May 5, 2015

What’s Your Worst Beauty Shipping Experience?

What's your worst shipping experience_

I have to say in most cases my UPS guy always brings his A game when handling my packages. It’s when he’s on vacation or out sick that things get hairy. I also have a fairly good Fedex guy but sometimes there are different Fedex delivery people for different services. For example, for ground I have a really nice man that walks up my porch and puts the package gently on my welcome mat. For Fedex overnight or other Fedex services typically it’s throw the box from the street onto my porch and wherever it lands it lands.

Now regular postal service actually is the worst offender. There have been so many cuts and changes when it comes to the regular USPS that I can’t say I have a regular mail person. Sometimes I have a mailman who comes three times a week and other times I see different temps delivering the mail. This happens both at my home and my office. This also means lost packages, packages being delivered to the wrong address, etc..

For example, my Etude House Dreaming Swan packaged arrive but I wasn’t at home to sign for it. They left me a notice that I could pick it up at my local post office. So, I went there and they couldn’t find the package and said it was likely back out for delivery. I went home to check my mail and no package so the next day I go back. They tell me they don’t know where it is speak to a supervisor. So I head over to the next window to speak to her and she turns around and walks away from me…


In the end, thankfully the package arrived (like a week later haha!).

I have to really think hard though when it comes to my worst beauty shipping experience. Probably once when I ordered a refill of MAC Black Tie along with some MAC limited edition collection and yes, you guessed it, that eyeshadow exploded everywhere. Of course, I opened the box not knowing it so when I opened it black eyeshadow all over the makeup inside obviously but also ALL OVER ME upon opening the box.

Not cool!

I’ve also had PR companies that have sent me nail polish with absolutely no bubble wrap and they break open on shipment and you can just smell it when the box arrives! You know how nail polish reeks….!

Thankfully though, I don’t have any true horror stories when it comes to beauty shipping nightmares!

How about you?

What’s your worst beauty shipping experience?

Do share it!

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  • Staci

    I live about ten minutes out of town on a mountain. It’s a mountainous area though, this isn’t unusual. I also live in a state where you expect snow. Like you know it’s going to snow November thru March. Snow is not a surprise. We all plan for it. UPS will not deliver to my house if there is snow on the ground. I can kinda understand during the super heavy snow months, but they won’t deliver if there is ANY snow on the ground. I’m talking skiffs of snow on the side of the road I don’t get packages do to “adverse weather conditions.” Because of this, I have to send stuff to my husband’s store inside of the mall in town. Several times UPS has delivered my packages not to my husband’s store, but to the biggest store in the mall. I address these packages with the suite number of the correct store along with the store name. My husband’s store is on the complete opposite side of the mall from the biggest store. How does one mess this up, several times? The big store generally opens the packages because, well why wouldn’t they. I’m sure,like me, they expect the delivery service to do their job right.

    Worst time this happened was when the original Kindle came out. The store actually put my Kindle on their shelf.

    Do I sound crabby, lol? Thanks for letting me vent.

    • Isabella Muse

      holy cow they put your kindle on their shelf!? STFU! that’s insane!

  • Kara

    ULTA–offered free two-day shipping during December. They were two WEEKS late shipping it and then it arrived after Christmas! On the positive side, they gave me a $150 gift card to make up for it….which I used to get a new BabyLiss Pro hair dryer.

    • Isabella Muse

      You’re lucky! in my experience with Ulta I am never able to get anywhere with them when it comes to something broken or issues with their website etc!

      • Kim

        ULTA! I’ll never order online again….. 1 1/2 weeks to get my products! UGH! Sephora is much quicker! 😉

  • Justin

    USPS is the worst. I ordered some products and the confirmation said it was delivered and I never got it. I went back and forth and finally gave up thinking I was out of the money and products. 2 weeks after the incident a neighbor kid rang my door and said that the package was delivered to his house…3 streets over

    • Isabella Muse

      I find usps, fedex, and ups are all the same when it comes to lost packages. They just don’t care. There have been points where something goes missing and it says “delivered” and I call and they are like “Oh yea we’ll have arrange for an inspection” and you just keep calling and calling with no one helping! and yup, most times it is because a neighbor got it and will bring it over like a week later after you tear your hair out dealing with customer service who do nothing for you 🙁

