come full force with the introduction of an eyeshadow palette at least two to three times a year. At first we’d see one seasonal eyeshadow palette and in most cases it was an exciting one for example, the Alice in Wonderland Book of Shadows or the Oz Palettes.

Obviously, like many brands, Urban Decay is looking to make money and what better way to do so than to cash in on a rabid fan base hungry for more, more, more. The problem with more is you fall in the art of repetitiveness. Colors become the same and there’s oh so much you can do with an eyeshadow to make it different or unique in formula when you already in fact have one of the best formulas on the market.

Vice is a good example of how Urban Decay changed a little as is the addition of the Shadow Box. The latest Vice Palette as well as the Shadow Box have a formula that isn’t QUITE Urban Decay-like. It’s not bad in most cases but it’s also not what we know and love from the brand.

Tarte is also guilty of this many times with the Amazonian Blushes they include in their newer face palettes as the formula isn’t QUITE like the individual, full size Amazonian Blushes.

There’s any number of faults like this across a variety of brands and I’m seeing it more and more and more lately. I do wonder if it is a case of brands wanting to offer us more at an affordable price but also forsaking the formula to give it to us.

What are some of your experiences lately where a new palette hasn’t quite lived up to your expectations?

Do share!

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  • Brooke Jones

    I am probably taking this in the wrong direction….BUT…I swear this happened with a perfume I used to wear! I wore the same perfume for years and years. I finished a bottle and went to buy another and the new bottle smelled horrible on me. It smelled like a combination of cigarette smoke and bad BO! I thought I had a bad bottle so I took it back and the new bottle was just as bad. I contacted the company to ask if the formula changed and they sent me a new bottle and it smelled horrible too. I am not sure if the perfume changed or if it was my chemistry that changed but I was heartbroken 🙁 still haven’t found a new signature scent. It was Beautiful by Estée Lauder and I miss it still!! BTW Muse…I ordered “Gloria” .,.along with five other bottles of perfume…after your post!! Lol! Fingers crossed for a new favorite!!

    • Isabella Muse

      OMG brooke awesome! You are going to love their fragrances they are so unique 🙂 update me after you get them I wanna hear your thoughts!!!!!!!!!!! btw…I have had the same experience with fragrances! Lots of them! I’ll nurse a bottle for years and purchase a new one finally and it’s different!

  • colleen

    I agree wholeheartedly about Tarte. I think the newer shades of the full size blushes aren’t the same either. It makes me sad because it was such a great product.

  • Ashley

    I experienced this when Nars relaunched their lipgloss line. Deep Throat was a favorite before, but the new formula is completely different and the tone went from warm to cool. I guess I’m stuck with eBay options now.

  • Ryou

    I feel it’s one thing to change formula due to customer feedback, but ugh, brands really need to stop trying to fix what isn’t broken! Cult favorites being discontinued and replaced really isn’t necessary. Revlon discontinued the Lip Butters in favor for the HD formula, while Burberry discontinued their Sheer Eyeshadow in favor of the Wet/Dry formula. At the very least if you’re reusing the shades then don’t change the name!

      • mirandagrosvenor

        They’re not discontinued, they’re still on the Revlon website, but the elephantine assortment of colors has been reduced to only 11. Everyone went so wild for these that I think they didn’t live up to the hype and not many people are rebuying.

      • Ryou

        Over here in Australia, they’ve discontinued them completely. I still see them online at Ulta and, but with a much smaller shade selection. There’s just NO reason to do that, considering how popular the lip butters are! Especially seeing as Revlon can keep lipstick shades like Fire & Ice for decades. 🙁

  • Danadoo

    Hehe, i got totally sidetracked with your link to the alice in Wonderland palette! Oh my gosh, i am sooo bummed that i missed out on that! I realize that i have half the eyeshadows in my ammo palette, but THAT PACKAGING!!! Alice in Wonderland (the original old school one) is my favorite movie of all time, and i collect anything and everything that has to do with it. I wasnt really into urban decay in 2010 so I didn’t even know that this existed. Bummer for me!

    • Isabella Muse

      lol yeah that one was a keeper Dana 🙂 maybe try evil bay?

