March 25, 2015

Do You Share Your Makeup?

Do You Share Your Makeup

What were we thinking in 5th grade when we all thought it was a most excellent idea to have a community Bonnie Bell Lip Balm? Or later in high school when our best friend applied her gloss and slipped it to us to do the same….

Ugh no.

Sharing makeup so not a good idea.

Honestly, I’m a little different when it comes to makeup sharing I guess because it was never a thing for me.

I remember when I was 10ish and girl’s in my class would ALL share the same lip balm. You’d think I’d want in on some of that action. You know, it was a rite of passage, a bonding of sorts, a sense of belonging…but nope! I wasn’t that girl. I absolutely would not use a lip balm that touched a friend’s lips no matter how super close I was to them! Later on in life when I entered my freshman year of High School I become best friends with a super popular girl. She was gorgeous, I felt like a complete dork standing next to her but oh so proud I got to call her my best friend. Anyway, she was an over sharer….! When I tried my first cigarette (that was the first and last puff, I’m not a smoker) I refused to puff the one she had her lips on. She was also the type to give everyone her gloss to wear. I lost count of the amount of people that ended up wearing that single lipgloss she kept stashed in her locker.

I’m proud to say I wasn’t one of the ones wearing it!

As a child and a teen I was never one for sharing a hair brush, lipgloss, etc….I know many go through a stage where makeup sharing is kinda a thing! But I think we ALL grow out of it and realize it isn’t a a great idea!

Have you or do you currently share makeup with anyone?

A sister?


Or are you as anal as I am about your makeup and simply NOT interested in sharing.

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  • breyerchic04

    It’s not that big of a deal to me, so yeah occasionally if we’re about to change plans or whatever I’ll share a lipstick with a close friend or my mom, and we’ve had plenty of parties that ended with all of the guys wearing makeup, which most definitely was not brand new. Also i’ve had a few shades I was just dying to see how they’d look on my Indian friend or my redheaded pale cousin. With the majority of my class, heck no.

  • Krystle

    I’ll share powder products when a close friend once in a while, but a whole class on one lip product? That’s mono waiting to happen.

  • Ryou

    I share make-up with my spouse sometimes, but not for things that has high risk of cross-contamination like mascara (for eyeliner we just sharpen it before use). We don’t share base products like foundation or concealer either, since our skintones are pretty different. Lip products, however, we couldn’t care less, since we share germs from kissing anyway. 😛

  • serena

    I’m in the medical field and if you knew what I did you would never share any makeup. I don’t even keep my tooth brush in the same bathroom and cup as others do. You just learn alot of things in life that make you think twice. Herpes is spread also by sharing any moist makeup item. Just warning you girls. don’t share your makeup with anyone. It’s just safer.

  • Angel

    NO NO NO! I’ll let friends use my eyeshadow, but that’s it. Mascara, eyeliner, lip products are a big no no for me. I don’t want your cooties and you don’t want mine. I’m a bit of a germaphobe though so I may set the bar higher than most.

    Sort of on this topic, I was in the elevator the other day with a neighbor I hardly know. He was eating a Popsicle and I commented that it looked like a good idea as it was such a hot day out. He offered it to me, like, here take it. I said no thank you and laughed it off and he pushed back and said no take it, I have more in the freezer. He was dead serious. I mean, who does that?? No thanks weirdo, keep your germs to yourself lol!

    • Isabella Muse

      HAHAHAHAHAHA wow! yeah that’s weird Angel! please when I see you in the Fall don’t offer me your popsicle! Awkward! 😀 haha! We can sit on the beach, in the heat, and chat makeup but don’t offer me a sip of your drink hehe!

  • Renu

    I don’t share, I’m possessive about my things! I do admit to palming off unsuitable/unwanted (maybe swatched-once) lipsticks or eyeshadows on my mum or sister, particularly ones from beauty boxes. And I stole a palette from my sister once (and sprayed BeautySoClean on it). BUT we never share our individual stashes.

  • Cindy

    I do share some make-up with friends. We alle use the same stuff before we go clubbing. Then again, some of us are make-up artists, some of us are in drag and some of us are just a drag so we do sanitise everything after one use.

  • Colette

    I was never a sharer of makeup when I was younger, either. About the only person I share makeup with now that I am older is my daughter (age 17). She doesn’t care for makeup at all *shudder*, so when it comes time for a dance or something fancy I will use my makeup to put on her since she doesn’t have any of her own. That’s only a few times a year and she came out my hooha so I figure that’s one person I will let it slide with. Ha! Now, if she changes her mind and likes makeup later on, then we will need to get her her own stash!