    • Katzann

      UPS delivered leather boots to my back porch. I have a second floor deck. I had to file all kinds of paperwork and finally had a replacement pair shipped. Several months later I get a wet, muddy, smelly box on my front porch by the door. My boots which have been out in the winter rains for months! The UPS driver had t
      Thrown the package into the back deck, ground floor, of an unoccupied unit ( a big no, no. ) It was discovered when the unit was being shown and someone was kind enough to put the package by my door. I never did open that box. Tried to send them back as I had replacements, but Canada didn’t want them either.

  • koolchicken

    I’ve been lucky and can’t remember having any of my cosmetics or bath products arrive damaged. But I have to agree, USPS is a joke now. My mail carrier in Hawaii just wouldn’t show up most days and my neighbors and I would have to call and report him. It’s like hello, I need to get my mail. Not every bill can be paid online. He also “lost” a LOT of my mail. Any coupon that had the date printed on the outside would be delivered no sooner than a week after the sale ended. He once dumped coffee all over a package, it was literally pouring out of the box when I picked it up. And I had to cut a package out of my mailbox once because it wouldn’t fit, so he crushed the box shoved it in there anyways. There was this metal piece that hung down so he got it in but I couldn’t get it back out again. It finally reached a point where I went down to the post office and freaked on the (truly stupid) woman who worked there and told her tamping with the mail was a federal offense and if I got one more damaged box that could be traced to my delivery person I was going to the cops. That fixed most of my problems, I just wish I’d threatened them years earlier…

    • barbara

      that’s when you go “postal” lol .. and I truly understand why people do.

  • Eliza

    My worst experience was from Ulta. I ordered online from them and received my package and everything inside was covered in the conditioner I ordered and grey gritty dirt. Yes, dirt. I called to complain to customer service and could not have gotten more apathy if they tried. I have not ordered from them since.

    When I hear a bang against the front door I know my package has arrived, because it has been thrown there. UPS, FedEx, USPS all have thrown my packages. I’ve also seen them toss my packages over my shrubs a couple times rather than walk up the walkway to my door.

    • Isabella Muse

      Yeah, during a sale, 20% off, the site wasn’t working and wouldn’t let me check out and called and they told me I couldn’t place the order by phone and I’d have to wait a few days to do so. In a few days the sale would be over but they really didn’t offer a coupon code or anything was like “Oh too bad our site is broke!” thanks Ulta!

  • Ryou

    There was one period where the spouse (where I send my packages too because he’s in the US) had a replacement postal worker, and most of my packages were missing during that period.

    There was a similar case when the spouse lived in a run-down apartment. Everything was stolen. Everything. We had a PO box so the damage wasn’t that bad, but UPS and FedEx shipments couldn’t be sent to PO boxes so we had to have things mailed to his workplace — Which isn’t great because he was a baker and worked wee hours in the morning, and no one is there to get the mail after 12 PM.

  • Katie

    I placed an order with e.l.f. and submitted it without doublechecking the address, which was still my former address, since I moved recently. I was having my mail forwarded and the post office said that packages should be forwarded, but none of mine had been. They just got stuck at the post office. I called my local post office and the one of a neighboring town, which delivers to my house sometimes and the package was nowhere to be found. It showed up at my house about a week later.

  • Kimmwc03

    I haven’t ordered much from Ulta since it is close by my home; however, one time I ordered some LE Maybelline products and apparently they sold out between the time I ordered and the time it shipped (???) and they didn’t even tell me.

    Also, USPS has a habit of leaving packages in front of my garage door, even in the rain (soggy cardboard is not nice). I have a covered front porch where UPS and FedEx usually leave things but USPS almost always chooses the garage when it will not fit in the mail box.

    • Isabella Muse

      that sucks! My UPS guy is kinda awesome as he bags all my boxes if it rains which isn’t really necessary since my front porch is covered but he still does it!

