January 28, 2016

Fortune Cookie Soap The Last of the Timelords Bar Soap Review & Swatches

This was provided to me by a brand for review but all opinions expressed are my own

Fortune Cookie Soap The Last of the Timelords Bar Soap

Whovians can now travel through time and space without every leaving their shower courtesy this Tardis shape bar of soap launching tomorrow from Fortune Cookie Soap! The Fortune Cookie Soap The Last of the Timelords Bar Soap is a limited edition soap that will be available with the Man in a Box Collection which is inspired by Doctor Who.

In 2005, after a hiatus, the 9th Doctor made an appearance in a rebooted version of Doctor Who. At the time very few people in the US likely knew who the Doctor was and what the strange little show was about. Some of us though, like myself, might recall a time when PBS reran episodes of that unusual British sci-fi show that captured the minds and imaginations of both children and adults alike. Now we hadn’t seen the Doctor since 1996 in a rather poorly written TV movie so lord knows we didn’t know what the expect from 9 and we sure as heck didn’t expect him to drop a bomb on us that he was the last known Time Lord.

In later years, we got glimpses and finally the full story about the great Time War and the destruction of the Doctor’s people and planet. It was always a rather emo moment for the Doctor when he realized although he had a world of people surrounding him, he was lonely in a crowd of many, a feeling I’m sure most of us have felt in our lives at one point. Last of the Time Lords also happens to be the name of an episode from 2007 featuring the tenth Doctor. This episode is a series arch featuring the Master, one of the Doctor’s biggest nemesis, and obviously, another Time Lord! The irony? Although Time Lord, the Master was a foe rather than a friend!

When you think of the Doctor as one of the last and only surviving Time Lord’s it does give you a glimpse of his more “human” nature and emotions, it’s a certain vulnerability that’s revealed realizing he is the last of his kind and very much alone in a world that isn’t quite like him. In later episodes, it’s revealed his home planet is apparently several billion years in the future, when the universe is coming to an end. He’s expressed some interest in locating his home planet but to date he hasn’t quite made it “home”.

Now this wasn’t the case in earlier episodes…..there were plenty of references to Gallifrey and even visits to his home planet as well as mentions and appearances of other Time Lords and Ladies. But the series as of now relies heavily on the Doctor having this vulnerability of being alone.

But ahhh you don’t care about all that now do you?

What you really want to do is hop in the shower and travel through all of time and space with your nifty Tardis soap bar!



Indeed, let’s face it, Tardis Soap is way more intriguing and amazing than spending time reminiscing about Gallifrey and long lost Time Lord ladies and lads.

This is a big old chunk of soap, I’d say around 3.4 oz worth! And as you can see it’s shaped like a Tardis. I’m not even sure how I got this into the shower with me because I struggled with myself to use it. Obviously, tomorrow, when it launches I’ll be picking up like twenty bars of this soap because I don’t think I ever want to be without a bar of Tardis soap.

I guess time and space smells like fresh herbally notes! This has swirls of floral with a base of sparkling citrus and a lovely layer of mint. It’s kinda a unisex fragrance and quite reminds me of Twisted Tea Party from the Fortune Cookie Soap Wonderland Collection launched last year. It’s has some sweetness to it but to me it smells like laying in a garden of flowers where the grass was freshly cut. It’s refreshing yet sweet yet herbally.

It lathers up quite nicely and rinses clean away without drying my skin out and the fragrance does linger nicely on skin well after you exit the shower and dry off.

So for all the Time Lords, Ladies, and general fan girls and boys out there might I suggest picking up your own bar of Fortune Cookie Soap The Last of the Timelords tomorrow when it launches at fortunecookiesoap.com.

A special thanks to Shannon and the FCS team for indulging my fangirlisms and giving me an early sneak peek of this fabulous collection!


This was provided to me by a brand for review but all opinions expressed are my own

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  • Sandra

    OMG, I must have the entire collection, although I’ve only seen two products!!! Ten will always be my Doctor, sigh. I will definitely be picking up two of these soaps,one to use and one to cherish forever! Can’t wait, hope I can catch the launch in time 🙂

  • Maria A

    Never mind the comment section now works. I was wondering how this compares to lush and what products do you recommend for first time buyers. The steam shower things seems interesting.