August 24, 2015

Confessing My Latest Beauty Sins

Confessing My Latest Beauty Sins

We all have beauty sins we commit! Perhaps you skip washing your face and head straight to bed, maybe you just purchased yet another brown eyeshadow that looks like the hundred of other brown shadows you already own, maybe it’s been a while since you cleaned your makeup brushes, GASP, for shame!

None the less we all have some beauty sins to confess.

So allow me, if you will, to go about confessing my latest beauty sins.

I hoard hand soap. I’m not sure why but every single time Bath & Body Works releases seasonal hand soaps I buy them ALL! It’s a sickness I tell you! It’s absurd because I don’t need this much hand soap, I mean I’m not going to share how much exactly I have with you but I promise it’s a lot. My mentality is that Bath & Body Works is the one that should be the one blamed here! I’m a victim! There is absolutely no reason to introduce 12 brand new scented soaps every single season. I never get through them before a new season pops up with NEW seasonal scents.


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I also happen to hoard shower gel but I’m seeing a therapist about this and I’m doing much better now (just kiddin’). I’ve finally realized I do not need every single Philosophy Shower Gel in the world and I’ve tamed my stash down some. There’s STILL A LOT of shower gel to be used up but I haven’t purchased any in a while. Pats on the back are welcome for my rehabilitation.

I wear red lipstick even though it makes me feel like a clown.

Too Faced Melted Strawberry Melted Liquified Long Wear Lipstick

Screw it! Sometimes you have to just wear red lipstick even if you’re unsure about how it looks or you’re worried about it being too clowny!

Sometimes I wait over a week to clean my makeup brushes because I’m lazy and just can’t be arsed to sit around washing and rinsing.

I have dry skin so moisturizer is very important but sometimes when I’m being minimal I skip it and just apply SPF.

And sometimes I buy drugstore makeup full price….I’m sure that one gets me a lot of side shark eyes!

Anything you want to confess at the moment?

Do share!

About the Muse

Isabella MuseIsabella is just an average everyday geeky girl who doesn’t blend her eyeshadow correctly, wears too much blush, and hopes she never finds her holy grail products because she likes the thrill of the chase so much. Her mission is to bring you super honest reviews on makeup, skincare, fragrance and all things beauty. She’s in no way an expert on the topic and she sure as hell isn’t a super model. But she’s passionate about makeup and is seeking like-minded individuals that like pina coladas, getting caught in the rain, and ones that enjoy spending hundreds of dollars at Sephora without feeling buyer’s remorse. If you’re that person feel free to reach out and leave a comment or follow me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Bloglovin‘.

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  • kimkats

    Forgive me, Muse, for I have sinned…. I have gotten into the bad habit of falling asleep in my chair watching TV, and not washing my face at night. fortuntately it doesn’t seem to do me much harm, but still… Plus I am very bad at washing my brushes… I’ll go weeks without a proper cleaning – I will wipe them off on a baby wipe or face towelette, but proper washings seem to be few and far between.

    As for the BBW hand soap, I have at least 12 bottles stashed in the pantry, but DH has been going thru it pretty fast recently so I don’t mind having a crapton of it around. I finally got him to use it instaed of Dawn dish soap (he couldn’t understand why his hands were so dry! ARGH!) and he loves it so I will stay stocked up on it – I think I can skate on that sin! Right? 😀

    • Isabella Muse

      Kim, do two hail marys and one our father and all is forgiven ;-D haha! However, your soap sin is not forgiven as you’re using your husband as an excuse for your hoarding. Shameful!!!!!!!! 😀

  • Natalie

    Haha, that’s a funny cartoon above. I am a sucker for pretty packaging and products. Bath and Body Works gets me with their pictures on their products. I have been good anymore and don’t buy more than I need, but that has taken a lot of discipline. What I do is I give myself a number limit of items I’ll allow myself to purchase at BBW and then pick the things I like the most within the number limit and I don’t let myself rationalize any cheating. If my number is four hand soaps, I’ll pick my favorite four and skip the other hundred there (well it feels like a hundred). I also wait for sales and/or coupons. And I make sure I use everything up before buying more.

    The coolest way to wear red lipstick is very French. Red lips with little else on the face. Maybe just black mascara and brows if you need it. If you feel you absolutely need it you can put a very little bit of color on the cheeks. That is a sure way to avoid clown face.

