March 10, 2015

NYX HD Blush Review & Swatches

I purchased this item and I receive a small commission if you shop using the links in this post.

NYX HD Blush

NYX HD Blush ($6.50) is a new, permanent high definition blush formula available in twenty four shades that launched for Spring 2015.

NYX already has a few different blush ranges like their Grinding Blush and well as their regular collection of blushes. However, this new formula is apparently a lightweight formula that has a high def finish with a vibrant color pay off and a silky consistency.

Here’s my experience with NYX HD Blush!

NYX HD Blushes

NYX HD Blush come in a smaller black compact with a cute ribbon closure that weights in at 0.16 oz in size. I love NYX’s new packaging! About, mmm, two or three years ago they went from basic black compacts to compacts that sport a cute, simple, and sweet little ribbon closure accent. I appreciate the little addition of the ribbon because I happen to be a girl that loves cutesy packaging.

There’s no lack of variety here! With 24 shades to choose from a little itty bitty price tag of $6.50 these blushes are a steal.

Honestly, I didn’t love the formula. I think they are crazy pigmented and in that aspect they are getting raves across the board. But I think the formula is a bit iffy and I think that the pigmentation can be an issue as well as I felt like no matter how lightly applied that I ended up having clown cheeks.

NYX HD Blush swatches

NYX HD Blush Swatches

The formula is super, super powdery. I’ve heard people call it silky but it isn’t quite silky to me! It is thinner, powdery, but not dry nor chalky. But it is intensely pigmented that’s for sure. All four shades I purchased had incredible pigmentation. The wear is incredible at around eight hours without fading. As I mentioned above I did find the shades a little too pigmented. A super light hand is required during application or you can easily overdo things.  I find applies easily, blends well, and has a smooth finish.  It doesn’t adhere to drier skin even though its powdery.  I think it looks quite lovely on.  However, I felt I needed to practice caution during application as too much obviously gives clown cheeks and some shades can look patchy if I don’t blend well.  So light, slow, and easy wins the race!

As with many NYX products lately (Hello, Simply Lip Creams I’m talking to YOU!) these are extra fragile. I packed one in my makeup bag and it broke, two out of the six I ordered arrived broke, and finally I swiped my brush across one and a little chunk in the corner came out which resulted in the entire blush breaking. They are quite fragile and delicate.

NYX Intuition HD Blush

NYX HD Blush Intuition

NYX HD Blush (Intuition)

NYX Summer HD Blush

NYX HD Blush Summer

NYX HD Blush (Summer)

NYX HD Blush Pink the Town

NYX HD Blush11

NYX HD Blush (Pink the Town)

NYX Crimson HD Blush

NYX HD Blush (Crimson)

NYX HD Blush bring the cheap, bring the pigment, and bring the long wear. I’m just not terribly impressed with them though. The formula just didn’t really do it for me! If you can grab some on sale you might want to check them out but personally I think there are a lot of other budget blushes around that perform better.

Tried ’em?

Share your experience.

NYX HD Blush is available now at Ulta and

I purchased this item and I receive a small commission if you shop using the links in this post.

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  • Fancie

    Crimson is just stunning! I’ve been reading some pretty good reviews about these but it seems that they’re very fragile. A lot of people have complained about them breaking. While I’m loving the new bow detail the packaging is making me a little iffy to try them

  • Katherine T.

    I have teflon cheeks, so I prefer my blushes more pigmented, but I’m worried these blushes will fall apart after being tossed around in my purse, would make a big mess

  • Angel

    Every review I’ve read comments on how easily these break. That alone makes these a huge pass for me. Sounds like they need to work on this formula.

    • Isabella Muse

      not only break but something weird about the formula for me. It’s s pigmented and wears so long but..I’s just so damn powdery.

  • phyllis

    I bought the shade in Taupe to contour. I really liked the color for a natural contour. I agree the formula is powdery, but I didn’t mind it. I thought the longevity was good since I put my makeup on at 5:30am and take it off about 7pm. It could have used a touch up, but I typically only touch up my lips throughout my day. I would give it a B+ and would repurchase this shade.

  • Dee

    Blushes that require a light hand aren’t for me. I’m not able to apply lightly for whatever reason. Or I start off light, add more and end up looking ridiculous.

    • Isabella Muse

      i had my issues with these because I’m heavy handed! I had clown cheeks like nobody’s biz!

  • Elena

    Hello, Muse!

    Thanks for the great review.

    Do you think using a duo fiber brush would do well to tone down the clown cheeks? I’m heavy handed with blush as it is!


    • Isabella Muse

      yeah a bit but I thought they blended crappy with a fiber brush :-/ A bushier brush could help a lot!

  • Yelitza

    A lot of makeup bloggers and junkies having the same breakage issues! Nyx please fix the “HDBLUSHGATE” LOL 😉 I was eyeing the taupe shade… mayor Le Sigh!

  • MakeupAddict549

    Hi, just a heads up- i noticed someone copied part of this review on another site.

    • Isabella Muse

      thank you! Sadly not much I can do as she sort of did her own spin on it while removing parts of my review. sigh! Sucks!