February 4, 2016

5 Etsy Indie Fragrance Houses You Simply Must Try for Yourself

etsy indie fragrances

I thought I’d do a round up of some of my favorite Etsy Indie Fragrance Houses. Let me tell you this post could be a bible because I have many, many favorite Indie fragrances so expect a follow up post in the future with even more recommendations.

For today I picked up 5 Etsy Indie Fragrances Housed to start out and they are one I think you must try out for yourself as if you love unique fragrances these are worth a look at.

This post kinda sorta comes at a perfect time since Valentine’s Day is around the corner. Am I the only person that associates new perfume purchases with Valentine’s Day!? Hopefully I’m not alone.

Speaking of Valentine’s Day one of favorite fragrances for the big day is called Head Over Heels and it’s a delicious Espresso Truffle creation by Scodioli Creative. I mean who doesn’t want to smell like a chocolate-y coffee treat on Valentine’s Day? Right?

Do you tend to mix, match, and cocktail your fragrances? You’ll love the I Smell Good Perfume Oil Collection which includes a range of single notes that can be worn alone or combined to create your own unique fragrance. From Cotton Candy to Mint to Circus Peanuts and Marshmallow, this shop has a little something for everyone. Combine Marshmallow with Mint to create a fluffy minty marshmallow blend! Try combining Coffee with Cinnamon and Frosted Cookie to create an edible fragrance treat. The possibilities are endless!

Purple Cat Creatives is a NOT to be missed indie brand that has some of thee most unique fragrances I’ve had the pleasure of smelling. Check out Bubblecake a sparkling lemon line scent that has notes of buttery shortbread! Or Firecracker that’s a spicy, sexy rose blend! Anything and everything from this brand is a win (I know I’ve tried almost everything ha!).

Located in England, Common Brimstone takes a while to wing its way to your door but it is worth the wait as this Indie shop hand blends gorgeous perfume oils that are incredible!

For the Victorian Ladies and Lads might I present the Parlor Apothecary? This unique shop has a range of interesting fragrances that smell positively delectable!

What are some of your favorite Indie Fragrance Houses?

Do share!

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  • Amanda

    These all sound right up my alley – my favorite Etsy perfumer, Delightful Rot, closed up her shop and I am so sad! Her Loki and Sonic Screwdriver fragrances were amazing.

  • Heidi

    Dangerous. I’ve found so many good fragrances and candles and wax tarts on Etsy. Currently I love Alkemia. I bought a ton of samples around Xmas and am enjoying playing around with the variety. I hope I forget this post, though, so I DON’T end up shopping.
    Common Brimstone, though: I love the name.

    • Isabella Muse

      very, very, very dangerous. All of Etsy=danger, danger, danger! Likewise with wax tarts, that’s how I discovered Bathing Garden! LOL Heidi! awww! I know too many temptations 😀

  • Wingadings

    Not from Etsy and they are rather popular now (of course they *do* have a shop on there as well as Amazon and eBay) but, I love Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab.

    Sadly they discontinued my bestie’s favourite- which smelled like freshly baked sugar cookie goodness on her. It was an easy gift to get her- plus the throw really worked with her body chemistry.

    My personal favourites for me is still Titania and Port Royal (because who doesn’t like smelling like a Faery Queen or a drunken pirate?)

    • Isabella Muse

      Yeah, I’m a big BPAL girl too 🙂 They do have an Etsy shop that Ted runs which has a ton of different LE offerings and also oils from Trunk Shows and conventions 🙂 You can get sugar cookie-like ones around the Holidays 🙂 I think this year they had gingerbread, don’t quote me but around the Holidays you can get more gourmands! haha! Mine are Jailbait, wait you know what, we’ll be here all day if I start listing my bpal favorites hahahah!

    • Amanda

      Heck yeah – gotta love BPAL! I am loving all three of the Crimson Peak scents I got, and White Witch, Blood Kiss and Bruised Violet Compound are faves too. I have a whole hoard of Imps – they last forever!

  • breyerchic04

    Ohhhh those atomizers! Fairytale Mist sounds right up my alley! I’m not sure I need one but I can totally cave for that packaging.

    I had the Cola scent from I Smell Good, but used it in a batch of bath bombs. Which bubbled and fizzed and smelled like cola perfectly.
    My signature scents are Burberry Brit and Possetts Virginia Humidity.

  • Nicole

    Darling Clandestine, all the way! Her scents are all just amazing and odd at the same time. I buy everything she puts out, and have for the last year now.

  • Maria

    So excited to check out more etsy options. I think I commented this on a previous post, but Wylde Ivy is amazing. I’m pretty sure I’ve ordered from them at least once a month since I discovered them.

  • Angelyn

    Love Potion Magickal Perfumerie is my all time favorite indie perfumer <3 I was involved in their forums a while back, and they recently moved to my old hometown and opened up a storefront that I love to visit when I'm in town. Meeting the owner, Mara, was like meeting a celebrity for me! *_*

    • Isabella Muse

      I LOVE mara and I LOVE LPMP! I’m on the forums too, or was back in the day! 😀 I wish I could go to the store!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I blogged them back in like 2007 when candy pop was released god how I wish they’d bring it back 😀

      • Angelyn

        Next time you find yourself in the PNW stop by the shop on a weekend and you’ll meet her – she’s SO SWEET even in person!!
        I don’t think I’ve tried either of the Candy Pop versions. Sounds delightfully sweet and fun though!

        • Isabella Muse

          I didn’t even KNOW there were two versions! :-O! I’d totally love that 😀 and it would likely get me in trouble haha!

          • Angelyn

            Yeah looks like she rebrewed in 2010.
            If you haven’t tried this yet, I find a great way to use up some of the samples I have are to mix them into some unscented laundry soap or softener – makes some fab smelling clothes! And let’s me enjoy scents I can’t wear because of notes that don’t agree with me.

          • Isabella Muse

            oh wow thanks for the tip! gonna try that! Wait, I think the 2010 one is the one I tried, there’s one prior!? whoa 😀

  • stirfryedshana

    My favorite fragrance etsy shop is Queen Bee Apothecary! I’ve been ordering from them for probably almost 3 years now. They have tons of different scents as well as “dupe” scents. They sell perfume, linen spray, body cream, hair products, etc. And everything is amazing!

    I am head over heels in love with their Rose Jelly scent. I typically order the Body Mist, Linen & Room Spray, body powder, and the body butter in that scent. I also got their silk protein conditioner which smells amazing and actually works pretty well for my super thick hair! I really need to replenish my supply soon, I use the body mist and the room spray all the time. It’s really decently priced too.

    I literally sound like a spokesperson right now but it’s only because I get real excited when I find a good etsy shop like this and I know you like stuff like this as well!

  • Michou

    Ohhhh! I adore some handmade scents! Some of my fave etsy shops are:

    *Firebird (her Viking perfume oil is my fave everyday scent in autumn/winter) and her scents are only $10!!!
    *SaraWen – fandom/lit/nerd related scents. A fantastic variety and each scent is around $12-$13 each
    *ForStrangeWomen – Gorgeous, classy and truly unique scents! The prices vary.
    *Alkemia – Just… check it out. The variety is AMAZING!
    *BPAL – because of course, haha. 😀

  • London

    Love this. I Love Alkemia perfume on Etsy, and Possets is also very nice. I’ve worn Cry of the Heart for years, and I always get compliments. So unique. I’m wearing lost highways
    from Alkemia right now, and it’s my favorite signature scent, atm.