    • Isabella Muse

      thanks for the tip on avoiding clown face Natalie! Completely a good one 😀 Your trick for bbw discipline is also super helpful! I think you’re right, I need to just not be swayed by all the pretty packaging of hand soaps and buy the ones that I like and think smell the best and not EVERY SINGLE one ;-D

  • Brittanie

    I just bought the new Stardust palette when I have already a hoard of them(44 to be exact) and I too am horrible about washing my brushes thoroughly. And I probably have a good years supply of body wash and b&bw candles.

  • Cassie

    I am the WORST at washing my makeup off. My pillow cases are eyeliner stained & I accept it lol.

    But My biggest sin is washing my brushes. I try to wash them every day or two. But somehow it ends up being once every 3 weeks or so…But I have like a bajillion brushes so I just cycle through them. Also, I should stop buying brushes…but I must own 2 of the new Sonia Kashuk sets so that’s not happening anytime soon!

    I also purchase luxury items & proceed to NEVER wear them because I don’t want to waste them. I have a D&G lipstick, a YSL lip gloss & a Dior quad to name a few. Each used MAYBE twice. I also bought one of the christian louboutin nail polishes that I have yet to remove from the packaging.

    • Isabella Muse

      I’ve gotten better with Luxury/high end purchases Cassie. I just started saying “screw it! If I don’t use it, it’ll go bad!” So now I stopped squirreling them away and I actually use them 😀

    • Andrew

      I know this is kind of like cheating, but here’s the fun thing about high-end, beautiful packaging: it’s reusable. I can’t tell you how many lipsticks I’ve rotated through some of MAC’s more intricate and beautiful LE packaging. I have a Chanel Le Rouge Allure Gloss I’ve already decided will be filled with a certain drugstore lacquer once it’s gone.

      • Monica G.

        Interesting! how do it? I am too clumsy so I dont know if I would dare to do the same lol

  • Moda31

    I purchased two more nudie Mac lipsticks that I don’t need last night. Oh and more new skincare stuff to try even though my current routine is mostly doing the job just fine.

  • Michou

    Soooo, I have a small filing cabinet’s worth of lipstick. And another of nail polish. This is my biggest sin. No matter how many I have, I keep buying more. It’s gotten wayyyy out of control.

    I do the same thing as Cassie sometimes! I have a Guerlain lipstick that I just… don’t wear! It’s insane. IT WAS SO EXPENSIVE and it just sits there! Looks like I know what I’m wearing tomorrow…. hehe!

    • Moda31

      I’m incapable of not buying new nail polish. I have more than a hundred bottles, but I keep buying more. I have shades that I’ve only worn once, or heck not at all, and yet the madness continues.

      • Lori P

        I’m a nail polish hoarder too. I stopped counting after 300 bottles. Even my nail tech laughs at me because I rarely wear a color twice and bring a new polish every time I get my nails done. I’m getting them done this Thursday and yep..another new polish. DAMN Sephora for putting their polish on sale. ;P

  • Jay

    I’ve been impulsively buying A LOT of makeup lately…and not wearing it!! For the past few weeks I’ve been looking like a total slob and making myself broke buying stuff at the same time lol. And nighttime skincare routine? Oh puh-lease! I’ve worn stubborn mascara 2 days in a row…just a total mess smh.

  • Cait

    I have a bad habit of hoarding deluxe samples to a horrible excess. It’s gotten to the point where I shop sephora almost exclusively online so I can get a deluxe sample (I’m rouge so it’s always free shipping anyway). And nearly every time a new deluxe sample offer is released, I use it as an excuse to place another order.

    Also, I haven’t washed my makeup brushes in about a month 🙁

  • Nataile Brown

    Ah yeah, BBW hand soaps. I don’t even know how many I have. I also love their body washes. I have gotten better though in the last year or so and only purchase items when they have their half-year sales. Yes. I miss out on many scents but I feel better about the ton of stuff I get for very little money. 🙂

  • Ryou

    I hoard beauty products. Most of them are locked in a self storage unit in another continent, and I’ve never actually seen them in person.

    And I keep buying more. To make things worse, I sometimes buy backups of LE or DC items. WHY.

    At least I can pretend that if I was a dragon, my dragon hoard would be make-up and fragrance. =P

  • Carrie

    I love buying lipstick. Love it. The problem? I (almost) never wear it! I hate transferring and reapplying so that leaves me with ultra mattes and lip stains. It’s awful and I ignore that knowledge when I buy lipstick but then remember when I go to put it on.

  • Zovesta

    I am so, so, so awful about cleaning brushes! I will go weeks without cleaning my non-foundation/concealer brushes. =(

  • Michelle

    I hoard BBW soaps too…………….Not every new scent they release, but my favorites…..I think it is because they ALWAYS DISCONTINUE SCENTS! So I panic and buy way way way too many!

