June 2, 2015

It’s Skin Mini Bebe Mist Review

It's Skin Mini Bebe Mist

Ok, so I suspected It’s Skin Mini Bebe Mist was a face mist but I got terribly confused with fragrance names of sparkling lime, sweet peach, and shining apple! So I decided, “Oh ok so maybe these are body mists!?”

Thing is I got them with my Memebox Pony Orange Bloom Box, Memebox Pony Pink Bloom Box, and Memebox Pony Brown Bloom Box and since the directions were in Korean I had to do a little hunting around to discover what exactly they were! In the end, I finally figured out they were facial mists and not body ones!

So, no shame here, I am obsessed with facial mists and these cutesy It’s Skin Mini Bebe Mists are just darling! It’s Skin created them in three fragrances of lime, peach, and apple. No worries if you’re sensitive as the fragrances are super mild and subtle. They are formulated with proteins and witch hazel and leave skin gently hydrated and refreshed.

They aren’t the most moisturizing facial mist in the world but they prove lighter moisture which works for as I tend to skip out on toning sometimes and reply on my facial mist as a toner and these are just the trick. The light texture is perfect to use right after my shower to prep my skin for my other skin care! Toning or using facial mist prior really does help moisturizer to absorb more easily into skin.

I’d totally buy these again!

The small size means I can travel easily with them if I like and I can use them to touch up throughout the day to add a light moisture to my skin without ruining my makeup!

Sadly Memebox doesn’t sell them outside their boxes but you can get them all over E-bay for around $4-$5 each!

Do like!

If you’re a facial mist fan you might want to check these little guys out!