June 23, 2015

MAC Coconut Prep + Prime Fix+ Review

I purchased this item and I receive a small commission if you shop using the links in this post.

MAC Coconut Prep + Prime Fix+

Why MAC Coconut Prep + Prime Fix+ ($22) mist is limited edition is beyond me. MAC Prep + Prime Fix+ takes on a fabulous turn for Summer 2015 with the introduction of five new scented versions of the popular Prep + Prime Fix+ formula!

Coconut Prep + Prime Fix+ is the perfect scent for Summer and an absolute must but get it before it’s gone because these are selling out fast.

MAC Coconut Prep + Prime Fix

MAC Coconut Prep + Prime Fix+ ($22 3.4oz) is one of those items you’re going to either really, really love or just not care about at all. As a lover of hydrating facial mists I’m stuck somewhere in between loving and and feeling like I just don’t need it. I’ve never been a huge Prep + Prime Fix+ type of girl because I’m not one for setting my makeup with facial mist. I use a lot of BB Creams and either liquid or cream foundation and I’ve always felt like setting mist was created for and worked best for those who wear mineral makeup and/or set with powder.

This isn’t to say Prep + Prime Fix+ isn’t a facial mist. It’s actually a multitasking demon as you can prep with it by misting it on prior to skincare. It actually isn’t a hydrating mist but it does absorb excess oily and adds light moisture to your skin which allows your serums and moisturizers to absorb more easily into skin. I personally like a way more hydrating facial mist than Prep + Prime Fix+ but the thing you have to love about the formula would be the fact it is excellent for daytime use since it doesn’t add a ton of moisture to your skin. No one wants to be shiny or greasy in the AM so this is ideal for daily use!

It also acts as a refresher of sorts so if you’re so inclined you can pack it in your makeup bag and refresh your tired, dull skin throughout the day. And finally, it’s most important function, it sets makeup.

I’m actually not a fan of setting my makeup with it nor do I like to refresh with it. It isn’t a fine mist so I feel like I’m hosing down my makeup with it! On the upside, it does refine mineral or powder makeup (but I still wish it was more of a finer mist) which is particularly great for those with drier skin as if you’re having an issue with powder that clings to your skin a quick mist of this will refine and soften the appearance of your makeup while setting it. I can’t really say I experience longer makeup wear when using this. My makeup wears about the same time but again I feel like it does a good job absorbing the small amount of oil my face does produce.

The nicest thing about Fix+ is the fact it is alcohol free and contains some very good vitamins and minerals for your skin. It does have fragrance, that is in fact the reason this launch is so fun as you can choose from five new fragrances that MAC has launched for a limited time. The original Fix+ also has fragrance so if you use that already you won’t be sensitive to the addition of coconut in this new version. I find the fragrance is very, very light and subtle but pleasant and a nice change up from the original. I find the coconut in this kinda smells weakly of a car air refresher and not a true coconut. Don’t be turned off by that description, I know it sounds gross but I actually really like it. I was a little disappointed it was a bit more fragranced as this is very subtle but still it is refreshing and quite fun and lovely to mist on.

MAC Coconut Prep + Prime Fix+ should be a refreshing and fun change up for Fix+ Mist fans! The scent is subtle yet refreshing and quite fun! I’m glad I purchased it because it makes a nice way to prep my skin in the AM. I prefer something way more hydrating like Sana Hadanomy Collagen Mist for nightly use but in the AM, Fix+ is a great start to my day!

MAC Coconut Prep + Prime Fix+ is available now on counters or online at Nordstrom.com. Unfortunately, it has already sold out on MAC’s website.

Do you use Fix+?

Did you grab any of the new fragrances?

Do share!

MAC Coconut Prep Prime Fix

I purchased this item and I receive a small commission if you shop using the links in this post.

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  • Merlyn

    I just ordered the cucumber Fix+ yesterday! Excited to try it out. Going to use it as a refresher during the summer days. 🙂

    • Isabella Muse

      yay! store it in your fridge it’ll be nice and refreshing!

  • Kimmwc03

    I was disappointed as I really didn’t smell any scent at all.

    • Isabella Muse

      Did you spray it in the air or on your face? I sprayed it in store in the air and didn’t smell anything AT ALL! but I got it home, misted on my face, and the scent is there 🙂

  • EliCaroline

    I think like every girl that first discovers makeup (especially in a small town) – MAC was an obsession. I used to really love Fix+ – and then I discovered other brands and realized there are some other great setting sprays out there – and have been slowly trying them out. However, if Fix+ really smells like coconut, I’d totally be willing to return to using it.

  • Kalli

    I just got Coconut Fix+ the other day! I’ve actually had never tried Fix+ before, but was already planning on a purchase before I saw the new scents. Anyway, I can’t really smell anything with mine but I have enjoyed using it to prep my face (my skin is sort of dry) and it’s great for using on my eyeshadows. Anyway, during the summer I basically want everything to smell like coconuts!

    • Isabella Muse

      I find the scent subtle but the coconut is there 😀 I agree coconut EVERYTHING for summer hehe!

  • caira

    hey guys the as a former MAC make up artist I can advise you that the fix plus is NOT a setting spray.
    MAC Fix+ Spray is actually a finishing spray. It is designed to take off the powdery, cakey edge from your makeup leaving your skin looking soft and fresh.
    The charged water MAC sells is the same as the fix+ but with minerals that are good for the skin.

    hope this clarifies any confusion x

  • Jaime Landes

    I know I’m late on the scented fix+ train, but I picked up some coconut today because they didn’t have any regular in the store and it’s a staple for me since I use powder and I’m in the camp that thinks it does help meld all Powders, give your skin a shot of moisture, etc.

    Unfortunately, it was some crazy fancy box for something and no ingredients. Which for me, with a life-threatening soy allergy, isn’t good. I figured fine, they probably just scented it, went and bought it and off I went.

    But it niggled at me. So, I came here, remembering you reviewed the scent line and as usual, put labels and I just wanted to thank you for that. Not many bloggers take the time to post the ingredients but you do.

    Thank you so much. From the the bottom of my coconut -loving, soy-free heart.


    • Isabella Muse

      awwwwwwwwwwww my pleasure Jamie! Glad I was somehow helpful! xoxoxoxo!