November 18, 2015

Surratt Beauty Relevee Lash Curler Review

I purchased this item and I receive a small commission if you shop using the links in this post.

Surratt Beauty Relevee Lash Curler2

Early in September I treated myself to the Surratt Beauty Relevee Lash Curler because I was feeling like cheating on my Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler just because. I should really know never to stray far from my beloved Shu. I mean I’ve had love affairs off and on again with the Sonia Kashuk Eyelash Curler and quite a few others that shall not be named but I always come back to Shu.

If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it right?

But the Surratt Beauty Relevee Lash Curler was pretty darn sleek, chic, and tempting so I purchased it!

And here’s what I think!

Surratt Beauty Relevee Lash Curler

I pay $24 bucks for my Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler without a fail year after year. You see I toss it after a year! It comes with one replacement pad which I change after six months so I get my first six months with it out of the box, replace the pad in six months, and at the end of a year the curler handles are looser after that time and potentially dangerous plus not as effective so I toss it out and buy a new one.

At $24 I didn’t really think the $6 difference to purchase the Surratt Beauty Relevee Lash Curler all that big a jump. Sure, it seemed like a bigger indulgence but if it worked I’d feel a little bit better about the price.

Like many beauty tools many of the reviews gave me unrealistic expectations for this curler. I thought I was going to come out of this experience with showstopping, false lash-like lashes! But no…

Surratt did a great job with the presentation of the curler. It has a long body with easy to grip handles that fit comfortably in my hand plus the body is very lightweight. It also has a wider head that fits my eye perfectly. If you have a smaller eye area with a smaller lash line to cover you might not like the wider “cage” of this curler. Personally I have big eyes and a good deal of lash line so I’m covered well with this curler. According to the brand it’s a Japanese design and you can see some of that in the curler but funny thing is in Japan you can get very high end curlers for as little as $6 dollars where as this one costs $30.

Now for me personally the pad is what makes the curler. Tweezerman makes a variety of eyelash curlers but they, like many brands, they fall victim to creating great curlers with really, really hard plastic pads. The pad on Surratt’s curler is silicone with a nice cushy feel which bounces back after squeezing. People, it’s all in the pad! If the pad is horrible, your entire experience is going to be bad!

So lots of raving here right?

It’s not all good sadly.

Surratt Beauty Relevee Lash Curler7

Surratt Beauty Relevee Lash Curler1

As slick, chic, and pretty as the curler is that would also be its down fall for me. It might be better suited to someone with lighter hair because when I use it I can’t see my lashes so I’m not sure where exactly my lashes are located against the blackness of the cage and I end up pinching myself every single time I use it. Once I even made myself bleed. Ouch! My lashes against the black just don’t show up well and it makes me feel like I’m trying to curl my lashes with the lights off!

I read about how this sold out fast when it originally launched and I can definitely understand that. It’s designed very well but they might want to rethink the color of it and that might just make it a better experience.

As for me, I happily went back to my beloved Shu!

The Surratt Beauty Relevee Lash Curler is available now at

I purchased this item and I receive a small commission if you shop using the links in this post.

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  • Dev

    I just got one too and I am not sure how I feel about it. I feel like the top bar (the part that hits the pad) is thicker than the Shu so it takes longer to get the type of curl I want. I seem to sometimes pinch the inner part of my eyelid on the left eye too. I always heat my curlers with a flat iron to set the curl and the Surratt doesn’t hold heat very well either. It gets such great reviews that it makes me feel like I am having user error. I return very few things throughout the year so I’ll give this a few more weeks and take it back if I am still having issues. Thanks of the review.

    • Isabella Muse

      My pleasure Dev! I have issues with pinching too but I think that stems from the fact I can’t see what I am doing! 🙁 sorry it didn’t work for you!

  • winnie

    I just purchased my first shu Uemura curler last night after many years of using a non-branded one. It was a really nice one but the pads are starting to break after many years of use. My sister has a shisheido which you only need to use a small amount of strength and it would lift all my eyelashes. However I couldn’t get it as close to my eyelashes as I could with my nonbranded one but probably because I wasn’t used to it.

    I was so conflicted on whether to purchase the Shu Uemura one or the newly hyped Surratt’s Relevee one but decided to try out Shu Uemura one since they had their once a year 25% off.

    Glad I did.

    • Isabella Muse

      I’m glad you did too Winnie. The Surratt one is very well designed but the black against my black lashes just makes it a bust 🙁

  • Katherine T.

    I feel your pain. I bought a cheapie plastic travel eyelash curler, and I picked the black color because black ooked so cool, but I have black lashes, so I can’t see my lashes when I’m curling them, and yes, I have pinched myself a few times. I should’ve picked the pink color (duh!)

    • Isabella Muse

      haha it’s weird! I mean I kinda sorta see my lashes but when I press down OWWWWWW!

  • Anna

    Yeah Im glad I walked away from this one now, I too have dark hair but never considered that. I saw it in person and played with it a bit but it just didn’t have the right juju. I love my Shu and also the Kevyn Aucoin one, depends on the day which one is my fave.

  • denise

    I got the Surratt eyelash curler a couple of months ago and I really love it. I’ve been using the one from Shu for a long time but it never really gave a lasting curl to my lashes. They always looked more bent than curled. I do see what you’re saying about the dark lashes against the black. My lashes are dark brown but still kind of hard to see on the black. But the Surratt curler just fits my eye shape soooo much better than others do and really gives me great curl.

    I think the shape/curvature of an eyelash curler is the big key in whether or not a particular curler will work for you. It can be hard to find one that is the right shape to get all your lashes at once without pinching, etc. I saw an online article recently that showed a complicated way to decide which curler would fit your eye the best but as best I could tell I matched up best with the Shu curler which I already knew wasn’t the best for me. I could just tell from looking at it that the shape of the Surratt one was going to be better and that turned out to be right. 🙂

    • Isabella Muse

      I couldn’t agree more Denise. I thought it was very well made! And I really liked how it fit my eye. Sadly, I kept pinching myself with it 🙁 Wish it was just silver 🙂

      • Katherine T.

        Muse, do you think you can take some spray paint or nail polish, and just paint the edges a metallic silver, so your black lashes show up against the curler?

  • Julie

    Hmmm was gonna give this one a go but I think I’ll stick with my Kevyn Aucoin which is hands down the best curler I have ever used. I personally did not like the shu and I can remember having trouble with the Bobbi Brown curler being black and not seeing my lashes which led to pinching. Love Surratt, his brushes are amazing but I think I’ll skip this one.

    • Isabella Muse

      I haven’t tried the KA one! Might have to check that out ;-D I had that problem with this! Black curlers are def not a good pick, silver is better!