August 28, 2015

Harry Potter Lipsticks from LA Splash

LA Splash Harry Potter Smitten LipTint Mousse

Muggles, rejoice! Harry Potter Lipsticks from LA Splash have arrived. Well, not really Harry Potter Lipsticks but ones named after the beloved characters in the J.K. Rowling Harry Potter Books!

LA Splash Smitten LipTint Mousse ($14) is a new waterproof non transfer liquid lipstick with a matte finish. These new vibrant lipsticks are available in 17 shades selections with several of the shades being named after characters from Harry Potty.

Of course, the idea of Harry Potter Lipsticks has broken the Internet with fights breaking out all over the fandom world because some shades don’t really match up well to their characters. For example, Sirius’ shade is a navy blue where as the fandom believes it should be black.

Technically if anyone should have a black gothy lipstick it should be Snape but as much as I love Harry Potter it’s a fandom I won’t fight with, I wouldn’t win and I’d come home bruised, bloodied, or possibly dead if I tried.

Maybe one day MAC will actually get on the geeky makeup bandwagon and gift us with some amazing Harry Potter or Doctor Who Collection.

Until then we can just fight over which shades of Harry Potter Lipstick should correspond to its character.

LA Splash Smitten LipTint Mousse is available now at


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  • amy

    If I’m not mistaken, LASplash already has a black in this formula, so that should end the argument right there, LOL! Sometimes, you just have to go with what’s available. I remember being a 10-year-old S.E. Hinton fangirl back in the day, and when The Outsiders was made into a film, the cast was matched so well to the book-except for Matt Dillon as Dallas Winston (but hey, I’ll take Matt Dillon any way I can, LOL!). That said, regardless of names, I do see a few shades that look appealing…

    • Isabella Muse

      I always kinda sorta fell in love with Dillon as Dallas. He wasn’t exactly what I envisioned him to be but somehow, someway it worked 😀 Did you watch Wayward Pines? I swear the man is sipping from the fountain of youth because he still looks amazing at 51!

      • amy

        I caught a few episodes of Wayward Pines, but something always came up, and I missed too many to get caught up… I’m sure it’ll find its way to DVD, or something, or I can try to find it

        • Isabella Muse

          It’s on demand I think either hulu or netflix has it. It was ok, not great, but worth watching for Matt!

          • amy

            I just found it on OnDemand, and I plan to watch it now tha my daughter has gone back to school, and I have access to my TV, LOL!

  • Renu

    How fun! I’m a Slytherin person so I would want a lipstick named after the characters but I’m certainly not brave enough to wear any of the shades except for Charmed.

  • amy

    somehow. But yes, he still looks *amazing*!

    I loved him as Dallas, but I was sooo into the books, but since everyone else was cast exactly as I pictured them, it was kind of jarring, LOL! He definitely had the “essence” of Dallas, though.

    • Isabella Muse

      I think he was just popular at the time and fell into every single SE Hinton movie they made in the 80s ;-D tex, rumble fish, etc…! No one expected Dallas to be a kid with brown hair and brown eyes so yeah, def weird 🙂 but it worked for sure! I loved his swagger in the film it was one of the things that not only made me laugh but also captured Dally’s complete cockiness and devil may care attitude 😀

  • Ruth

    I freakin’ love The Outsiders! confession- I actually *stole* the book from my local library & still have it. I think Ponyboy was my first book boyfriend, he made my heart thump a bit faster and was so full of angst and dreams *sigh* it actually hurt.

  • Amy Amethyst

    Yeah I’d totally want a Severus one, but I’m not wearing a turquoise/aqua shade on my lips. That’s really the only one that seems totally mismatched to me. So just send me an actual Snape and/or Alan Rickman, and we’ll call it good.

  • Rachel R.

    I think the colors are great! I love Harry Potter, but I think people insisting Sirius’ shade has to be black are being too literal. LA Splash already has a black, so I think it’s better they made a new color. It’s still dark; close enough for me.

  • Deb

    I would LOVE to see you do a posting with that green on your lips….LOL!

  • Kim Andres

    These are technically not new, I’ve owned a few colors since March. But they are worthwhile + definitely live up to the hype! (:

  • Rebekah

    I think dark blue works, though Sirius Black does have Black in his name. XD They should definitely add a black Snape shade.

    Personally I don’t really want MAC to get into fandom makeup (HP, Star Wars, Doctor Who, etc), because they never make enough of their limited edition makeup, it sells out in a flash, and it’s kind of a disaster.

  • Heidi

    My inner nitpick is activated. It’s Ravenclaw, not Ravens Claw. But maybe they did that to skirt around copyright?

    • Lindsay

      It drives me crazy too! The only thing I can figure is it’s to avoid being sued. The other names while clearly themed aren’t exclusively Harry Potter, Ravenclaw would be specific enough to get them in trouble.

  • Lindsay

    I’m excited about their new shades: Love Good, Nymphadora, Hermione, Ginny, Lavender, Alastor and Severus.

    The only problem is I can’t find swatches of them online! I really want to try Love Good (grr that space is making my eye twitch) and Hermione but their swatches haven’t proved to be very color accurate so I’m (very impatiently) awaiting swatches.