September 23, 2015

Sonia Kashuk Resurface Gentle Exfoliating Wash Review

Sonia Kashuk Resurface Gentle Exfoliating Wash

I recently purchased the new Sonia Kashuk Resurface Gentle Exfoliating Wash ($14.99) at Target. Yes, if you haven’t heard the good news, Sonia Kashuk has introduced a new line of skincare that’s available exclusively at Target and At the moment the Sonia Kashuk Skincare Collection is small but I have hopes she’ll release more items soon especially since I really liked the Resurface Gentle Exfoliating Wash!

Let’s take a look!

With all my energy and excitement going to tracking down the Sonia Kashuk Grand Bazaar Fall 2015 Collection I had almost forgotten she launched a skincare line!

Last week I happened to luck out and noticed that the Sonia Kashuk display at my local Target had been updated and one lonely tube of the new Resurface Gentle Exfoliating Wash was sitting on the shelf waiting for me. Sadly, the rest of the items were sold out but hey, at least I got the exfoliator right? Right!

I like this a lot although I had problems with it at first. This is SUPER thick and creamy with a gritty texture that when used correctly will give you a chemical peel-like effect. I love, love, love exfoliators with a texture like this as the grains are very tiny, kinda like salt, and I find they work excellent to resurface my drier skin. I do like gritty and for me, this delivers but only when used in small amounts. The first time I used it I was disappointed as I used about a quarter size amount. So basically it cleansed my face as it lathered up but since it was so thick it failed to really exfoliate. So obviously more or less because the next few times I only used a little more than a dime size amount and BAM! Worked perfectly! It’s gritty but not so gritty that it’s harsh and it works beautifully to scrub away dead skin cells and to gently resurface my skin.

Sonia Kashuk Resurface Gentle Exfoliating Wash swatches

I think since the formula is so thick and creamy you won’t be able to feel the difference or get the benefits of the exfoliating grains if you use a lot so use a small amount for the best results. It does lather up a little as you work the product into skin but I seen more foam when I used a lot versus using smaller amount. I detected no fragrance in this formula.

I liked the results here as it quite reminded me more of a chemical peel but of course without the red or tingly feeling after use. To me it was a similar consistency as Sephora’s Metamorphosis Exfoliating Powder but a little tiny bit less grainy. It really smooths and softens skin up and there’s a noticeable different when applying skincare after use as my moisturizer absorbs much, much more quickly. My face even appears brighter after scrubbing all the drier, flakier areas away!

If all of Sonia’s new skincare is as good as the Resurface Gentle Exfoliating Wash I’m going to be a very, very happy camper.

Do try this out if you’re in the market for a new facial scrub!

Available now at Target and


Sonia Kashuk Resurface Gentle Exfoliating Wash2

I purchased this item.

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  • dia

    Does this contain plastic microbeads? I love my Garnier scrub, but I was reading about how a zillion tons of plastic microbeads from our scrubs and cleansers are washed down household drains and polluting our oceans, and I’m trying to find an alternative.

    • Isabella Muse

      nooooooooooooooo I hate those. I actually mentioned in the review the consistency is like little grains of salt 🙂

    • dia

      Wonderful! I’ll have to give this a try (assuming I can find it in stock anywhere!).

  • Belle

    Yay, glad to hear that this worked out well for you! My sensitive, eczema-prone skin can’t handle physical exfoliants, or I’d go ahead and snatch this up too. I’m waiting for the gel to oil makeup remover to launch though, sounds like it could be totally awesome.

    Btw, it looks like the exfoliant in this scrub is diatomaceous earth, which is primarily silica: “Diatomaceous Earth is a mineral material consisting chiefly of the siliceous fragments of various species of fossilized remains of diatoms”

  • Jessica

    I can’t wait to try out this product! From your description, it sounds like an exfoliant that I would like. When I use up my current one, I will certainly head out and grab this one! Thanks for sharing.

  • Astha MBF

    This looks super amazing! I really wish Sonia Kashuk was available in India 🙂