  • Caroline

    my regular UPS guy is fabulous. The only downside is that he won’t leave packages at the door. Even if instructions say ” ok to leave at door”. USPS make me frustrated. They use to deliver at door or in the mailboxes but now they by-pass and go directly to the leasing office. It’s a bummer if it’s something I need for work or important since I usually can’t pick up until the weekend. Every now and then I’ll get a drop off at the door. Sometimes they ring the bell and other times they don’t so packages have been known to be out all night.

    No horror stories, thankfully.

  • Michelle

    Once, I was expecting a package, and paid extra to have expedited shipping to ensure I received it on time. I got a notification from UPS saying it had been delivered, but I checked my only door (I live in a condo complex), and it definitely had not been. I called UPS Customer Service, and after going around and around with them for quite a while, they finally uncovered a note that the delivery driver attached to the delivery that indicated that since I was not home, he left it by the neighbor’s door. Wait, what?!? I wasn’t home, so he walked down my flight of stairs, across a grassy area, up another flight of stairs, and left it on the porch of THAT neighbor who ALSO wasn’t home?!? I guess it was reported to his supervisor, because when he delivered another package a few days later, he looked at me and said “Sorry about your other package… I must have been drunk that day.” Completely straight faced. I’d never had one single conversation with this man before, so we weren’t “friendly” to the point that this could have been casual conversation. Needless to say, I reported his comment, and try to have everything shipped to my office now.

  • barbara

    my worst is Macys shipping. I have had several things come broken because they never ship with bubble wrap or in boxes, always a plastic bag with no cushion or anything. the last thing I got was a mac skin finish. same thing plastic bag, nothing to protect it. The compact was not even in its little box it was broken and all the powder was inside the bag. I called macys and they said they would not refund me nor ship another (which I didn’t want anyways as it would come the same) they said I had “too many damaged items”. How can It be my fault when they ship them so carelessly. I had to drive to my macys and return for a refund. the ladies were appalled when I showed it to them. I took the bag and all. didn’t even take the compact out of the bag, as it was too messy. I will never order from macys again.

    • Isabella Muse

      That’s target too Barbara. I can’t order a damn thing from Target because they just toss it in a box. No protection AT ALL!

      • Sarah

        I have a feeling that companies are not very good at making sure standards are followed equally at all their distribution centers. My mother and I have had the opposite experience with Target and Macy’s shipping, Always in boxes, always well wrapped.
        I use to work for one of the big box arts’s and craft stores (you can guess which) and we would sometimes have to order things from other distribution centers (DC’s) for our customers (Online orders came from the same distribution centers as special orders). Our local distribution center packaged things up very nicely, even the things I’d order for myself from home via the online store. But if an item had to come from one of our two other DC’s it was very likely to be poorly packaged. Another thing to note, the DC that our stuff usually came from was located in the same city as our corporate offices, the other two were on the other side of the country.

    • Jenny

      Wow, UPS lost a giant package of 4 bearpaw boots from Macy’s and another package of children’s jackets on the same day. Wasn’t my usual delivery guy because he knows me well. Said it was delivered when my mom was home all day. This was during the holidays so it was probably a temp sending to the wrong place. We called Macy’s first and they sent a replacement package which we received thank god.

  • ElKay

    UPS and FedEx are wonderful. I have never had a problem with either. Now lets talk USPS…..oh boy. Things go missing all the time. I have never had anyone take a package from my house shipped by UPS or fedex. I had an order from the Balm say it was delivered to my house. I never received it. The Balm replaced it no problem. It arrived undamaged 2 MONTHS later.

  • Nikki

    I ordered half of the new NYX prismatic eyeshadows from ULTA, and every single one of them came in broken. I had to order them online since the stores near me didn’t have them yet. ULTA online customer service would take my return and send me back new ones, but I didn’t want to risk more broken product.

    So I waited patiently for NYX to be back on sale and the ULTA store by me picked up the eyeshadows, and went to return there. They didn’t have the colors I wanted, they wouldn’t put aside any colors for me on their next shipments, and the next ULTA store was a hell of a drive for me. I ended up just returning the eyeshadows. The store then gave me a gift card for the return, because I originally paid with PayPal and they couldn’t return the sale to that account. I had to call every delivery day to see if they got the colors I wanted back in stock, and had to give up when NYX went off sale.