  • Dayna

    I remember when this was a big thing in school too! I also thought it was groddy to the max. I wouldn’t even share a hairbrush (I was afraid of getting lice.) Surprisingly, I know less women now who wear makeup than in my school days. I grew up in the south where makeup was a right of passage – blue eyeshadow and clinique face powder. lol Now I’m in a big city and most of my female friends don’t wear any makeup. I joined the bandwagon late – in my mid-30s. I never understood the importance of it, but now I get that it’s something to make you feel better rather than to try and impress. And makeup has less calories than ice cream. Which I also agree should not be shared.

  • Majick

    When I was younger I shared NOTHING. Now, if I do a friends makeup I will use new or clean brushes and share my powder stuff. If I share eyeliner it always gets sharpened before and after. If it’s in a pot I always take some out with a spatula and put it on the back of my hand to work with anyway (even for myself). I never share lip gloss or mascara. I have one friend that I will let try my lipstick if it’s a color she’s thinking of buying or it’s something that I’m not fond of and am giving away – BUT we always wipe them off with alcohol first and after (and we don’t do it often).
    I don’t share my brush or comb with anyone except my spouse. And he gets lipstick from me only one way…:-D.

  • mirandagrosvenor

    I’ve let friends borrow lipstick or powder when we were out at the bar and too schnockered to think about germs. But cold sober, no. A friend of mine who stays at my house often occasionally borrows my brush or comb, but she always cleans it and since she is a workout fiend I think she washes her hair twice a day anyway.

  • Lorrie

    I shared makeup with my cousin once and got impetigo. I had to throw out EVERYTHING. She didn’t know she had it at the time, nor I.

  • dia

    No… If a friend insists on trying my lip gloss or something, and it becomes awkward, I would just pretend I don’t like it and ask her to keep it.

  • Genevieve

    I have shared my eyeshadows with my daughter in law – but only with a clean brush. Never lipsticks or mascaras. Liquid makeup with its own pump is fine too.
    But as a rule – nope.

  • Melissa

    So funny! I’m obviously in the minority on this thread so far, but heck yeah! I do and all my friends do. We have makeup nights where we sit around with wine and try different makeup looks. Generally its my stash we’re working from bc it’s significantly larger than anyone else’s in my group. But we don’t think twice about it. It’s all in good fun and figuring out who likes what. We’re all in our late thirties and have never had an issue with it. I’m also not a crazy germophobe so that probably helps. And anyway, there’s no germ a little vino won’t kill ;).

  • Pamela

    NO! Once in a while a friend or my sister will just use something of mine without even asking, and it freaks me out. I hate using it again and usually order a new one and give it to them.

    You’d think that (giving it to them) would do it, but NO, they do it again!

    The only think I volunteer to share is my small mirror from my makeup bag.

  • Yen

    I remember in freshman year of high school I shared a lipgloss with my friend once or twice. In elementary and middle school I wasn’t into makeup except for bonne bell and lip smackers and I prized them so much I wouldn’t let others touch them lol. I started with eyeshadow and liner in high school and I remember using my sister’s stash haha.

    Now I cringe at sharing even if my friend asks me to do her makeup for anime cons. I seriously need disposable sponge applicators for doing other people’s makeup since double dipping even for eyeshadow has me freaking out. Lol I even cringe at myself when I occasionally swatch stuff at sephora. All of people’s fingers in the powder products. I also see girls using lipgloss applicators straight from the tube for testers and I die a little inside.

  • Niki S

    Noooo!!! I saw a billboard once when I was a teenager that had two teenage girls that said “they use to share lipstick now they share HIV.” Or maybe it was herpes either way it scared the crap out of me and I’ve never share anything with anyone. Late 90’s PSA’s where messed up.

  • Autumn

    It doesn’t bother me, and I work in healthcare, so you’d think it would. Maybe it’s because I’ve seen it all, so a little saliva doesn’t really freak me out. Turns out, it’s a good thing it doesn’t bother me. My makeup artist did not show up on my wedding day (at least not until hours after she was supposed to be there), so I wore a little bit of everyone’s makeup that day. Thank the gods my mom wears the same shade of super pale foundation as me!

  • Iris

    I used to share makeup with my mother when I was younger. Didn’t even sanitize it or anything. We don’t do that at all anymore after I read up on it and how it could lead to health issues. We share lotion and perfume but that’s it.

  • Shaina

    I used to share lip balm and hair brushes/accessories with friends when I was younger. Boy did that change when I got lice and strep throat! It’s just far more sanitary to use your own things and keep them to yourself.