  • crystal k

    Also a high end makeup buyer…but what I do is take it out,admire it,swatch it GENTLY,take pictures of it…then,I put it back.Dior,Burberry,Guerlins…the lot.Then I wear drugstore makeup,instead of my million dollar blush.
    Perhaps the weirdest thing of all,tho,or I save the boxes.The Sephora cardboard box,re Mac box, but mostly,the boxes the makeup comes in.I will use a palette,then meticulously wipe it off,wipe the brush if it comes with one,put it back in the small plastic sleeve,close the palette,clean the outside as well,then put it back in the box,everything facing the same way,making sure not to crease or bend the box at all.I do this with EVERY BOXED PIECE OF MAKEUP I OWN.ITS TIRESOME.But I must do it.Boxes…everywhere.I have palettes,blushes,brushes,mascaras,perfumes,lippies,highlighters,liners from 5 yrs ago that are still perfectly boxed.
    Also,In a terrible brush cleaner,and I hoard blush like it’s going to be my last chance ever to buy it(well,with MAC…it usually is).
    There’s more sins and quirks, but I think those are the worst.

  • devon

    i will buy a lipstick/gloss/anything only to realize that i already own it. because i have no clue what i have in my stash. i should take inventory, no? i also may or may not keep some items much longer than i should if they look/smell ok. and i buy curling irons and things for my hair, but usually end up braiding it or wearing it in a bun thingie because i’m lazy. i live a minimal life for the most part in everything else, but makeup? forget it. i could beautify an army.

  • Sammy

    Here’s a suggestion for some of the ladies: I have entirely stopped using any powder form of makeup, so therefore I no longer need to use makeup brushes (so therefore I don’t have to clean them anymore – Yay!). I apply everything with my fingers. Tinted moisturizer, gel-based blush, and liquid eyeshadow (Josie Maran’s coconut watercolor blush and eyeshadow is to die for!), concealer, and lipstick. Takes me less than 5 minutes to apply my makeup now and it looks very polished AND actually has more wearing power than any powder-based makeup. Also, for those ladies who hate to wash their face at night, maybe keep a package of facial wipes on your nightstand for a few quick swipes. It’s better than nothing. But my biggest beauty sin is buying lipstick. I have the stuff stashed everywhere. Always have to put my lips on – lol!

  • reallyfairskin

    I’m lazy, so I just use moisturizer which already has SPF in it )) people who apply moisturizer and then SPF are so patient, I can’t imagine doing it myself.

  • Sandra

    I buy makeup palettes. I have barely touched the latest when I am lusting after a new one. I have some that I have only used a time or two before moving on. It’s a shame but they are so pretty.

    I also hoard BBW. I have a ton of lotion and hand soap. Don’t even get me started on the candles (I have a shelf full). I went in with a friend a couple of weeks ago stating I was not allowed to buy anything and walked out with a big bag. It’s a sickness.

    I did an inventory and put everything in a spreadsheet in January. The thought was that if I saw it in writing it would help me not buy things until the list got smaller. It has helped with some things but not palettes and candles.

    I may just submit to my addiction. lol

  • Dora

    Fun post! Yes, it’s definitely been “a while” since I’ve cleaned my brushes (or even used the spritz on them). (Also, let’s just leave “a while” kind of vague so I don’t overly disgust anyone.) Also, I just dust off a brush on my arm or something after using it and then use it in another product. That’s a sin, right? I totally hoard lipstick. I do wear them, but damn I have a lot. I keep trying to cut back — and I’ve slowed down relative to last year, but it’s still a problem. My eye shadow problem is not as bad but still way more than I can use (and am considering Too Faced Chocolate Bar — I have a coupon! — in case someone wants to talk me in or out of it). Oh, and I keep products past their dates for sure. I mean, if something looks or smells bad or makes me break out, I toss it, but yeah, I tend to hold on to stuff.

    • Sandra

      Well if you have a coupon!

      Why are you asking a bunch of makeup junkies to talk you out of buying makeup. You know we will encourage it. But the Chocolate Bar palette…… yum. Did I mention that I have an issue with palettes. lol

  • Ari

    Ah, my makeup sins are vast! I’m just so weak to whatever new, pretty, sparky makeup thing comes into view!

