May 19, 2015

Nail Clipping in Public

nail clipping in public

There are certain beauty tasks that you don’t perform in public such as nail clipping. If you follow me on Instagram you might have been privy to my nail clipper slash pen duo. Yeah, so that’s a thing.

Check it below!

Today I had a meeting with a company rep and he had some goodies that he brought along with him like notepads and totes, etc…etc..the normal swag that brand rep’s bring along with them when they are trying to sell you something new and exciting in the world of insurance. Along with the normal routine swag there was also a very unique pen that had a nail clipper attached to it. Yeah, so, total eyebrow raise moment for me because I’m not sure I technically need to multitask writing and nail clipping anytime soon.

nail clipper pen

It did get me thinking though about how nail clipping should NEVER ever be something you do at your office desk or in any other public place. I dunno but something about clipping nails in public kinda freaks me out. You know how nails tend to just fly and flick off when you clip them? How do you keep the nails from hitting someone in say the forehead or the eye when you’re doing it in public?!

Worst, if you decide to pull off your shoes and clip your toe nails…That’s an OMG kinda moment.

I’m actually so uptight about nail clipping I wouldn’t even do it in front of a friend, boyfriend, or family member. It’s just not a sharing kinda beauty task for me!

There are certain beauty hygiene tasks, like nail clipping, that should NOT be performed in public.

Are you a public nail clipping kinda girl or guy?

Or does this totally gross you out?

Do share!

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  • It’s Gamayun

    Urgh, my dad does this! (Unless my stepmom is around to give him the stinkeye, heh heh.)

    I will file/clip nails at my desk, but that’s because I type all day and I can’t stand having sharp or overgrown edges poking my fingers while I type. We have slightly raised walls around our desks so it gives my coworkers a little protection – if detritus flew off and hit someone I would probably shriek and melt like someone opened the Ark of the Covenant as I died of shame.

  • Caroline

    eeek! I can’t stand hearing people clip at work. Filling doesn’t bug me, but clipping ( and flossing! ) are not my faves.

    But I’m sure I do things that annoy my co-workers too. 🙂

  • Ruth

    my last two co-workers have been desk nail clippers, it kinda does ick me out. it’s one thing if you have a rip and need to do a quick fix so you don’t stab yourself all day with it and draw massive amounts of blood, but to do it habitually is gross.

  • Sammi

    Ugh, I was on the Amtrak and someone was giving herself a full manicure. She was clipping her nails and had all these different nail polishes on the little table. I was like, are you going to give everyone on this train a full manicure? It was so gross, thinking about all the little clippings probably on the seat/table/floor.

    • Isabella Muse

      I think painting your nails in polish is such a big no! The smell alone is disturbing to everyone around you, why even do that in a confined space?!

  • Kelsey C.

    I would never clip my nails in public, but I do carry an emergency nail file in my purse in case I need to take care of a snag.

    • Isabella Muse

      i do too! if I have a hang nail I carry a little baby nail clipper and just clip it off in the bathroom 😀

  • Amber

    I have to clip my nails in public sometimes… My fiance insisted I get a tiny clipper to carry because I will chew and rip my nails down to dangerous lengths if I start panicking and have no way to safely fix snags/hangnails after I start biting them.

    Basically I bite my nails as a result of anxiety, fixate on rough/uneven/snagged edges, keep ripping them up until they’re bleeding or fixed. The lesser evil is for me to clip them.

    • Isabella Muse

      I have a bad habit of ripping at my nails too Amber! I’m awful! It’s a nasty habit I’m trying to break. I carry around a baby nail clipper and if I feel the urge to rip I head into the restroom, clip the hang nail, and I’m good 🙂

    • Kelsey C.

      That is why I carry my file so when I get the urge I can file them down…usually to nubs =)

  • Dora

    Nail clipping, horrible; manicures; horrible. Not sure if this is what you had in mind for this post, tut I also think that make-up application on the subway . . . well, it’s not horrible, but I find it so weird. To me, there’s something kind of intimate and personal about putting on makeup and I watch women putting on a full face — from foundation to blush to eye makeup — all the time. Don’t get me wrong — I often put lipstick on the train but that’s about it.

    • Isabella Muse

      yup! agreed! also lipstick after eating at a dinner or lunch table..I dunno, just really irks me for some reason.