    I went home, waited very patiently again for NYX to be back on sale again, and went to buy the eyeshadows online, because I was so pissed at the physical store, only apparently my gift card was unusable on their website. I had to then call customer service and transfer my gift card to an e-gift card that they emailed me.

    tl;dr If ULTA had packaged the eyeshadows better, I wouldn’t have been in a mess that spanned almost two months.

  • Sarah

    Our regular Mail carrier is really good and always delivers our packages on time too our door. We live in an older suburban neighborhood (no curbside mail boxes) so they have to walk the route. However, January ’14 she went on vacation for about a month and we had big issues. There was one whole week we did not get any mail at all, and if I was expecting a package they would mark it as (and I kid you not) “business not open” and send it back to the sorting station. I’d have to file a complaint to get them delivered and they would show up, like clockwork, at 9 AM the next day, which must have meant they sent a second mailman out with the packages because our whole neighborhood is an afternoon route. What makes this worse was this was right after my mother had gotten out of the hospital and many of those packages were medical supplies she desperately needed. I think I sent at least ten complaints in that month. Oh and their response to all this, a form letter about how unfortunately sometimes packages get lost.

    UPS and FedEx are a whole other story, we’ve never had good service from them here, thus why, I usually ship USPS.

    • Isabella Muse

      I had a sorta kinda same issue recently with an amazon order. I order two items. One came regular mail perfectly fine. The second item shipped separately, also regular USPS, so I tracked it because it didn’t arrive the day Amazon said it would, and upon tracking it said “unknown address”. WTH? How can one item arrive at the address ok and other they somehow couldn’t find the address!? Weird!

  • Kristi

    I used to use rodan and fields-expensive skin care. The tracking said it was delivered, but nope, nothing there. I called and they said they called the driver and he delivered it to the leasing office as posted. Ummm….my building doesn’t have such a note…Two days later, I receive a call from a different leasing company saying they have my package. The driver went to the building across the street, saw the note, drove a mike to another complex and dropped it off. I called, complained, and FedEx had the nerve to ask me if I was sure that my building didn’t have that note and my complex wasn’t owned by that company. I think I know who I wrote my rent check to.

  • CupK8

    I’m glad you have a good UPS delivery person. I.. do not. And mine changes on an almost daily basis, I think. If I’m not home, and the package says “do not leave,” they won’t. And they’ll use the sticky at the front of my apartment building. It has happened SEVERAL times that I sign the back, put it back where they left it, and they ignore it and put another one when they come the next day. I was told “you have to put it exactly where they left it,” but when I DO, it’s not always picked up. I’ve had new notices appear right next to old ones. *sigh*

  • Jenny

    I have my orders delivered to my workplace so I don’t miss the delivery. If it goes to my house they leave it out on the front step for any passer by to nab. After it not arriving and checking tracking to see it was delivered. I started to investigate. A nagging hunch had me thinking they delivered it to another building shipping/receiving dept on the same campus, even though the address clearly stated the specific building I was in, the postie didn’t bother reading it and just delivered to the easiest location.
    I walked over to the ship/receive dept in the other building and walked into their office. Right on their desk was my two Memeboxes that had been sitting there for over a week. I was mad that they didn’t even bother to just phone and tell me my package was sitting there but I was more furious that they opened my packing. They were looking to loot my box but since it was makeup it was useless to them.

  • JJ24

    UPS is pretty good for me, fedex usually good sometimes if it goes through CT it disappears(recent order gift for my dad and 6 months later still “missing” thankfully amazon sent a replacement UPS).

    USPS is the worst especially with tracking that shows nothing for a week then finally says out for delivery. One time a package arrived opened/empty with a sticker saying box missing contents just left in the mail box. After hours of complaining and fighting with a worker I got a supervisor who filed my complaint. The driver that delivered said package like this disappeared for three weeks and then didn’t handle packages for about 4 months, pretty sure she stole it.

    Worst online experience was Macy’s order the bareminerals posh neutrals and received the sexy neutrals, contacted them and was told I could send it pack minus 8 dollars shipping and then re order the other one. No guaranty i’d get the right one and i’d be out $8 I kept the sexy neutrals.

