June 1, 2015

Beauty Empties!

beauty empties

So what’s your beauty empty list looking like?

I happen to find it incredibly hard to use up anything particularly color cosmetics! If I weren’t a beauty blogger I’d probably use items faster but since I do blog beauty it means I’m always testing something new and fail to get to the very bottom of anything.

Some things I use up?

Benefit Lemon Aid! No doubt that one I replenish often and most recently, I used up almost all my Dr Gross Hydra-Pure Intense Moisture Cream. I feel like I need to throw a party after using something up. I’m just so damn proud of myself.

What have you used up lately?


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Isabella MuseIsabella is just an average everyday geeky girl who doesn’t blend her eyeshadow correctly, wears too much blush, and hopes she never finds her holy grail products because she likes the thrill of the chase so much. Her mission is to bring you super honest reviews on makeup, skincare, fragrance and all things beauty. She’s in no way an expert on the topic and she sure as hell isn’t a super model. But she’s passionate about makeup and is seeking like-minded individuals that like pina coladas, getting caught in the rain, and ones that enjoy spending hundreds of dollars at Sephora without feeling buyer’s remorse. If you’re that person feel free to reach out and leave a comment or follow me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Bloglovin‘.

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  • Tracy

    If everyone is washing their hair less, myself included, and I go through a bottle of shampoo every 6 months then how can everyone else be blowing through a bottle every month and a half. I must be doing something wrong.
    (insert heavy sarcasm) I just don’t understand these Youtube videos. Thanks for letting us know that we aren’t the only ones.

    • Isabella Muse

      you aren’t alone! I take ages to get through skincare and color cosmetics Tracy!

  • Justin

    I go thru toner mists, cleansers, and exfoliates regularly. My problem is when I run I run out of everything same time and have to do major restocking

  • Dora

    It is so SATISFYING to use something up. I recently used up a Nuxe Reve de Miel lip balm, an everyday facial sunscreen, a large bottle of Philosophy Purity face wash, and three (almost — one is ALMOST there) bottles of perfume (OK, one was a deluxe sample, but still). A bit longer ago I used up a Benefit Dandelion blush (I mean, totally — there was nothing left), which was super satisfying. I feel like I have some others — will post more if I think of them. Oh, a Gimme Brow, and xalmost done with a Brow Wiz and an Anastasia Brow Gel — eyebrow products are too easy to use up, I think.

    I see all those YouTube videos devoted to finishing products (“pan that palette,” etc.) and I kind of get it — because it is satisfying — but i also just want to use the makeup and products I want to use (and not just focus on finishing things) and I also see people talking about using things they don’t really like (just to finish them), which makes no sense.

    • Carolyn

      I agree Dora! It is very satisfying using something up! Sadly my only empties lately is NYX eye make up remover and a small bottle of poo-pouri and a small travel size bottle of shampoo. I can’t wait to finish something like a foundation!

  • Gillie

    As much as I love makeup, I’m terrible at putting it on.

    So, it’s usually lip products and skincare that I use up the most. I received a daily emulsion in one of my Memeboxes a couple of months ago. I love it and I’m currently looking for a place to buy another one, since I’m going to run out in a few weeks. I think it’s been discontinued, though, because I can’t find it ANYWHERE. So sad.

    • Isabella Muse

      which one gillie?! Maybe I can tell you where to find 😀

      • Gillie

        Ooh, that would be great! It’s Yadah Pure Green Emulsion.

        • Isabella Muse

          Oh yes! I know it! koreadepart.com actually use to sell it out! I don’t think it has been discontinued but I haven’t seen anyone selling it a while. I have a review upcoming tonight for Mizon Hyaluronic Acid 100 you might want to try that next! Excellent for dry skin! makes skin nice and supple and helps it to retain moisture and plus easier to find than the Yadah one 😀

  • Katherine T.

    My Supergoop City Serum Sunscreen -on my 4th bottle. Hideously expensive, but it’s moisturizing, comfortable to wear and doesn’t break me out.

  • Rachel R.

    I recently emptied a Nu Skin face moisturizer, Nu Skin Epoch Sole Solution lotion and a bottle of BareMinerals Prime Time primer. I’ve hit pan in a big way with an e.l.f. blush in Gotta Glow (Too Faced Candlelight Dupe).

  • diane

    I’m the same way- i very rarely use up color cosmetics although I am at the end of the Mally Beauty lipstick in French Kiss from a prior TSV (PS i miss her on qvc!!) I go through haircare quickest. I just finished up a Carol’s Daughter Sacred Tiare leave in mist and also a 2 oz of the CURLS cashmere jelly and Curl Junkie Curl Rehab deep treatment. Today I finished a jar of the Glam Glow mask in the white jar. I love it- I use it once a week and it lasts me months! Oh I finished a tarte amazonian clay eye shadow primer the other day and I am almost done with the tarte smooth lines primer. BTW I need a new primer that is mattifying, controls oil and helps foundation wear all summer long. I think I want to try something new. Any suggestions =)

    • Isabella Muse

      You’re on a roll D! 🙂 Benefit POREfesional? Quite good!

      • diane

        i love the porefessional mixed with the hello flawless! i forgot about it completely!! 😀

  • Chelsea

    Most recent empties include Hada Labo Tokyo eye cream, cleanser, and hydrator, MD Solar Sciences mineral tinted cream and Paula’s Choice BHA!

