June 29, 2015

The New Bath & Body Works Pocketbac Packaging Is So Cute and We’re All So Screwed

new bath & body works pocketbac packaging

So Bath & Body Works hew new Pocketbac packaging and it is all kinds of cute! The design is a complete revamp and still weight at 1 oz in size but are now a rounder almost oval shape. The design is quite nice and it really is long over do but you’re so screwed if….

You own a variety of different Pocketbac holders. I actually collect the Halloween Pocketbac Holders and I’m so sad I won’t be able to reuse them with the new design. I mean I could probably get some old Pocketbacs from E-bay to use my holder with but I’m still pretty sad they are virtually useless now. Of course, you can refill but it seems like it might be a little messy! Bath & Body has introduced a slew of new holders for the new design which is great but still, again, I must digress and say how sad I am I won’t be able to use my older holders with the new design.

new pocketbac holders

Le sigh!

How do you feel about the new packaging?

Do share!

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  • Jen R

    I actually just picked some of these up yesterday and I feel pretty “meh” on them. Yes, round is usually cute by default, but I think these lids are actually much less user friendly now and may end up spilling more easily.

    And naturally they upped the price as well – now 5/$6 instead of $5! Grumble..

    • Isabella Muse

      I didn’t notice the price jack! Was too busy ranting about the fact I have so many holders I can’t use lol!

  • danadoo

    Oh BBW, if only you realized that the packaging is not the problem, and invested half the resources used in all your re-packaging efforts to create NEW and UNIQUE fragrances that aren’t basically just remixes of things you’ve already done! I used to work for the company, and believe me, it will be a looooong time before you’re reduced to buying the old pocketbacs on ebay. I guarantee that they have literally MILLIONS of these little guys sitting around and will be trying to unload them on the public by any means necessary.

    • Chapstick Addict

      Of course they should come up with new flavors, but the new design is bringing Bath and Body Works (bbw) in a lot of money. Almost Everyone in my school has a new PocketBac and case on their backpack. They are so great and popular and the cases are adorable. They are more popular than the older ones. They are definitely 10 times better and bbw said that they mad the design because it was better for the environment, that’s definitely better. I collect these and currently have 50 of them. I love them so much. Sorry to hear about your case dilemma.

  • diane

    if you really love the old pocketbac holders save a few empty old bottles and transfer the liquid 😉 I do gree though it is sad they changed the shape.

  • Samantha

    Hi Muse! I think they should continue to offer both varieties of Pocketbacs and slowly phase the old ones out. But I guess they are charging full steam ahead with new ones – the website only shows the newest ones. I like the rounded shape, but at this point, a lot of guys I know gag when I put any scented antibac on! LOL I hope they make more natural scents. Especially at work, I don’t want people coughing/sneezing because of a strong scent. I do plan to buy one new PB holder (some Halloween ones would be cute) and a PB and then refill it from the larger $5 sanitizer. : )

    • Isabella Muse

      That would be VERY nice! The website, indeed, shows only the new 🙁

  • Nat

    Aww the new packaging looks really nice, but at the same time I think it’ll take some getting used to. Especially sucks that people won’t be able to use the old holders… Unless people clean out the old bottle and then just refill it with the new bottles container?

    Or is that too much effort? 😛

  • Kimmwc03

    Oh man! I have so many of the old ones and the old holders still. They better bring out some cute new holders soon!

  • A.Y

    I thought I was screwed too but I can always refill my empty pocketbacs to get some use out of them !

  • Sara

    The flyer I got in the mail today also said they reformulated the actual gel too. I’ve been trying to stay away from there so I don’t know what it’s like. I didn’t even know they redid the packaging until I got the flyer today.

  • Georgia L

    Tbh I prefer the old packaging :/ I have a feeling this shape might make it harder to get the last little bit at the end of the bottle out,too.Like,the gel would collect in the curves & grooves instead of sliding down to the cap? Not sure if that makes any sense xP

    Also,I remember awhile back when they changed the shape of the soap covers they would give you a new cover for free if you brought in one of the old design in exchange.I wonder if that’s something they would do for these as well?

    • Isabella Muse

      oh yes I forgot about that Georgia hopefully they do the same with pocketbacs!

  • Ryou

    I wouldn’t be sure if I like the new packaging or not until I test it, unfortunately. But from the looks of it, I think they designed the packaging so they can lie flatter in pockets?

    Little do they know, women’s clothing is a barren land when it comes to pockets. (I assume their main demographic for the Pocketbacs are women, because I haven’t seen any that smells like rust, machine oil, testosterone or manpain).

  • leah

    This product is actually revaped do to customer complaints of their tops being easily popped open. The new product has a more secure top as well as an aloe that prevents your hands from drying out due to consistent use.

  • hannah

    i personally like the new packaging however, i find that for collectors like me it kind of screws my collection. anyone agree?

  • amy

    This is pretty much the only product that lures me into the store, and while I don’t spend a lot of money each time, it all adds up. My daughter collects different scents, and I go through them fairly quick, so I do spend quite a bit over a year. However, I have a holder I really love, and plenty of the older bottles, and I don’t care about scent, so I’ll just pick up a large bottle of Purell and refill them. Money saved!

  • Katie

    I’m so glad I collect hand sanitizes and the holders. Now I won’t run out for years. To refill, just use those pumpable Germ-X things and add food coloring! hope this helps.

  • Florale

    I don’t like the new packaging one bit. It’s very messy unless you hold it completely upsidown which makes you get more product than you actually need ! The only thing I like about the new ones is the scents

  • Kristi

    You can actually fit the new design bottles in old design pocketbac hoders. I purchased 90 old design holders last year for this year’s conference retreat because they were on sale. However, we wanted the fall scent so we had to wait until this year for the new stock to come in. When I discovered the change, I was frantic, but the saleswoman clued me in that you can still use the old holders because they are very stretchy. It just takes a little maneuvering to get the snap top in the opening. But we did it for all 90 with no problems.

    • K.

      This is nice to know. I along with some of the other bath and body works customers in the store were discussing how we were not please with the new look/containers, the inconvenience compared to the original… Will the company hear our voices?

  • ole skool

    I purchased the new pocketbac & let me tell u…1# I don’t like the shape, I am used to the old shape, I was able to find it easier in my bag. 2# It’s just to small. 3# I keep checking it to make sure it didn’t open and spill all over the inside of my bag. 3# What am I to do with all of the new holders I purchased when they were on sale??? The only good thing is, I can get it in my favorite aeromatherapy scent.

  • Alice

    You can refill with any sanitizer. Just put empty bottle in boiling water for about a min. Slip a butter knife under and it pops off fill it and pop cap back on. Works good

    • Beth

      so you’ve been able to get the lid off the new design? I’ve tried but didnt want to force it and break it and render it useless

  • Angie

    I like the latch better on the new one. I hated trying to thread that rubber thingy every time I wanted to take it off my bag. Also, I just refilled mine using a perfume funnel. Its very small and the opening is barely the same size as the hole. But with a steady hand it can be done. Just line up the funnel with the hole of the pocketbac and hold it tight, fill the funnel with new sanitizer, then gently squeeze the pocketbac to create suction and it will pull it down into the bottle. You’ll see a bubble ‘burp’ up and it will get sucked in. I’ve seen these perfume funnels on Amazon and the Container Store websites.

  • Daisy

    What shops would I find these in in America? I’m visiting and trying to find them for a friend!