November 6, 2015

Bed, Bath, and Beyond 20% Coupons Might See A Scale Down

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Technically I never purchased anything full price at Bed, Bath, and Beyond before. I mean they have coupons ALL the time so why not take advantage of 20% off that new toaster that toasts breads, makes coffee, and walks the dog at the same time right?

Well, actually, I use the coupons more for beauty as the Bed, Bath, and Beyond store I go has a rather larger makeup section. I also happily use them at Harmons since they are both the same company.

I’ve always felt like Bed, Bath, and Beyond was a touch high for their kitchen gadgets and doodads. Typically if I need a new coffeemaker or a toaster, or anything home related I shop it on Amazon where I can get $20, $30, or more dollars less than Bed, Bath, and Beyond and yes, that’s factoring in the coupons the store provides. They seem awfully overpriced to me on some of the items they stock in stores.

So those fab coupons are saved and used up on a variety of makeup and beauty items I purchase at Harmons.

But I have seen people walking into Bed, Bath, and Beyond, load up a carriage, and proceed to check out while clutching 10 or more coupons in their hands. The fact of the matter is, the store is generous with coupons. For one thing they allow you to use expired coupons! For another, they let you combine as many coupons in one sale as you want. Got a toaster? Use a 20% Off coupon! Oh wait you have a super latte maker machine along with that toaster? Use another 20% off coupon for that!

We’ve been conditioned to not buy a damn thing at Bed, Bath, and Beyond at retail. Why should we when the brand so generously throws coupons our way.

Sadly, this might be the down fall for the company as many news channels have been reporting this week that profit margins are down due to those coupons with profits falling 10%, due, to what the company blames on “an order of magnitude increase”.

So into the New Year Bed, Bath, and Beyond 20% Coupons might see a scale down but let’s hope not!

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  • Gillie

    Let’s hope the prices come down, too, if they’re going to restrict coupon use. No one buys full-asking price at BB&B because their prices are (artificially) 20% higher than most other retailers.

    And mine, sadly, doesn’t have makeup to soften the blow.

    • Isabella Muse

      amen. I rarely shop there unless it is for beauty because their prices are awful high!

  • Dee

    I hope not too! I can always find a new beauty product there when they aren’t at Target yet. And if you are getting something other than that using a coupon is a must.

  • Heidi

    To me it seems like they slowed down sending the coupons, at least during the summer. Now that they’re gearing up for Christmas I seem to be getting more. And I definitely make use of them at Harmon’s, mostly for makeup, shampoo, body washes, etc., and then occasionally to get a good markdown on a coffee maker or something. (Frankly most of the home stuff they sell is overpriced; I won’t buy anything without a coupon.)

    • Isabella Muse

      Agreed! Their home goods are awfully expensive even k-cups are grossly overpriced imho!

  • StellaDiva

    Did you know that BBB coupons never expire and they will accept them even for the “excluded” items that are listed? They will also accept competitors coupons (unexpired). Never buy anything there without a coupon and if you do forget a coupon, go back with the coupon and the receipt and they will adjust the price.

  • Jay

    I wish consumers would rethink the idea of coupons. Ulta’s drugstore section is also a good example–it’s noticeably marked up but there’s always a coupon or sale to get you to buy multiple items (and spend more money). The occasional sale can be used to ramp up business, but it’s bad to rely on it. JC Penney is a great example. When they first revamped the brand there weren’t coupons or frequent sales, but prices were awesome!!! For someone on a budget you could build a career wardrobe, plan vacation outfits, put new sheets on your bed, all at a reasonable price. But customers complained, so they increased prices but now everything is always on sale. Ridiculous! I ain’t got time to waste googling coupon codes or letting the sales dictate my shopping times! It’s very frustrating. Like a messy sale rack lol.

  • Colleen

    No price decreases, no coupons…..means no more shopping at BB&B. Oh well, too bad, so sad, for them.

  • Annie

    Hmmmmmmm I didn’t realize they were connected to Harmon. I shop at the Christmas Tree Shop all the time, they have a lot of makeup and skincare but all their price tags say Harmon on them and they are next door to Bed Bath & Beyond. I’ll have to see if I can use the coupons there!

    • Isabella Muse

      Yeah! Harmons, The Christmas Tree Store, and Bed, Bath, and Beyond 🙂