March 25, 2015

Do Not Want Large Thermal Twirler Brush

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Large Thermal Twirler Brush

To me, personally, this Large Thermal Twirler Brush is like a medieval torture device. I actually cringe looking at it because it brings me back to when I was about 11 or 12 years old and I used my sister’s Radial Brush.

People, let me tell you, at the time I didn’t realize I couldn’t just brush my hair with the brush! I unknowingly decided to brush through my locks and got it so tangled in my hair so badly it had to be cut out.

At time it was a nightmare but thinking back it’s rather hysterical.

So this large thermal twirler brush? I could just picture myself attempting to use it, getting it caught in my hair, and having to shave my head to remove it. I’ve wanted to cut my hair for a long time so this might prove an excuse to do so.

What’s one of your worst hair experiences?

I think that was by FAR my worst! I was literally in tears over it because it not only hurt but the fact my mom had to literally cut the brush out of my hair was a horrifying experience.


I receive a small commission if you shop through my link.

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  • Molly

    That exact thing happened to me too! Well, for some reason my parents were going out of town and let me stay with our pastor’s family. I excitedly found a round brush, which my mother never let me use on my rapunzel-like little girl hair, and promptly got it stuck in my hair. I hid until the Mrs. found me because we had to run an errand. She didn’t have time to fix it, so she made me borrow a hoodie and keep the hood up while we went out. When we got back to their house, she pulled each spoke out of the brush like the patient saint she was. Of course, it was very humiliating, but the worst part was that she had a son a year older than I was whom all the girls in my Sunday School class were in love with who witnessed my horrible trial. I definitely cried a lot. Of course, I was like six.

  • Ryou

    So basically, someone looked at medieval torture device and created those spiky mascara wands. Then someone decided we need a larger version of those.

    …No thank you.

  • Gillie

    That definitely looks like a torture device!! I can’t even imagine how someone might successfully use that.

    My worst hair nightmare involved a hair dryer. I had one of those travel sized ones, and while working on one section of hair, a second section got sucked up into the back of machine and wound around the fan blades. Burnt hair, burnt motor, and lots of screaming!

  • Georgia

    Exact same thing happened to me at the age of 20. In my bangs. I did cut it out, thankfully mall bangs were still in vogue, so I teased over my mistake. LOL.

  • Jordan

    I got a round brush stuck in my hair when I was bout 10. It had to be cut out. And then when I was 16, my brother accidentally burned my hair with fireworks. It burned to my scalp. I had to cut my hair really short and had a bald spot and burned hair for months. Safe to say I’ve had my fair share of traumatic hair experiences.

  • Megan Streich

    Oh god. Well, this is more of a stupid thing than a horrifying thing, but I got super smashed this new years and woke up with half of my hair dyed purple and the other half still processing in bleach. Apparently it was my idea. I thought my parents were going to kill me!

  • Renu

    THANK YOU! I just scratched out Mark Hill Wonderbrush from my birthday wishlist. I always thought these radial brushes would give me brilliant curls, but since I have super-tangle-prone hair (which I make worse by twirling around my fingers when stressed), I think these are best avoided.

  • MandyB

    I got a a top section of hair stuck inside my miracurl just before Xmas. I couldn’t get it out on my own so I had to unplug it and then get my husband to 1) understand the burning hair urgency of the situation and 2) PULL my hair out. Thankfully some TLC with Morroccan Oil and it was not too fried.

  • Eraser

    I had one of the original brands years ago and liked it quite a bit but I have thick, coarse hair that’s oddly slippery at the same time and I wear it in a bob. Can’t curl it to save my life so maybe that’s another reason. I can see how it would be a problem for people with long hair, though.