November 11, 2015

Nordstrom You Are Amazing


I love Nordstrom. I shop there often and not only for makeup.

But I have absolutely new found appreciation and respect for that store after I saw a pic that was snapped in their stores of this sign which appear on the Fox2Now Facebook page.

Yeah, so, I totally agree.

Having Christmas shoved down my throat in the middle of Fall is so NOT COOL!

Stop it now, k, thanks.


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  • Ruth

    I just got my ulta catalog and they have on pg 31 an artistry kit that looks suspiciously like the hourglass pallets that came out last year. the swatches from the hourglass were hella disappointing, but some of the ulta brand things are awesome. for $20, totally up for trying ’em out.

          • ruth

            me too! if you get ’em first, let me know how they are! the swatches from the hourglass ones were such a disappointment for me when i tested them at the store. They were so pretty, i was ready to throw my money at the neutral set (i need more neutrals like another hole in my head!) and they were such a let down.

  • Maria S

    yes. Let’s give thanks FIRTS! I agree. There’s no need to have holiday music everywhere since November 1st. I can handle the good deals and the purchase ahead of things but dΓ©cor, music, people wishing me Merry Christmas… come on!
    And this thing of having stores open on thanksgiving so folks don’t even experience the feast. It’s ridiculous. My dollar stays home till Black Friday!
    As you can see this is a very sensitive point with me since my daughters who worked in retail when young were asked to come at very early hours to get the store ready for Black Friday. And on Christmas eve, they could not get home till 8pm putting a damper on family religious celebrations

  • Ame

    This is seriously one of the top three reasons I give them so much of my money. I love it. I would love it more if everyone would wait til like a week before and then immediately take it all down, but whatever.

    • Ame

      I also lol’d bec that’s my local Fox station you’re showing. And everyone here goes off the rails about everything instantly, so of course it would be causing a f’ing riot.

    • Isabella Muse

      agreed! I’m happy with it on Black Friday and going forward not before though!

  • Michelle Flamingo

    I just saw this post of yours for the first time right now, July 19, 2016.

    I love the idea of no Christmas decor until after Thanksgiving. I start seeing Christmas things for sale starting in August of each year, and I cannot stand it. I understand that some folks celebrate Christmas on Thanksgiving weekend bc they know they cannot get together around Christmas, and I understand retailers have to buy stuff early and get it delivered if they want to get the merchandise at all, and I understand shoppers not wanting to wait until the last minute to do things…..but having said all that, by the time December 10th rolls around I cannot WAIT to get Christmas over with so stores can put it all away!

    • Isabella Muse

      Agreed! I don’t mind prepping in event but not in August! I see Christmas trees for sale in August and that (fake of course haha) for me is absurd. Oddly enough, I don’t mind seeing Fall stuff in June LOL! But yeah, it’s so rushed that I feel like I don’t get a chance to enjoy it because they throw it on my face way before time and I’m tired and over it when it finally does arrive!

  • Lori

    This. Is. Awesome. I get so annoyed seeing Christmas decorations up and hearing Christmas music playing on November 1st. I love Christmas, and I don’t want to be a bah humbug… but it’s just too much. I hope other stores follow suit!!