    It’s funny that everyone’s mentioning brush cleaning, I was just cleaning mine yesterday…after neglecting them for like, over a month…grody, I know. Of course, I got distracted halfway through washing them, soooo I guess I’d better get on that…

    One of my biggest, silliest vices is weird lipstick colors! Blues and greens especially. Though in general I’m far too much of a wimp to wear them! Yet I still found myself at the MAC counter last week, forking over my cash for Matte Royal (“well, really it’s more purple on me than blue” I rationalized to the salesperson, as well as to myself). And my order from Colour Pop arrived yesterday, complete with their new green and blue liquid lipsticks. And I was drooling over Nyx’s new grey liquid lipstick, and trying to remember where I stashed my favorite black lipstick, and realizing my lack of a good yellow lippie and how I should fix that…oy vey. Somebody stop me!

  • LS

    I have makeup that is “old” and should be thrown away, according to every source out there. I have several glosses, blushes, etc, so I rarely entirely use a product up (my BE bisque and foundations are exceptions to this). I just can’t throw away eyeshadow because I’ve owned it for a year. I don’t imagine many beuty addicts do.

    I’m also not good at cleaning my brushes as often as I should.

    I also have more makeup than I can reasonably use, but I love having variety and options when I use it!

  • Michele

    You are not alone hoarding hand soap & shower gel, lol! I have a massive bag filled to the brim w/goodies from Bath & Bodyworks. You are correct, it is entirely THEIR fault. One never knows which shower gel or handsoap will be discontinued from year to year, so one has to stock up. That’s my story & I’m sticking to it!

  • danadoo

    I am guilty of so many of the crimes others have mentioned except for not washing my face. I always, no matter what, wash my face! Now washing my brushes is another thing entirely. Also, every time i paint my toenails, i buy a new color and proceed to wear it ONCE. Then, after a year or so, when its all gross and separated i throw it away. I am a terrible person.

  • Hez

    Hey Musey! Hope your having a great summer, 😀 I skip the PM face wash a lot. Booo on me . PS I’m totally stealing side shark eyes from ya. Haha

    • Isabella Muse

      It was fab (feels over booo!) thanks Hez how was yours? Haha it’s ok, we all forgive you for the PM face wash skip! LOL go right ahead!

  • celine D

    Whoa …. Lots of confessions here … I LOVE it ! Love to all of u gals!!! Nice to hear we are all human and do
    a lot of the same stuff no matter what age …
    I too order stuff and when it arrives I am so hyped up to look at it and play w/ it . But . ..Then I don’t use
    it for weeks … WTF ??? Especially eye palettes . It’s like they are crystals and I don’t want to touch them -just yet ?? LOL!!!!! Ahhh – Why?

    I must say Muse -You are the Balls !!!
    Best Blog EVVVVVA !
    You always come up w/ the best topics …. Noooo one on the web can be beat …

    ; >

  • Rachel R.

    *I hoard lipsticks and eyeshadows. I love eyeshadow palettes, especially.

    *I buy all-in-one face palettes “for travel” even though I don’t travel a lot. (Wishful thinking, I suppose.)

    *I don’t use facial masks as often as I should.

  • genevieve

    You are NOT alone in the hand soap department. I have lots of them. When I was in Canberra (Aus capital city) at one of the best gift shops I have been to (Australian Museum), there was this heavenly range of gift soaps in exotic scents – did I buy one? Hell no, I bought 3 and even then I thought I was being good…..
    Natio – a great Australian cruelty free brand, often has the best deals for bath and body products. During the sales their prices are even lower. Do I stock up? Absolutely. There are great gifts (that’s my excuse. As for lipsticks – red, browny-copper, marsala colours. My bag is overflowing and I am just contemplating buying NYX Wraith.
    Yes I love all these little treasures.

  • Iris

    I purchase far too many eyeshadows, perfumes, and lipsticks, especially if they’re limited edition. I’m trying to cut back.

  • Brooke Jones

    Well….hell! This week I bought six bottles of perfume. Not one, not two…six. And I am not sorry!!!

      • Brooke Jones

        All from Love Potion…Sneaky Clean, Apparition , Goldiefingers, Pumpkin Fairy Cakes, Candy Cane Cookies, and Occo Ambrosia. Oh and did I mention that on top of that I also bought the monthly sampler for August? And I am considering getting them to make me a personalized edition….of Leaves…because I obviously don’t have enough perfume.

        P.S. I also bought three bottles of BPAL

        P.P.S. I did all this with the full knowledge that Halloween is coming and I will buy all the Halloween scents.

        • Isabella Muse

          HAHAHAHA I’ve created a monster lol! WAIT FOR OCTOBER! they release a huge array of fragrances for Fall haha 😀

  • Ashley M

    Nice to see I’m not alone if it’s limited edition or exclusive I have to have it but my biggest thing is the six large boxes of candles I have stashed under my bed and the 30 plus wax tarts packs that I have only used once and the sad thing is I want more