  • Cindy

    Yep, it’s disgusting. I’ve seen people on the LIRR and subways doing it, EW. And to gross you out even more, YEARS ago in Brooklyn I had a neighbor who sat on his front porch in the summer, and yes, to everyone’s horror, he was CLIPPING HIS TOENAILS outside!!! *GAG*

  • Dee

    It completely creeps me out. Years ago I remember sitting in church and watching a lady clip her toe-nails. I’m not kidding.

  • Kristin

    Ugh, I agree- it is so gross! Once in Rite Aid the cashier was clipping her nails in between customers (I hope she didn’t put the clippers back in the display!) Another time some guy was clipping his nails during church services. The priest is talking and all you hear is clip…clip…It’s like, really?? You had to do this *now*?

  • Elena

    Just thinking about it makes me want to hurl. I was in a meeting once where someone was clipping their nails in the back of the room. So rude and gross!

  • Rachel R.

    It’s so gross to clip nails, pick teeth or floss in public. I think people should at least go into a bathroom or their car, if it’s something that has to be taken care of right then.

  • Quinctia

    I only clip my nails “in public” if I break one and I need to make sure I don’t cause myself or others injury from a jagged nail. I’ve found putting my hands in a wastebasket and then clipping the offending nail keeps anything from flying off into oblivion.

    I’d definitely give side-eye to anyone doing a full on clip job in public, though. That’s just…weird and badly timed.

  • Casey

    I went out to eat with a big group once and the girl that ended up across from me clipped her nails AT THE TABLE. All ten fingers. I don’t even remember how I reacted, my brain must have blocked out the trauma.

  • zVintageFashionizta

    When I see & hear people on the train/bus clipping their nails it makes me cringe and squeemish (did I spell this word correctly) I want to yell, STOP IT!, STOP IT! but I make every effort to keep calm because asking someone using the New York City MTA to stop their bad behavior can get you in serious trouble.

  • Sara

    There’s a woman who rides the train from Brooklyn to Manhattan who clips her toenails every time that I’m on that train. Apparently she’s well known for this

    I’m under the impression that she’s using some form of sorcery to get her nails to grow so quickly that she feels the need to clip them every damn week in public (please let me know if you find out what she’s using)
    C’mon! It’s the Q train, we’re all squished on a bench together!

  • Maria

    This is one of my biggest pet peeves! I have a few coworkers who do it and I always have to put my headphones in. Just the sound of it makes me gag. I’ve totally warned them that their clippings could get stuck in their keyboard.

    I also have a coworker who picks his teeth (sometimes during meetings) with a GIANT POCKETKNIFE.

  • Anna

    Admittedly, if I get a hangnail or something, I’ll clip mine. Just the one problem nail though, and I kind of hide my hand in my bag or whatever so people can’t really see it. Otherwise, I just keep them at home. My sister though, she’ll file or clip or paint her nails ANYWHERE. On the train, in the car, you name it

  • Zovesta

    I never carry clippers around, it’s strictly an “at home” thing for me. But I will file if I have a bad snag or it broke all of a sudden. As for makeup, lipstick and translucent powder are really the only parts that seem perfectly normal to me. I normally do it while in the bathroom, but sometimes I will quickly reapply lipstick after a meal while waiting for the check.

  • SusanT

    OMG, Muse, where do I start on this? First of all, Daisy (meow!) says just say NO to clipping in public, LOL! I yelled at a guy one time for clipping his nails on the bus. He pulled out a Ziploc bag with his nail clipper in it, which means his clipping was premeditated, like I’m going to purposely clip them in public as opposed to private. I embarrassed the snot out of him! And an attorney in our firm used to take his socks off in his office and plop his feet on his desk and clip his toenails there — is that gross or what? And when I was in the emergency room last week, I saw this gross woman sitting there (I watched her do this for FOUR HOURS) chew her fingernails constantly. There wasn’t a minute when she didn’t have her nasty paws in her mouth. So I’m opposed to any type of trimming your nails in public, either with a clipper or your mouth. YUCK!!!

    • Isabella Muse

      hehe hey Susan hugs to you and daisy! LOL you’re awesome! The taking your shoes off and just clipping nails on a desk boggles my mind SO freaking gross my god!

  • Tonya

    I worked with a lady that used to polish her nails and apply hair spray at her desk. She had the nerve to get angry when she was reported to management.

    At my current job we have a guy that clips his nails at his desk. So disgusting.

    • Isabella Muse

      Hair is such a personal thing and should be done at a desk or in public, seriously though! I saw a girl doing her hair behind a counter at a fast food place once, needless to say I was out of there without ordering. Gross.