    In store i’ve had two bad experiences

    First is ulta, I went looking for a laura geller set couldn’t find it and asked about it the girl replied “what you see is what we got”, followed by “we probably sold out of it was it LE”. I then told it wasn’t, it’s actually new and a basic set I saw it online(did not say online only) and cut me off “well let me explain to you how online works, we have things that are different online that are only online” with this snotty attitude. I gave up and left empty handed and ordered from QVC.

    Second was actually yesterday at Kohl’s, I was checking out the balm lip glosses Swatching them on my hand and worker comes over, “use a cotton swap, your hand are unsanitary”. She then fallowed me and my mom around like we were going to steal something, until I actually needed her then I had to find her to ask if they had more of a brush underneath the display. She walks over to it asking which one then once she gets their “well what you see is what we got, we do have a truck coming in tomorrow with more if you want to come back” At this point she knew I lived two-three hours away. I bought the two lip glosses I had and left. Oh and I should note that I came in with a sephora bag meaning i’d just bought stuff their.

    Then I had one bad experience at sephora where I had it up on my phone saying they had the electric palette and she argued they didn’t(when I got there she had the tester out and was using it), another worker went in back and got it for me and I haven’t seen said attitude girl since.

  • Diana

    Fortunately I can’t say I’ve had any beauty shipping nightmares, however a few months ago we did have a horrible mix-up involving a TV and a basketball hoop.

  • dia

    Oh my goodness… bluemercury has the best, most responsive customer service, but their shipping is a nightmare. I had placed an order and received a shipping notification. After three weeks when no package showed up and the tracking link showed only that they “created a shipping label”, I emailed them, and they immediately sent out a replacement. I then placed another order, and it was delivered very promptly, but when I opened the box, there were only the free samples, not the eye cream that I ordered. I was like… really?!

  • Erin

    I think the worst was I ordered something from Target and they didn’t even put my name or address on it. The interior packing slip had my address on it and the shipping order, but they completely forget to put it on the front of the package. They just shipped it to the local post office. Thankfully the post office called because someone how they managed to put my cell phone number on it, otherwise I never would have gotten it. But really Target?!?

  • Maggie

    So much Ulta hate, haha. I myself have never had an issue with them-I always get my packages within 2-3 days (yeah, not quite VIB Rogue fast, but fast enough for me) and have yet to have anything arrived broken. The time or two that the site has been wonky for a coupon code or bonus points not being added correctly, someone has always been helpful and lovely on the other end. Sephora on the otherhand basically tells me to go *%&$ myself whenever I call about a points issue (never had a site issue though). Just last week I picked up a few things in store and when I went to place an order yesterday I realized that my points hadn’t really changed…the sales associate had only added half the purchase to my points, lol. Not a big deal to fix I thought, but you would have thought I asked them to solve world hunger or something by her tone. I also have something arrive broken from my Sephora orders probably every other or every third order, which is the pits-Sephora, learn to not pack single, fragile items alone in a giant box with no paper/protection! I really wish Ulta carried some of my favorite brands because (for me at least) they have far superior customer service and shipping methods.

  • Iris

    My worst was with an individual on a selling site, not a company. I purchased a BPAL perfume decant and soap from her. The items arrived but the BPAL perfume had fully leaked out, part of it got onto the soap. The bottle was not cracked or anything. Either the bottle had not been capped properly or it was not fit to travel. I messaged and emailed the person multiple times over a long period with no response. She finally responded when I directly wrote on her selling thread months later. She sent a rude message stating how she “did not make the bottle”, never got any of my emails or messages, and did not feel I deserved a refund but would give one to me to get me off her case. I did get a refund but the experience soured me to the selling site for years. It was my first time purchasing from there. I may go back, as LJ is drying up and this is the only place to get certain rares. I hope I get a better seller next time around.

  • Amanda

    On the opposite end, I used to work in a shipping department, and sometimes when we had a pickup scheduled with FedEx the guy wouldn’t show up. Like this was stuff that needed to be at the destination the next morning, and it would be our company that would be blamed if it wasn’t. I don’t know how many times myself or a coworker had to actually drive to a Fedex Shipping Center and give them the package so it would get to the destination on time.

