June 4, 2015

Z Palettes Now Sold at Ulta

I receive a small commission if you shop through my link.

z palette at ulta

So yeah I have an issue with depotting anything and I also have issues tossing boxes out…so, um, I guess I’m a little too high maintenance for Z Palettes!

But none the less Z Palette has a strong cult following and I’m sure fans will be overjoyed you can now haul it at Ulta.com.

A number of small, large, and extra large Z Palettes as well as stickers are now being sold at Ulta for $14 to $28 so you can depot, arrange, and rearrange all your favorite makeup into one nifty little palette.

I cried a little as I typed that.

See, part of the appeal of makeup for me is beautiful packaging so it kinda breaks my heart to depot something and stick it into one palette. Sob! But I do understand it minimizes space in a major way, makes storage easier, plus it’s appealing for those that want to create custom color palettes.

As for me?

I’m so sorry but I’m not a Z Palette kinda gal!

But you can now indulge at Ulta should you like!

I receive a small commission if you shop through my link.

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  • Erin

    I don’t depot palettes but I will depot single shadows after I photograph and swatch them. I do like saving space and it makes it so much easier to find and use my singles instead of rummaging around for the ONE I was looking for while trying to get out the door in the morning. I have seen people depot all 3 UD Naked palettes into a single Z Palette and that’s just too much for me. As much as I like saving space I just can’t imagine doing that to my Naked palettes! I am considering pressing a lot of my indie loose shadows and sticking them in Z Palettes because again… my collection of itty bitty loose shadow pots is really hard to dig through to find what I want.

    • Isabella Muse

      I’d sob if someone told me I have to depot my naked palette! I just can’t! Noooo!

  • Staci

    I’ve never depotted anything, but I know me and I’m going to need a Z Pallet now. I’ll figure something for it. Idk what yet.

  • Cassie

    I have a small z palette & a large one. The small one I use for when I get little sample shadows in like ipsy or birchbox or heaven forbid, I break a palette…(I shattered my UD face case by driving over my purse when I left it one my roof. Thankfully, while the case was shattered, most of the shadows & the blush were perfectly fine!) & I use the large one for face products. I received a deluxe sample of milk chocolate soleil but it was in a little plastic thing that drove me bonkers!

  • Cassie

    I have a small z palette & a large one. The small one I use for when I get little sample shadows in like ipsy or birchbox or heaven forbid, I break a palette…(I shattered my UD face case by driving over my purse when I left it one my roof. Thankfully, while the case was shattered, most of the shadows & the blush were perfectly fine!) & I use the large one for face products. I received a deluxe sample of milk chocolate soleil but it was in a little plastic thing that drove me bonkers! lol

  • Rachel R.

    I’m glad. I use Zpalettes a lot, and I like I that now I can earn cash back by buying them through Ulta.

    I don’t depot anything with great packaging, especially if it’s collectible (defeats the point, doesn’t it?). I depot singles, cheap stuff with plain packaging (Wet n Wild, e.l.f.), etc.

    I also can just buy refills from Makeup Geek or whatever, and pop them in a Zpalette. It’s cheaper than buying them in the compacts.

  • Daheep

    Some palettes just need to be depotted! Naked palettes, no need there; they are compact & well organized. Book of Shadows palettes? Talk about a pretty nightmare of wasted space! Then there are those mini shadows you sometimes get as a free gift with purchase. You know they are just gonna get lost & possibly broken in the stash somewhere!

    • Rachel R.

      The MUFE Studio Case I got for Christmas was like that. I popped the shadows out of the foam (they weren’t glued in), and fit all 12 of them in a small Zpalette. I threw out the foam, and I used the case to store a bunch of loose mineral eye shadows.

  • Sarah

    I depotted a bunch of drugstore shadows a while back because I just had way too many small singles cluttering up my makeup drawer, s,o I put them into a palette I made out of an empty CD jewel case and a big floppy craft magnet. I wanted a z palette at the time and probably would have gotten one had I been able to find one. I still don’t use those shadows much so I think The CD case is just fine for now.

  • Justin

    Good god I could never depot anything!!!! I save all my perfumes and put them back in the boxes when they’re empty! Every compact I own still has its box and cool or decadent skin care products I save the boxes too and store them in them once they’re empty

    • Isabella Muse

      haha I think maybe we are twins Justin. I knew we were friends for a reason 😀

  • DarthVaderette

    I depotted all of the Clinique shadows I have from GWP’s. Huge space saver and now I actually use them because I can see them. It was way easier than I thought it would be and I didn’t break a single shadow.

    But I’d never depot a palette. Especially urban decay

  • Kenia

    i dont depot my palettes, however z palettes come in handy for certain pan shadows such as MUG, MAC, etc.

  • koolchicken

    I actually depot almost everything. Every last palette and single. The only time I don’t is if it’s something like a baked product that literally can’t be depotted. Simply because I’m not willing to let myself get bogged down by my collection. At some point these things can get so big you can’t even use everything. I also travel a LOT! And I’m not lugging some huge palette or kit, everything needs to fit into a Medium sized Vera Bradley cosmetics pouch (and yes, that includes my foundation, mascara, and tools).