  • serena

    Yes makeup formulas are changing. Recently L’oreal bought Urban Decay and is changing everything. L’oreal also bought The Body Shop. My favorite Clinique skincare changed alot, so much that it now burns my face so I don’t buy it anymore. I’ve noticed alot of changes in Chanel and Shiseido. shiseido is also now owned by L’oreal. I find that the companies that succumb to L’oreal take overs are cheapened and not as good anymore. Michelle Phan is owned by L’oreal and so are other companies, even the Luxe brands. Just wiki “L’oreal” I find this in perfumes, that they are changing too. Also y favorite Joico conditioners changed completely. I sometimes email companies and ask them about this and they admit they change. It’s sad because so many great brands are cheapening their formulas.

  • Christina D.

    I completely agree that the takeover by L’Oreal of so many companies has changed the formula of many products. I’m not singling out L’Oreal to be the bad guy (there are many other huge companies equally culpable), but I believe part of the problem is that we are edging closer and closer to a monopoly with only one or two huge conglomerates distributing their products under the guise of smaller labels. It’s happened is almost every other industry you can think of — I personally experienced the effects after many years in the music business — so why would the beauty industry be immune?

    • Genevieve

      I agree with you. Even though L’Oreal isn’t supposed to be involved with its satellite makeup brands, I think the emphasis on returning profits is just too great. So the quality is compromised. Monopolies are never very good for all stakeholders.

  • Majick

    Big business is the name of the game. Good products? If you’re lucky.
    Makes me glad that I have so much “old school” (powder) stuff that I don’t really have to put out money now for the cheapened products.

    I noticed (and this isn’t makeup) the colorful pumice stones you can get at Harmon’s are no longer as dense as they used to be. Therefore, instead of your calluses coming off, the stone just breaks down faster. I called the company and they swore they didn’t change anything but you can feel the difference.

    I’m really starting to get to the point that I don’t believe anything from companies anymore. very sad.

  • dia

    Philosophy’s Amazing Grace used to be such an awesome, long lasting fragrance. I still like the scent, but it has no staying power anymore, ever since Coty took over the brand 🙁

    • Pama

      Dia, I so agree! I wore Amazing Grace for 10 years and loved it every single minute. Everyone always commented on how good it smelled. After Coty took over and I bought my next bottle, it had no staying power whatsoever. Like, not even 15 minutes! I finished that bottle, and quit buying it. I’ve called the company and they say nothing is different, but I’ve read tons of posts over the past few years about how it doesn’t last. Yes, the scent seems to be the same, but it dissipates in an eyeblink. I refuse to buy it anymore.

      • dia

        I find it suspicious that they came out with an Amazing Grace eau de parfum, which is supposed to be a stronger, longer lasting version of the AG scent. So, did they deliberately weaken the original AG so that there would be a market for the new (more expensive) version?

  • mirandagrosvenor

    Didn’t Tarte already go through one big makeover when they went from a more UD sort of vibe to everything being “natural”? Truthfully, I liked their original incarnation better.

  • Genevieve

    I think some ( a lot!) of the makeup brands are releasing too many collections per year/season and in the rush, the quality is just not there. MAC, UD, Tarte, Stila etc. I can’t tell you how many times I have seen Christine from Temptalia thoroughly review a product and it is either not very good to woeful. Even the more high end brands like Guerlain.
    There was a real glut of neutral palettes before Christmas and that’s it. No more interesting colours or colour combinations. And a lot of money is spent on the packaging rather than the product. Thank goodness we have you beauty reviewers to help us wade through the mire.

    • Lorrie

      I’ve noticed this with OPI & China Glaze, as well. The limited editions often seem to chip fast or are difficult to apply because the quality of the formula is lacking to create a cool color. Not always, but enough I’m not into limited anymore.

  • melissa

    What my Alice palette is that old? I seriously drove all over the southwest to get that bad boy. I think I’ve used it 3 times. but thats fine.. it’s a collectors item. Anyhow – I’m convinced that clinque eye shadows and benefit mascara (the first they’re real, haven’t tried the new one yet) have changed. Both now cause blurry contacts and that was never an issue before. I’m using the same brand of contacts and solution and the same primer but even worn separately = blurry hell!! If you don’t wear lenses, imagine a small clean eyelash smack in the middle of your pupil and you can’t get it out. yucky for sure.

  • Tracey

    I think people care more now about collections and packaging than the quality of the makeup. It seems to be all about getting the hot new collection or the it item and posting it on Instagram. Make up companies noticed now so they’re turning out cheap quality products and nice packaging.I also think when L’Oreal Estée Lauder and other huge companies take over smaller companies, that it ruins them.