  • Lorrie when I ordered last year never padded either shipment (1 order, they broke it into two shipments as I don’t trust them for make-up now) anyway, the box had another item but they had room for my eyeshadow and let it bounce around and break. There was eyeshadow all over the other item I ordered. The same with my 2nd shipment, it was a couple single eye shadows and all were broken due to no padding in the box.

    Not only that, I paid myself to return it and they credited me immediately. However, they later said they never got my package and charged me again! I had tracking that they got it. I don’t know if they fixed this glitch in their system after they credited me a second time, but I feel you have to use their return labels and tracking to avoid this.

  • Moja31

    Hmm two come to mind:
    The worst was the time I ordered a ton of stuff on the first day of the sephora VIB sale, and when the order was processed they lost half the packing slip and only shipped 3 items. By the time I got on the phone with them, everything I had ordered was sold out, and they basically tried to tell me too bad and I should reorder everything at full price when it came back in stock. The entire thing was their fault, and they made no effort to fix it.
    2nd worst, was the time I ordered a REN cleanser, that shipped with no box, and not wrapping of any sort, and the top popped off during shipping. Thankfully my overly pricey cleanser didn’t squirt out all over the box, though it easily could have.

  • Zovesta

    Wow, that’s horrid! At least you eventually got your Etude package. Mm… I think I’ve only ever ordered from Ulta, ColourPop, Milani, and for makeup online, and it has all arrived just fine. How fortunate!

  • janechemi

    when the mac alluring aquatics collection came out i ordered about $150 of the collection and ups sent it to new jersey. I live in new york. Mac refunded my money a month later and i had to go to a mac store and ebay to get everything i had originally ordered. when i called ups custumer service they basically said “sucks to suck. who needs that much makeup anyway?”

  • Genevieve

    Reading all the poor dealings all the above had with Ulta, Macy’s etc I feel very sympathetic – because when you order online you are at their mercy….
    Luckily our postal service is excellent and they always leave the packages on our front verandah (porch) which is covered. Nothing is thrown. I haven’t had any bad experiences, even with my ebay purchases.

  • MandyB

    My friend bugs me that UPS has my photo and address posted in all their distribution centres so that they make sure to squash ALL my packages. I’ve had my tracking (more than once!) say an item was in a transportation accident; things have come reboxed, or just in a plastic bag, or with the box partially open and things falling out, and they are always covered in mud/dirt. My two regular delivery guys are nice though and even they are appalled at my bad luck!

  • Celia

    Oh man, I had an order from bare minerals that was shipped fed ex ground- it took 23 days to arrive and no one at fed ex could tell me anything about where it was, but they still had possession and hadn’t turned it over to local post office yet. It’s not the first time I’ve had problems with them. If it’s overnight, they do a bang up job, but the ground service is terrible. They’ve straight up lost packages before. I mean, the people at my local post office are rude 90% of the time, but I’ve had way less trouble with USPS and UPS than fed ex.

    The only time I’ve ever had a broken product arrive it was a julep highlighter and they shipped another one out straight away. Otherwise, shipping from ulta and sephora has always gone well.

  • Renee

    Not a beauty package, but a good QVC story.. One year my husband ordered a pair of earrings from QVC. They ship UPS dropped to USPS, and when the package arrived it had been torn open and put into “oops you mail got stuck in out machine because it was not packaged correctly envelope”. My husband opened them to give to me, and the box was empty. Suprise! Someone at the USPS had stolen the earrings. I called QVC and they immediately shipped another pair. I offered to send them the empty packaging or pictures, but they only needed my word. QVC has great customer support.

  • LMB210

    Within 3 days I received 2 separate, damaged/incomplete/wrong shipments. The first was from tarte. I ordered just over $80 worth of products. The tape used on the box was not standard wide packing tape, it was only holding the lid in two places, and did not secure the edges of the lid on the shorter sides of the box. It arrived with 1 item, something that was not even on my order. That’s all…I have yet to hear back…guess these problems take time.
    The other is 1 nail polish from Target . The box is flimsy and mangled like a shark took a bite out of one corner and the polish bottle is broken. I did not need to “open” the box to know this–the house reeks of polish as my helpful hubby brought the box in from the front porch while I was at work. The universe is obviously telling me to shop in-store. 😉