    I also feel like depotting frees me from spending my money foolishly. I think we’ve all bought something just for the package, even though we knew the product was junk. Now that I know it’s going straight into the recycling I can be more honest with myself. And I save a lot of money that way and only own things I love. Right now I have a small collection of new Tarte palettes that need to get depotted and my latest UD palette (the LE Vice one). It’ll be nice to free up that space in my vanity, can’t wait!

    • Isabella Muse

      you’re my hero! I wish I could be more like you! I have an issue with depotting, I have emotional attachments to my compacts/packaging!

      • koolchicken

        Lol, thanks! I used to be like that too. But just looking into my drawers and being able to actually see what I own has converted me forever! Now I have a few palettes I’ve yet to depot and I find pulling them out to be the biggest pain.

    • Holly

      Hi Katie! I was reading this, thinking how great this would be for you, are here you are! I think I’ll to popping over to Ulta and getting one for myself, I have more than I need in packaging alone. Xoxo

      • koolchicken

        I’m everywhere.

        Also, I think these are online only. And don’t forget to get the metal stickers. Let me know if you have any problems depotting. It’s my special skill.

  • Amy Amethyst

    I had a lot of loose shadows and blushes, and so I didn’t have to depot anything. I have depotted single shadows before, but I probably wouldn’t depot anything if the package was pretty or if it was an expensive product. And I don’t really get depotting a palette since it’s already put together for you. I don’t have z palettes though, I bought Unii palettes which are wonderful for travel. I don’t think z palettes seem study enough for traveling around. And the Unii ones have mirrors in them too.

  • Kimmwc03

    I’ve depotted some singles but I would never want to depot a palette esp. the Naked ones. I might consider depotting some quads like Maybelline (or other drugstores ones) one day.

    • Isabella Muse

      yeah, I MIGHT consider drugstore but my mid/high end stuff no way!

  • Heidi

    I mainly buy drugstore shadows so I would like to try depotting. I want to find a cheaper case, though. It’d be great for singles or putting similar colors next to each other. I actually “discover” stuff I forgot I had, so depotting would be handy for that, and to stop me from buying similar colors.
    As for higher-end stuff, I’m more attached to that. I saved the boxes my Lipstick Queen stuff came in, etc. In those cases the packaging is so pretty I don’t want to interfere with it!

    • Isabella Muse

      I save my boxes too Heidi! especially for stuff like lipstick queen or le mac collections!

    • Len

      A cheaper option is from MAC believe it or not. The empty palettes on the MAC website are $8 dollars and free shipping on anything. I couldnt believe it. Earlier this week I put together my palette of drugstore singles and quads its perfect. I literally loved it so much I just ordered another palette for my blushes. Im so happy to have found a cheaper and NICER looking option. They have the see thru single pallette or the large duo for the same price. I picked up the duo it holds double.

  • Megs B

    I would NEVER depot a beautiful palette, but I have depotted a few drugstore singles, and I ordered all my Makeup Geek stuff in pans instead of compacts, so that’s mostly what I use them for. I’ve been toying with the idea of ordering a few Morphe shadows later this summer, and I think those come just in little pans, too. It saves space and reminds me to use all those little singles. And, I don’t have to spend as much to get new shadows in compacts because I have a place to stick them all together!

  • Jackie

    I’ve gotten these to use with the MAC shadows you can get without the black pot, or the Coastal Scents Hotpots, which are AWESOME & .99 rightnow, btw. The hotpots are actually hard to tell from MAC in most cases. (Not the same with the CS palettes)
    And then there’s the MUFE shadows, too. I’m too scared of busting up anything that is “baked”, and have had a little crumbling with a shadow or 2, but fixed by adding alcohol. I haven’t actually depotted anything but MAC shadows & haven’t for years.

  • Amy B

    I depotted almost everything. I prefer the MAC pro palettes without inserts as they are plastic and durable. I loosely grouped my shadows by color family. Love being able to use from different palettes without going back and forth. Got 2 Naked and 2 naked basics palettes into one. I have extra palettes, including a small one, I can put just what I want for a specific trip. No need to haul 3 palettes if I only want a few colors from each.

  • kellly

    I never INTENTIONALLY depotted anything but have had loads of experience adding alcohol and re-packing something that went to smithereens when it fell, but I always put it back into its original container. I think I sort of use the type of containers to identify my different colors anyway. I’m not a depotting kind of girl, either.

  • Kiss & Make-up

    Yeah, I don’t depot much either. But I do buy refills to put in empty palettes. But those are intended for that in the first place, so… 🙂

  • Lori

    I’ve just gotten into the whole depotting thing and I’m soooooo glad to see this… So far I’ve only depotted the best shades from the Maybelline Nudes/Smokes/Brights and Ulta Gilded/Rose Gold palettes into a CD case (I chucked the rest). I don’t intend to depot palettes that I really like, but I have plenty of singles that need a home. Also I like to be able to actually touch things in a store…I’m going to Ulta very soon!!

  • Wendy

    Depotting eyeshadow is like asking me to cut my hair. IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN LOL