July 6, 2015

Stila’s New Got Inked Cushion Eyeliner Debuts at Sephora

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Got Inked Cushion Eyeliner

Stila’s new unique Got Inked Cushion Eyeliner that launched with the Stila Fall 2015 Collection has debuted at Sephora.com this week! You might recall last year Etude House launched a Lock n’ Liner Cushion Eyeliner with their Summer Collection. It actually ended up being a rather big fail as it dried up rather quickly so I have high hopes that Stila has perfected the formula!

Some of the shades in the Got Inked Cushion Eyeliner formula are very, very pretty which has me excited to check these out.

Stila Got Inked Cushion Eyeliner ($28) is a lightweight, richly pigmented liquid eyeliner which comes in a tiny pot. What sets it apart and makes it a little different from your everyday potted eyeliner is the fact that it is in fact liquid and is dispensed by pressing on a cushion within the pot that’s saturated with the liner formula. Stila also created a special eyeliner brush called the La Quill Precision which aids in applying the liner.

Even better yet are the dazzling colors the liner is available in with gorgeous metallic finishes!

Shades include:

  • Black Obsidian
  • Blue Sapphire Ink
  • Amethyst Ink
  • Garnet Ink
  • Copper Ink
  • Smokey Quartz Ink

If promo images are to be trusted I’d say the Got Inked Cushion Eyeliner are going to be stunning little devils.

You can grab them now at sephora.com or snag them at stilacosmetics.com.

I receive a small commission if you shop through my link.

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  • Kristin

    Did you see Stila has (also new for fall) a compact cream foundation called Perfectly Poreless Putty Perfector? Alliteration aside, that name…the whole ‘putty’ thing just makes me think heavy & cakey…and it doesn’t help it has multiple silicones in it, so even more I picture it sitting *on* my skin feeling like a mask.

    • Isabella Muse

      I did, I blogged it last week! Looks interesting but hopefully light and not heavy! 🙂

  • Shilpa Shetty

    Nice review. I would love to see some FOTDs of the look with these beauties,. Loved the Smokey Quartz Ink shade

  • Sacre

    When I see these I remember last years Etude summer reliese, that was pulled back, I wonder if these do the trick… Plain liquid liner is imo convinient enough, my fav is from essence, it’s cheap and does the work.

  • kimkats

    I am highly skeptical that these will not dry out in a heartbeat. Plus, it really doesn’t look like you get much product, and these things are $8 more than the stila gel liners (which are HUGE) – If you have a good review *and* they go on sale, I might spring for one, but I have my doubts about these. The whole concept seems kinda gimmicky to me…

  • Maria A

    I ordered two of them. They should be arriving nay day. Will let you know how it turn out.

      • Maria A

        P.S I also ordered that cute brush that goes along with it. The one with the feather at the end. I just hope it doesn’t disappoint

        • Isabella Muse

          let me know how you do Maria? I haven’t tried them yet, excited to do so 🙂

          • Maria A

            So I tried it and I like it. It has great pigment. I see that another person mentioned they didn’t like it. I also purchased the garnet, but I think what will make or break this product is the brush you use for application. I can understand what they meant. I am not sure how a regular eyeliner brush would work, the felt tip pen looking one that they sell on their site I think would work best. That’s what I purchased and I am very happy with the application. The fibers in that brush is what seems to make that ink cling to it. I am going to test the wear time on it tomorrow at work. But so far I have had it on for 3 hours and it’s still very pigmented. Hope that helps. I highly recommend you buy the Stila feather brush for this product.

          • Isabella Muse

            Thanks Maria!!!!!! I’m excited 😀

  • Tracey

    I bought the Garnet one on Friday and sadly it’s going back. I was so excited for these but the garnet one is not opaque at all using my two favorite eyeliner brushes and the formula balled up as well which I’ve never seen with a liquid eyeliner. 🙁 I don’t know if it was just garnet, which is matte, one or if I might of just gotten a bad one but yeah.

  • Genevieve

    The colours look interesting and I will wait and see the reviews first. Stila’s products have had mixed reviews in the past, but I hope they apply well.

  • Megs B

    This is incredibly intriguing, but I think I’ll wait for a review. I still want to get my hands on one of their similar cushion water blushes, but I keep putting off the purchase for one reason or another. I’m hoping to see swatches of these liners someplace soon! Copper intrigues me for fall. I’m envisioning a beautiful metallic copper winged liner this autumn!

  • Katmary

    Three of them jumped out at me, so instead of buying now, I’ll wait and see how others like it then pick one out. I should sign up for their site in case of a sale! Thanks for posting the colors, they look so pretty!

    • Isabella Muse

      katmary, don’t quote me but I think they offer 20% off for new signups on their newsletter also check retailmenot.com for any coupons 😀 my pleasure!

      • maria A

        I ordered the garnet as well. It came in today and i just tested it. I had no trouble. Very pigmented and i got a great wing. But I purchased the brush that comes with it. Maybe the trick is using the quil beush with that eyeliner. Wish I can post a pic here to show you. Ao far I am pleased. I am going to test the wear time on it tomorrow. If there is a way to post a pic please let me know. More than happy to share. Ps if you use the code welcome it works every time for 20%off

  • Isabella Muse

    hi Maria would love to see a pic! You can upload an image online using a photo service and post the link here 😀