September 11, 2015

Colourpop Pinch Lippie Stix Review & Swatches

Colourpop Pinch Lippie Stix1

Colourpop Pinch Lippie Stix ($5) launches with the Rumer Willis x Colourpop Collection back in May and it’s been laying around my collection waiting for just the right time for me to use it. And now happens to be that time as this is one of those shades that’s gorgeous for Fall looks.

Pinch is kinda a weird shade for me as it’s pretty tan and reminds me of of the color of, well, how do I say it without being terribly unladylike? Yeah, well I think you get the idea. I tend to avoid tan shades because they kinda make me look like rigor mortis set in. Granted, I’ve always wanted to be a living, breathing, full on zombie (I’m sure there’s irony in that living, breathing portion) but I do tend to stay away from shades that make me look like one at least when I’m at work.

In all seriousness, the zombie look isn’t one of my makeup goals so yeah, I do avoid nude or tan lips as much as possible. It’s just not a shade this Muse can pull off. Some folks rock it and some folks, like me, can’t rock it.

However, for some reason I can obviously take on Colourpop Pinch Lippie Stix without an issue and come out of it look normal and very un-zombie like in appearance. Not looking like a zombie level unlocked! Shoot, score, she wins!

Colourpop Pinch Lippie Stix

Colourpop Pinch Lippie Stix

Colourpop Pinch Lippie Stix swatches

Colourpop Pinch Lippie Stix Swatches

Colourpop dubs Pinch as a “light pinky beige in a matte finish”. Ummm I call it tan and tan and yes, tan. I don’t really see any pink to the shade until I apply it and for me I think that’s my own natural lip pigmentation that makes the pink come out so to speak. It applies tan but as I sit and smack my lips together I notice the shade goes dusky and turns into a very wearable shade of tan with a slightly dusky rose undertone.

Colourpop Lippie Stix in the matte finish don’t always get on well with me. I find them a bit drying and never truly smooth on my lips as they seem to accentuate the natural lines on my lips and color falls into those lines. There’s a fair bit of tugging and dragging during application as well since the formula isn’t very creamy. I’m willing to forsake the issues with the matte shades sometimes though because the price is pretty darn right at five bucks and Pinch (and some other shades) is worth the PITA finish and dryness. This does wear for a good five hours and I didn’t have issues with the color feather or trying to take a road trip around my lip line. It also doesn’t flake up during that wear but it isn’t moisturizing so if you’re prone to dry lips beware and prep well prior to application! As far as flavor, sometimes I get a faint vanilla taste and other times I don’t with Colourpop lip products! With Pinch I’m failing to smell or taste anything.

Colourpop Pinch Lippie Stix fotd

So the moral of the story is the finish isn’t fab and the application isn’t much better but the shade just might convince you to have a go as it is quite a lovely and very wearable nude shade for Fall looks!

Colourpop Pinch Lippie Stix is available now at

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  • Dora

    I think that looks great on you! Have you tried the other Lippie Stix finishes? I’ve been really wanting to try some but haven’t bit the bullet yet. Super curious about Lumiere — although those greigey lavender shades always look horrible on me (although maybe it’ll surprise me like Pinch did for you!) Kind of waiting for a coupon or free shipping or something . . .

  • Rachel R.

    I think it’s pretty on you. It is tan, but with just a hint of pink. I think that’s what saves it from giving the zombie effect. I like it!

  • danadoo

    So weird, your swatches look really pinky to me and not tan at all! I want this based on the swatches but I’m scared to get it based on your review. Haaaalp, I’m so conflicted!!

    • Isabella Muse

      Mmmmmm it does swatch kinda dusky. if your lips are pigmented it should work very nicely but if you have paler lips you might feel it looks tan and muddy!

  • Katherine T.

    Er, is it my monitor, but the swatch looks like a rosy pink not tan at all. I have Pinch, and really like it. Like you, I hate really nude lippies because they give me zombie lips, but I’ve been able to wear ones with a little bit of pink or peach in them. Before wearing, I warm up my face with a soft pinky brown or peachy blush, and it helps a lot. I think Pinch looks nice on you. I actually prefer my lippies to be drier side, because I always put SFP 15 lip balm on top.

    • Isabella Muse

      thanks Katherine! 🙂 I like this one a lot. It really looks tan to me but it applies with a pink duskiness that’s very pretty!

  • Amy Teed

    Very pretty on you! I am impressed!
    Is there a way to sign up for an update
    When you post a new review? I follow you on Twitter but rarely check it.
    I Google your site almost every day.
    I really enjoy your reviews.