October 1, 2015

Bath & Body Works Winter 2015 Candles

bath and body works winter 2015 candles

Now Bath & Body Works hasn’t launched any of their Holiday 2015 Candles but you can get a little sneak peek of some of the Bath & Body Works Winter 2015 Candles today.

Sound like a plan?

Here’s a look!

There’s plenty more to come but today there are four different Bath & Body Works Winter 2015 Candles available on their site. Nothing too exciting yet but here’s a little repromote in new packaging of old favorites!

Fresh Sparkling Snow
Fruity blend of icy pear, frozen melon & frosted musk.

Vanilla Snowflake
Creamy vanilla, mint & a dash of coconut.

Mahogany Teakwood
Mahogany, oak & frosted lavender.

Fresh Balsam
Balsam, fir trees & eucalyptus leaves.

Oh and by the way there’s a new intense version of Mahogany Teakwood in stores! I picked up during my last haul! It’s quite interesting!

The new Bath & Body Works 2015 Candles are available now at bathandbodyworks.com.