October 16, 2015

Why I’m Talking About Well-Kept Screen Cleansing Towelettes On My Beauty Blog

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well kept screen cleansing towelettes

I sometimes car pool to work with my sister. Typically I’m like an old bag lady so I have a tote and a purse and another tote and a makeup bag and a plastic bag…yeah, I carry around a lot of rubbish.

Anyway, when I car pool with my sister I typically toss everything in the back seat and that includes my purse. I’m not one of those people that constantly has to have my iPhone in my hand. It’s not a third appendage for me and I’m ok if I don’t have it attached to my hand 24/7 365. If it happens to be out of my hand for a few hours I don’t break out into a cold sweat and hyperventilate. I actually feel more relaxed when I don’t have it in my hand because I don’t feel inclined to reply to the dozens and dozens of work e-mails or crazy amount of texts my friends send me, etc…I can just breath easier.

Moral of the story is when I toss my purse in the back seat it’s likely my phone is in my bag and I won’t remove it until the end of my work day if I’m in my office and not out and about. If I do have to make a call my sister’s phone is typically handy as she keeps it in a compartment by her hand while she’s driving.

But she HATES when I’m using her phone and I can’t blame her. Why? Because she’s a minimal makeup girl. She doesn’t use foundation and she’s more a natural, minimalist with a little blush, mascara, and go. Where as I’m the complete face girl. So whenever I use her phone my makeup smears off on it and I get the screen all smeared and disgusting. Come on, admit it, you know your phones are looking all kinds of gross too!

My own phone has a screen protector but it gets smeared and I even have moments where my foundation literally transfers onto the screen. So not pretty! I rub it off with a little screen cloth I have handy. But I was interested to see Well-Kept Screen Cleansing Towelettes launch on Sephora recently. I had a moment of, “Why the hell is Sephora selling screen wipes?!” But after reading the info about these I was intrigued and now I want to try them!

So these will set you back six bucks for a packette of $15 wipes. And what they do is not only clean oil and makeup from your cell phones and other devices but also prevent blemish and acne outbreaks as that cell glued to your ear has a buildup of all kinds of gross and it is touching your face every day so using the wipes will prevent that oil from transferring to your face. Pretty nifty.

I kinda thought it was a cool idea.

What do you think?

The Well-Kept Screen Cleansing Towelettes are available now at Sephora.com.

I receive a small commission if you shop through my link.

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  • Carolyn

    Coolness! I think I will order these but they are kind of pricey. Do they smell good? I like that they come in a nice package. The ones I have from work are kinda blah and always dry up. Windex makes something similar too but I forgot where I bought those (target?) Hmmm…

    • Isabella Muse

      I’m not sure I literally just ordered them! I’ll let you know! ๐Ÿ™‚ They DO!? But ones that are good for your face?

  • dia

    seems gimmicky, TBH. i usually use the microfiber cloth i carry around to clean my glasses.

  • Katherine T.

    Dang, can’t believe you work and still have time to review and post on this blog! Thanks so much for all your hard work. I really enjoy reading your blog

  • Kelly Trojanowski

    First, I need to disclose up front that I met the founder of Well-Kept through my daughter and now consider her a dear friend. Secondly, I am thrifty a/k/a cheap and this is one product that I am willing to pay for without hesitation! Yes, I use them for my phone, but consider them to be indispensable for cleaning my glasses. They are far better than any other cleaning wipes or cloths I have ever used! I usually use them several times before tossing (told ‘ya I’m cheap). They are great for removing suntan lotion from my sunglasses when I’m out in the boat, cleaning off the Garmin GPS screen, and did I mention getting fish guts off my hands? lol I also used them to wipe a food spill off my pants. In case you are wondering, no, I don’t work for the company and was not asked to endorse Well-Kept. They are just that good!

  • Ame

    These literally are THE BEST there ever was. I was SO excited to see them hit Sephora. I use them for my phone, to clean my rings in a pinch, to clean my glasses, to clean my screens in my car (GPS etc), to wipe my computer screen and when I am out swatching…to clean my hand off.

    I “discovered” these several years ago when I read about them around the web and wanted to know why they were “so great” compared to the brand I had been using. That brand dried out before you’d ever finish the pack out, but I was like “eh they’re cheap and I can get them at Target, and just keep them in a ziploc.” I was ridiculously skeptical of them being more than the cute packaging–and I am a SUCKER for packaging.

    Well..when I got the first pack of them, I was IMMEDIATELY converted–I even reviewed them on my blog I was so ridiculously blown away. I am a RABID, ridiculously addicted, HOARDER of these. Like…I have no less than 30 packs of these at home, and like 6 in my desk drawer right now. Every damn time there’s a sale or 20% or more–or when they do the Xmas GMA event, I buy a shit load of them. I give them with gifts, usually a pack with a gift, when I do secret santa, I stick a pack in. EVERYONE I know gets a freaking pack from me, and they’re all either expecting them as gifts now, or they are converted and buy them. My mom, sister, sisters in law, mother in law…it’s ridiculous. My husband even likes them and will actually not be a disgusting gross man and wipe his phone and toilet companion iPad down after he goes to the bathroom with it lol

    They are AMAZING. And I don’t work for them either, nor am I ever asked to talk about them, nor have I ever gotten anything for free that wasn’t part of a coupon code (I am not a fool, I wait for codes!), I am just their most obsessed fan. I probably creep them out. I even buy some of the special collab ones from places like Anthro to get the cute packaging ones–WHEN THEY HAVE CODES lol. I am hoping Jcrew has another one. I still have ONE of those packs left I just don’t want to open.