  • Jordi

    I also get excited when I (finally!) finish anything. Today’s was a Sugar lip therapy. We collect empties at my son’s preschool and send them into Terracycle. They have a program where they’ll take hair, skin, and body product empties and the school gets credit in points that you can cash in. It helps me get through items faster, that’s for sure. And they take plenty of products that our local recycling program refuses.

  • Zovesta

    Urban Decay’s setting spray. =( I don’t use up colour cosmetics much either – when I do, I want an award!

  • HapaGirl

    I used to hoard empties and turn them in to Origins (where I used to work…so a little less creepy?) – we sent them to Terracycle too! It’s soooo satisfying to use something up, but I agree that it’s even more important just to toss or give away a product that just isn’t working for you rather than slog through it. I’m bad at that. Recently, I used up an old-ass Sally Hansen lip gloss of the lip plumping variety, and I should have taken my own advice and just tossed that sucker because it wasn’t doing anything for me. But I was determined to finish it, because I rarely finish color cosmetics!

    Slightly off-topic, but I saw in Japan recently that lots of skincare is sold in “refill” packaging, where you keep your original pump/jar and just purchase a squeezy pack of the product. They do that for body wash and shampoo too. It’s a lot more eco friendly and they can charge less for the refill pack too. I got lots of cleansing oils, some serums, and haircare in refill packs when I was there and it was also easy to haul home in my suitcase. 🙂

    • Isabella Muse

      yeah, I typically refill all my Softymo products, many of the cleansing oils are sold in resealable baggies with a little pouring spout! Also many of my fav Japanese shampoos/conditioners I purchase like this too 🙂 makes life much much easier!

    • Carolyn

      Does terra cycle only take 100% clean stuff? I feel guilty if I toss something I can’t stand, not quite sure what to do with it…

  • del

    I use up skincare really quickly especially makeup remover. Things I’ve just finished up Bioderma, One Love Organic Vitamin B cleansing oil, Neocutis Bio Serum and Creme de la Mer. Running low on my Algenist facial oil too. The only makeup product I was ever able to finish up was my M.A.C spice lip liner when I was a poor college student. Now I buy so much that I barely make a dent in anything.

  • Lexi

    A Klorane dry shampoo, a Dry Bar travel size dry shampoo, Bumble & Bumble Hairdressers Oil, Hourglass lip oil, mini Jack Black Mint & Shea lip balm and a Nars Radiance Concealer. And, I already had backups for the products (except for the lip oil)!!!

  • JackieD

    I’m more likely to finish up skincare than any type of makeup, other than mascara. I finished up a lipbalm once before I could lose it and felt like I deserved a party. I don’t give myself much of a chance. I went through about 4 bottles of my regular day time moisturizer and decided I wanted a change… so I bought like 3 others to try out in it’s place **facepalm**. I’ve got product ADHD I think. I get close to finishing something off and get find myself starting something else instead. I think I need and intervention.

  • Eriu

    The only things I seem to use up are skin care and makeup removers. DVD eye makeup remover for waterproof makeup is my HG and I feel like I’m always running in for another bottle. Skincare is another. Since I started using Paula’s Choice, I always finish the products. To avoid major restocking when I run out of stuff at once I make sure to stagger my purchases so even if I’m not out of serum, toner, whatever, I buy anyway (especially so I can take advantage of rare sales!). Color cosmetics…I’m hopeless. I never use ’em up before I’m bored and buy something else. The only product it looks like I might use up is a NYX lip pencil in Mauve. That thing’s my jam!

  • Siri

    It does feel satisfying to finish up a product and know that it just doesn’t sit for ages and go to waste (or dry up, separate, etc). I find I am always replenishing the basics: face lotion, eye creams, serum, BB cream and foundation powder. It typically takes me 9-12 months to use up the BB cream and foundation, where the rest have a 6-9 month cadence. This may seem geeky, but the timing has worked out where I run out just in time for the Sephora VIB discount over the holidays. It works out great to do one shopping run, though it sucks it’s all at once! LOL Other makeup takes me much longer–like shadows and blushes. There’s always something new to try! Thank you for your post, it’s so nice you share out! =)

    • Isabella Muse

      thanks for sharing Siri 🙂 I love you for sharing your beauty empties!

  • Iris

    I’ve used up a lot of bar soaps lately (two from Bro Brick- a local company in Alberta and one from Rocky Mountain Soap Company) along with Avon’s Far Away Bella as a body lotion.

  • kamikity

    I don’t call a product holy grail if I can’t get to the bottom of it and wanting to get more of it.

    The only thing I run out regularly (probably every 2~3 months):
    – Olay oil minimizing toner (has alcohol in it, but I love it as a second cleansing if I wear heavy makeup that day. I probably went through 20 bottles of this)
    – SK-II facial treatment essence
    – Kose Sekkisei
    – Shu Uemura cleansing Oil (before this it was the DHC cleansing oil)
    – 2% bezenyl peroxide acne treatment (from acne.org)

    Now that I am married, my hubby keeps an close eye on my makeup/skin care collection. I need to show him an empty bottle before I can buy a new one. I whine about it, but I also feel very proud every time I finish something!

  • Melissa

    Philosophy Miracle Worker. It’s my HG moisturizer. it’s so HG that I’m making my ex-boyfriend reimburse me for the 8oz jar that I left at his place before we broke up – and he used! Too pricey to let that go as a distant memory and price of love gone bad! I need my Miracle! 😉