October 13, 2015

Wen Fall Tuscan Pear Perfume Arrives

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wen fall tuscan pear perfume

I’m on my 3rd bottle of Guerlain French Kiss. It’s $260 that I’m willing to spend over and over and over again because it smells incredible (like an expensive luxury lipstick!). Paying that much for fragrance is obscene but the quality is so there and it is well worth it in my humblest opinion.

However, the idea of spending $120 on the new Wen Fall Tuscan Pear Perfume has me…mmmm doubtful? Freaked? Turned off? Scared?

I wasn’t terribly impressed with the scent of Wen Fall Tuscan Pear Cleansing Conditioner when it launched last year but I was intrigued to see the fragrance was made into a perfume!

I love, love, love that the Wen is creating fragrances now. There are so many gorgeous limited edition scents in the cleansing conditioner range I’d love to own as a perfume.


I don’t want to pay $120 for them.

This is too new an item to add such a high end luxury price to it. I have to admit it shocked me to be presented with such a price tag! I will say the bottle is large at 3.4 oz but having never tried the juice inside I’m slightly wary of splurging that much on a fragrance. QVC’s return policy is incredible but still I’m holding off on this one.

I love Wen for venturing into the realms of fragrance but I’m sure I’m willing to pay high end prices to try it out.

Are you?

Wen Fall Tuscan Pear Perfume is available now at qvc.com.

I receive a small commission if you shop through my link.

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  • diane

    I bought the Wen 613 fragrance but that is a EDT, not an EDP. That being said, for an EDT it has great staying power and smells lovely. I haven’t tried the EDPs by him yet. I would dive into Wen perfumes and if you catch them early, you may be able to get a it a few bucks cheaper. This debuted at a One Time Only Price. πŸ˜‰ I’m passing on Pear since the scent was just okay to me but if Spring Orange Blossom or Winter Vanilla Mint perfumes come out, I’m all over it!

    • Isabella Muse

      I got the EDT myself but unfortunately it faded so fast so I purchased the EDP but haven’t tried it yet, hoping it has a longer wear! Yeah or at least on easy pay haha! Oh gosh if they did Winter Vanilla Mint I’d probably have a very hard time resisting it even at this price!

  • Nicole

    I have this eau de parfume and really enjoy it. This was a fairly safe buy for me and I got it at the OTO price on QVC. I love the scent of the Fall Tuscan Pear CC, SC, NTM, RTM, and the TO, and I have paid so much more per ounce for perfumes that I am not that fond of the price tag didn’t send me into a coma or anything, LOL!
    This perfume is exactly what it claims to be, juicy fresh pear with a touch of warmth added by a touch of amber. In my opinion it smells exactly like the FTP Treatment Oil with an added slightly bright freshness (my guess is the rhubarb extract is what causes this slight difference that I quite enjoy).
    By no means is this just a cool weather fragrance, it could be worn year round because it has a light freshness and I don’t find that it would be offensive because it isn’t an in your face knock you out in an elevator scent. Now do not make mistakes it for not having longevity on your skin; I have sprayed this on and had it last well over 8 hours on me. Now I know that can very from person to person. The 6 13 eau de toilette lasts all day on me and the eau de parfume isn’t coming of me unless I shower it off and I find it to have a little more depth in fragrance than the original eau de toilette (perfect for cooler weather ).
    Something I love doing is layering the FTP EDP over one of my 6 13 fragrances. I have had so many people tell me you smell so good lately I don’t know if it is just all the hugs I have gotten or what, but it makes me feel good. Right now a feel good moment means the world to me. ☺️
    The other thing that means so much is my mom’s favorite WEN fall seasonal CC is FTP. She has been smelling my arm or piece of clothing that the FTP EDP is on and smiling. She is an amazingly strong and loving woman and I am happy to see any happiness brought to her face no matter what brings it there. ❀️

    • Isabella Muse

      It sounds lovely. How much was the OTO price? Curious minds. I was a little wary of purchasing at over $100 for a non luxury brand tbh! πŸ˜€

      • Nicole

        It was $108.60 (had to look that one up, LOL ). I think $31.94 per ounce is what it worked out to unless my math is wrong. So per ounce at that price I just sort of laughed thinking about what I have paid for an ounce of fragrance from LuckyScents.com! At least I could return it too to QVC if I really did not like it.
        The other thing to remember is ther is no menthol added to the perfume if that turned anyone off or is sensitive to it in the CC.

        • Isabella Muse

          Mmmm still kinda meh on paying $108 for it. At least luckyscents carries luxury fragrances but I just don’t consider Wen a luxury line of fragrance yanno? If it goes on sale for around $60ish I’d def consider it πŸ™‚ Plus the reviews of it smelling like overripe fruit def turned me off slightly πŸ™‚ but your review does tempt me!!!

          • Nicole

            Perfume is such a subjective thing to try and review. The over ripened fruit thing has confused me. I have no idea it this is a skin chemistry thing or if people have never smelled a ripe pear?
            Meg Ryan in “City of Angels” describing a pear to Nicholas Cage the way Hemingway would is quite accurate. “Juicy, sweet, soft on your toung, grainy like sugary sand that dissolves in your mouth.” I am almost sure that is correct but I have not seen the movie in years. But that really does make me think of this perfume.

          • Isabella Muse

            Too true! most cases perfume will react differently on everyone. That sounds divine πŸ™‚ It’s still a little $$$ though so I may wait for an easy pay!

  • Quinctia

    I’ve been wearing mostly BPAL scents for years, so just about any traditional perfume price seems exhorbitant to me! I guess, if you’re willing to spend Guerlain prices for scents that really hit the mark for you, the price on this could be worth it.

    If it was “meh” in the conditioner for you, though, I doubt it’d improve enough as a perfume. I’ve had some ridiculously good smelling hair products. Desert Essence has a Ginger Apple scent…so ridiculously good.

  • kellly

    I clicked the link and read the QVC reviews and almost NOBODY liked it. They said mostly that it doesn’t last, and some complained the fragrance isn’t like the conditioner. So if you put any stock in reading others’ reviews, this one would probably be a pass. Especially for that much money.