June 23, 2015

Wet n Wild Venice Beach Summer 2015 Collection Launches

Wet n Wild Venice Beach Color Icon Pigment Collection Palette

The new Wet n Wild Venice Beach Summer 2015 Collection is available now with new Wet n Wild Color Icon Lipgloss as well as three new Color Icon Pigment Palettes in a range of bright, bold neons!

If you love neon I’m positive you’ll want to get your hands on the Wet n Wild Venice Beach Summer 2015 Collection!

Wet n Wild Venice Beach Color Icon Lipgloss $2.79 (LE)

  • Appletini of My Eye
  • Lying on the Sand
  • Will You Bloody Mary Me?
  • Zinny Dippin’
  • Mai Tai Buy You a Drink?
  • Saved by the Bellini

Wet n Wild Venice Beach Color Icon Pigment Collection Palette $4.49 (LE)

  • Boardwalk Boozing
  • High Flying Colors
  • Hemporary Solutions

Wet n Wild Venice Beach Summer 2015 Collection

I picked up the Color Icon Lipglosses and I’ll be reviewing those shortly. I did skip out on the Pigment Collection Palettes as Wet n Wild neon shades tend to be very, very chalky for me plus some of these shades I can’t really see myself making much use of!

I located the Wet n Wild Venice Beach Summer 2015 Collection at both Walgreens and Harmons so keep your eyes peeled for it!

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  • Heidi

    I kind of want that palette on the left in the top picture, but I haven’t spotted it yet. It looks fun, but then I’m torn, because I probably wouldn’t get much use out of them. I’ve seen them swatched on other blogs, though, and they look pretty pigmented.

  • kimkats

    Yipes – I saw these the other day and, had they not been in the makeup section at Walgreen’s, I would have thought they were little watercolor paint palettes, like I used to get when I was a kid. I can’t envision actually putting those shades on my face!! I realize that’s probably a function of age, but still… Yellow eyelids?! Um, no thanks… I didn’t see the glosses, tho… those DO look pretty – gotta keep an eye out for those!!

  • Simone

    I like that they put out some brights! Even though I normally wear nuetrals, it’s fun to see some brights every once in a while.

  • Zovesta

    Can’t wait!! I need that yellow in my life so badly, was just going to order Hello from ColourPop to fill the void. Same with the pink. I can’t wait for our stores to get them out, but considering they never got Fergie stuff out, or the L’Oreal Reds out, I don’t have high hopes… =(

  • Carol G

    On the hunt for these big time. I found the glosses but not the palettes. I figured these aren’t colors I ‘d wear all the time but at that price it’s nice to have some unique colors in my stash.

  • Sara

    The only one that looks slightly wearable is the center one. But three palettes with crazy bright colors? I don’t understand collections like this.

    • Zovesta

      To be fair, I don’t really understand the same neutral palette over and over and over that companies put out all the time. =P Some of us like bright colours and are excited when we get a collection like this.

      • d3athbyglitter

        Agreed! I’m really psyched for these colorful WnW palettes! These are refreshing to see in the sea of neutrals tbh. I’m especially excited for the pinks, oranges, and greens! <3

        Also, what is "wearable"? I think that is up to the individual to decide. Just sayin'.

        • Zovesta

          Right on! As someone who has done some pretty crazy looks in her time, “wearable” is totally subjective. And I hear you, I’m here for the yellows, oranges, and pinks. <3

  • Destiny

    I work at the Kmart in Corinth, MS and we just got two displays from this collection, the lipgloss display and also the cream eyeshadow and eyeliner display! Haven’t got the eyeshadow palettes yet.

  • barbara

    I havnt found these yet in my area. have checked walgreens rite aide, Kmart and even CVS and not just one walgreens either. UGH!

  • IrishRedRose

    You may want to rethink leaving the palettes! I got two of them on a whim tonight–flying colors and the hemp one. Swatched on my arm and I was shocked. They are EXTREMELY pigmented and all but about two–greens I think from hemp–were really soft, creamy and blendable. (The dark peacock metallic type shade from hemp was stunning, though.)

    The red and pink ones were unbelievably intense and the cobalt surprised me by being arguably the best cobalt shadow I’ve played with. I should add that I’m hardcore about eyeshadow–I loathe unpigmented, dry, chalky shadows, and WW has produced plenty of those in their time. But I think they hit a home run with these. Even the yellow is pretty good!

    Oh dear. I may have to try and wear them now. LOLOL

    • Isabella Muse

      thanks for sharing Irishredrose! They sound wonderful! ๐Ÿ™‚