September 2, 2015

Laura Mercier Fall in Luxe Colour Collection

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Laura Mercier Fall in Luxe Colour Collection

I’m always terribly tempted to grab up some of Laura Mercier’s limited edition sets that launch during the Fall and the Holidays! Problem? They are kinda outside my budget for indulging in a set. So my logic makes no sense because technically I have no problem spending $150 on random products at Sephora but present me with a full set of makeup at that price and I kinda back away from it.


Possibly. But I never said I made much sense.

The Laura Mercier Fall in Luxe Colour Collection is a new, limited edition Fall 2015 Set that includes essentials for face, lips, and eyes. And you guessed it, it’s marked at $150 (but valued at $260 if that makes you feel any better).

The set includes two exclusive look books housed in a velvety keepsake box plus two full size Laura Mercier Lip Parfait Creamy Colourbalms in Cherry On Top and Amaretto Swirl come with the set. I’ve been wanting to try the Colourbalms anyway so I should probably just bite the bullet on the set yes?

Now the set is exclusive to Neiman Marcus so that’s where you’ll need to be if you decide to get your hands on it.

As for me, I’ll mull it over for a while longer.

P.S. Why did they change the son in the Strain? The new kid is annoying as %*$!* Please just let his mother have him already.

zack the strain

I receive a small commission if you shop through my link.

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  • Robin

    I agree about the kid Zach! I was happy when his mom found him, but drat, the dad and Nora saved him. I am totally creeped out about the blind kids being scent hounds. Love the new vampire ninja guy!!!
    okay back to makeup…

    I love LM Artist’s palette that was at Sephora two years ago. I’ve hit pan on two of the shadows and I use all the colors. I picked up one of her holiday palettes on ebay and it’s nice. This one is pretty, but I’m holding off til I see more holiday collectionsfrom the other companies.

    It’s weird talking about fall/holiday when it’s going to be 91 today.

    • Isabella Muse

      I wish she’d bite him already so I can see the shock on his snotty little face! Snap out of it, kid. You’re mother is a freaking zombified vampire, deal with it. Omg those bind kids are scary. They are like part dog, part spider…ew! Yeah, I am so happy to see Quinlan in the flesh but he’s a different from the books. When Vaun was introduced I automatically assumed that was Quinlan, it was kinda sneaky the way they did that but none the less happy to see Quinlan this season 😀 Gosh yes, it sure is, it’s 92 here and humid as hell! I decorated for Fall and I swear I feel silly with all the autumn leaves, etc and 90 degree weather all week!

      • Robin

        Vaun was cool! Quinlan wow! I like the pest exterminator guy and very happy Corey is his beautiful bald self. LOL

        I don’t like gory movies. I love watching suspense shows/movies, but for The Strain, I have to look away sometimes. I’m hooked on the story and it’s worth watching it with my hands above my eyes. 🙂

        Also liking Fear the Walking Dead. Only four more eps.

        • Isabella Muse

          agreed ;-D haha and yes love Fet!!!!!!!!!!!! Feeling bad for him now that Dutch kinda dumped him 😀 Corey bald=not working for me lol! Haha! I love horror movies, love gore, but I end up watching it with my hands over my eyes too don’t feel bad. Fear of the Walking Dead haven’t QUITE MADE a decision on yet, it’s a little slow going!

  • Natalie

    Laura Mercier sets usually have repeat eyeshadow colors, so if you have bought a set before I’d check the colors before buying. I don’t like when blush is by the shadows in these sets. I splurged on a LM set years ago and found I had to keep trying to clean off the blush. And the lid was just a cover which didn’t shut it secure, and it may be the same kind of covers from the pic, so I’d check that first too. Overall, in my experience it wasn’t worth the money, but someone else might think it is. You could just buy a Colourbalm for a lot less $$ if that is what you really want.

    • Isabella Muse

      Yup! I agreed, Natalie! That’s happened to me before with color dupes! I kinda sorta wanted the collection because the shades are so fall friendly but I’m kinda have a gulping moment dishing out so much on one go 😀

  • Courtney

    Your logic makes perfect sense ! I am the same way. I can’t see myself spending $150 on just one makeup item, but like you , would do it on a heartbeat on several items. But I did purchase the Sunday Riley Luna oil. So does that count ? Skin care for me is kind of the exception. Good skin = better makeup application in my mind.

    • Isabella Muse

      Haha it’s such dumb logic right? Oh well I guess it makes sense to us 😀 I agree though, on skincare I’m all about splurging!

  • Powell

    Hahaha. I didn’t get into Strain. Don’t you hate when they change an actor to one that annoys the heck out of you? You’re funny. 🙂

    Go ahead and bite the bullet and purchase the set. I’d love to see your reviews. Thks.

    • Isabella Muse

      YES! Good example, game of thrones! So many actor changes WTF! haha thanks 😀 tempt tempt tempt!

  • genevieve

    Wow – for $150 you had better like all the colours and formulas. Very pricy for me and, no doubt, many others. The colours do look a tad dupable.

  • Monica G.

    Dang! I must say, I have been steering away from LM cos of their steep prices. I really reeeally want their Cognac eyeshadow but the single is more expensive than say, an Urban decay blush!