July 21, 2015

Mizon Twilight Volume Cream Review

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Mizon Twilight Volume Cream1

Mizon Twilight Volume Cream is one of two facial moisturizers that Mizon released a while back ago that has a “Twilight” theme going on. This fan girl is pretty much done with her Twilight phase but I have fond memories of the books and the really, really bad movies…….! So of course, skincare that’s Twilight related, well, ok, it’s kind of appealing!

Mizon Twilight Volume Cream2

Mizon Twilight Volume Cream comes housed in a plastic jar with a spatula for scooping the gel moisturizer out so you don’t have to touch it with your fingers. This is formulated with “aqua filler capsules” that give your complexion a plumped up appearance. It also contains argo white which apparently whitens skin as well as dragon blood extract to repair and moisturizer skin.

The general idea is the cream is supposed to give you the complexion of a vampire, translucent white skin thus the marketing behind it with the cutesy Twilight reference and the fangs on the jar, etc…This does include Niacinamide which is excellent for a brightening, whitening effect but unfortunately it’s a slow process when it comes to that particular ingredient.

This is a jelly like consistency with chunky pieces of white capsules in the mix. The white capsules actually look like little chunks of cream. It’s kinda a weird consistency. It does not retain it’s shape the way Mizon’s Returning Starfish Cream does nor is it a gel-like formulation like you’d see from Skinfood Lettuce and Cucumber Water Jelly Cream. This reminds me of a slightly melting jello product! It’s kinda chunky and resembles marmalade. The texture kinda freaks me out to be honest and it also proves a little bit of a pain to apply and get to absorb!

The chunky consistency is very watery once applied to skin and has a citrus-y scent that’s quite pleasant to my nose and disappears fairly fast after application. I find the product a little sticky and it doesn’t quite absorb fully so I’m left patting my skin repeatedly to get it to absorb. Most irritating are the chunky white pieces which tend to be the most difficult to break down and get to absorb.

Mizon Twilight Volume Cream

Mizon Twilight Volume Cream6

On the upside once it does absorb it leaves skin very smooth and hydrated but initially it feels a bit sticky kinda sorta the same feeling that HadaLabo Gokujyn Hyaluronic Acid leaves behind after application. This disappears after a few minutes thought.

Does it whiten? Have I turned into a honest to God card carrying vampire yet? Naaa…! Niacinamide is an ingredient that doesn’t produce immediate results so it’ll be a while before I see any brightening effects and when I do they’ll likely be very subtle. It does however, offer a nice hydrating effect so skin looks smoother, feels softer, and looks plumper. However, I dislike the texture and I think there are many, many other Korean gel moisturizers with a far superior texture and formulation that deliver the same moisturizing plumping effect sans the absorption issues and tackiness.

Mizon Twilight Volume Cream is cute for the Twilight fans but not a skincare staple in my humblest.

If you absolutely must have it you can grab it from urbanoutfitters.com.